Vidmate App – Free HD Video Downloader and Live TV APK

Are you not sure How to download HD videos from popular video streaming platforms like Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc..?

Not to worry as there is the best Youtube HD video downloader app for Android called Vidmate app by which you can easily download HD videos from 100+ video streaming websites including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, 123Movies, TamilDbox, etc.

Vidmate HD video downloader app for Android is a very user-friendly application. You can seamlessly download the app for free from their official website or click the button below to get the app on your smartphone.

The vidmate HD video downloader app for Android not just being here to serve the purpose of downloading HD videos, but also with the app, you can watch LIVE TV-like Web series, shows, kinds of music, movies, sports, and many more in HD quality.

vidmate hd video downloader app

So, if you want to download the videos from any topmost video viewing platforms and watch it later offline, get your hands on the Vidmate app today and start downloading Youtube videos in HD format.

Let’s have a look at the features you can get in the highest installed HD video and audio downloader app Vidmate.

Features of Vidmate Application – HD Video Downloader

features of vidmate video downloader

Watch TV Shows, Series, and Programs from 200+ Channel

Gone are those days when we need to sit in front of the Television box to watch our favourite TV Shows. But, things have completely changed after the evolution of the Android smartphone arrivals. Yes, you can watch TV shows on the go using your smartphone. 

You can seamlessly watch TV programs in your regional languages like what you see on television. All you need is a Vidmate HD video downloader app for Android to be installed on your smartphone, there you can explore 200+ TV channels including Zee TV, Star Networks, and many other popular TV channels in HD quality

Unlimited Number of HD Video Downloads at Free of Cost

There are no limitations when it comes to downloading your favorite videos with the help of the Vidmate app. No matter whether you are downloading a full movie, a reality show, or even a shorts videos from the platforms like Youtube, or Facebook, you can probably download an unlimited number of HD videos. Luckily, that too is free of cost.

For the ‘Watch Later’ purpose, you can download the videos of your choice and then watch them later offline. You are not limited to regional-only videos as you can even download and watch Hollywood films or whatever has been uploaded from any part of the world. Everything is unlimited.

Download HD Videos from Any Popular Video Platforms and Social Media Sites

There are some video downloader applications that give you only limited permissions. For example, you may download videos from Youtube with some apps but not from Vimeo or DailyMotion. Unlike such apps, the Vidmate app gives you all the freedom as you can download your favorite videos, clips, and music from any website that supports video streaming.

Instagram reels are more popular nowadays and people wish to keep the reels in their Whatsapp status but most of them are not aware of the process of downloading the IG reels. If you are one, get the vidmate Facebook video downloader app today which you can also use for Instagram reels video download.

vidmate app supported video streaming sites

Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube are the most popular video streaming sites that we all know, the vidmate app can support downloading HD videos from the above-said platforms by just clicking the download button option.

Vidmate can be your Best Music Player

The vidmate features are just huge and amazing. Apart from downloading HD videos from popular video streaming platforms, the vidmate app also can be the best music player on your smartphone. 

You can play the downloaded songs in any audio file format through the vidmate free music download app with an excellent sound quality experience. With the HD video downloader vidmate application, you can download high-quality songs from music platforms even like Youtube, and hear them for free offline.

Also, you can use this best music player app vidmate to set your favorite ringtones from the album and songs you had in your phone storage in no time.

Download Beautiful Pictures and Wallpaper for your Android SmartPhone

I can say, again and again, that the vidmate android app features are just unimaginable. With the application, you can download beautiful pictures under any category free of cost.

If you are a person who is having a habit of frequently changing the wallpapers on your phone screen and sharing beautiful pictures with your friends through social media apps like Whatsapp, telegram, etc.. you will feel more entertained with the app than any other as you can download super cool pictures from the application itself. 

The app has an in-built loaded with massive pictures that let the users download and use it for wallpaper, status, and sharing kind of purposes.

Easily Convert Video Files to MP3 Audio

This is one of the coolest features that most people wanted in their phones. If you want only to take audio from the video files you downloaded for any purpose, you can do so with the vidmate app for android.

You can convert video files into an mp3 format audio file in just a single click through this application and use the audio anywhere you want.

Converting video files to audio might be a great option for those who love to create videos with pictures and some audio added to them.

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Get your HD Video Downloading Task in No Time with Vidmate

The vidmate android app gives you a better and super-fast video and audio downloading experience. The application has developed in a clean and perfect structure, as you can seamlessly download HD videos in no time. 

Vidmate is one of the most efficient and super fast HD video downloader application in the market right now.

How to Download the Vidmate HD Video Downloader App for Android?

At present, there is only one option you can download the HD video downloader application vidmate. Unfortunately, the app is not available in the Google play store due to Google’s policy. But, you can get the app directly from the vidmate official website.

  1. Clicking this link will take you to the application’s official website. Do it from your smartphone.
  2. On the page, you can see the ‘Official Download’ button, click on that. Your download will begin. Upon the successful download, you will get the app APK file in your phone file manager.
  3. Open the APK file and install. The application will be installed on your mobile phone in no time. Remember, as you are not installing the app straight from the Google play store, your phone may request you for accepting app installation from unknown sources. Click allow and proceed with your installation. The vidmate is CM Security, Lookout, and McAfee security verified Android app. So, you can download and use it on your phone without any worries.

Based on 989264 votes on different rating sites, the Vidmate app has received 4.9*  ratings.

vidmate star ratings

How to Download HD Videos from Youtube through Vidmate Android Application?

After the successful installation, you will be asked to choose your language in the vidmate app. Choose the language if you want or else skip the step.

Once you open the vidmate app, there are some random videos you will see in the main page of the app. At the top, you will see options called ‘Sites’. Click on that.

You are asked to choose your favourite video streaming platform. Youtube is at number 1 place. Select the ‘Youtube’.

vidmate app hd vidoe downloading sites

You will be taken to the Youtube platform. There, search for your favorite videos by entering search queries and clicking the video.

You will see the download button in the red arrow below the video. Just click on it. You will be asked to choose either you want the Music only or the Video file along with the quality options. Choose accordingly, ensure to choose 720p HD or 8K HD for better video quality.

download hd videos from Youtube

Now, click the download button. The Youtube video file will be downloaded to your phone storage and you can watch it anytime later offline.

If you want to download videos from Youtube or any other platforms, you can select different sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok and log in to your account and then download any video from there seamlessly through the vidmate 4k video downloader app.


Vidmate android free HD video downloader application is the number one solution for Android smartphone users who are searching for a feature-rich free online video downloader.

The application is user-friendly to use and the downloading task in the application does not take much time. Get the app today, install and enjoy unlimited HD video downloads, song downloads, pictures downloads, and many more features free of cost.

Which App can Download Videos from Facebook and Youtube?

Vidmate android app is the best solution to download videos from Facebook and Youtube. Not just FB and Youtube, you can download HD videos from 19+ video streaming platforms.

Can I Download the Vidmate App from Google PlayStore?

Currently, the application is not available on the Google Playstore, as the only option, you have to get the apk file straight from the vidmate official website and then install the apk file to your mobile phone.

Is it Possible to Watch Live TV and Other TV Shows on the Vidmate App?

Yes, you can. Vidmate is not just a video downloader app. You can also watch your favourite TV channels and live streaming sports and other reality shows on the app.

How can I download HD Video?

Install the Vidmate app on your phone, open the app and then open the sites where you want to browse videos. Then, from the sites, below any video, you will see the download option. Click on that and choose the HD quality to download the HD videos.

Does Vidmate App Available for iPhones?

No, currently the application is only available for Android phone users that too from their official website not even on the Google Play store. So, probably, you can only install the apk file if you are using an android smartphone.

What is the Best HD Video downloader for Android?

Undoubtedly, Vidmate is the best Online HD video downloader for Android among all. The features available in the app are just mind-blowing and, with vidmate, you will get a better and more efficient video downloading experience.

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