10 Best Free YouTube Intro Maker Tools for YouTube Channel

Are you looking for the best YouTube intro maker online?

Or searching for the free YouTube Channel intro maker?

Then you have landed in the right place.

If we talk about the youtube current scenario, every day new Youtube channels are coming up in different niches.

If, you are also a Youtuber then, my friend, an eye-catchy channel intro is a must.

Want to know how you can create intro videos for your youtube channel.

Here in this post, I will tell you about the 10 best Youtube intro maker tools online.

So, without wasting time.

Let’s dig into it.

What is a YouTube Channel Intro or Video Intro?

A YouTube Channel Intro or video intro of a YouTube channel is the brand identity of a Channel.

Usually, it consists of Channel logos, introduction, animated graphics, a soundtrack that conveys the identity of that particular YouTube channel.

These YouTube intro videos are usually small videos of around 7 to 15 seconds for the branding of a channel.

YouTube channel intro has become more popular these days for making the channel as a brand or from a business perspective also.

If you are also running a YouTube channel then, you must create your YouTube channel intro because this will help you in many ways which I will tell you later in the post.

Benefits of YouTube Channel Intro

Now, let me tell you the benefits you will get if you are using an intro in your YouTube Channel videos.

I will also share some amazing examples of the best YouTube Channel intro free that will give a hint of how your channel intro should be.

Here are Some benefits of YouTube Channel Intro: –

  • First and most important a YouTube Channel intro will help you in making your channel a brand.
  • Stand out your channel amongst another channel in your niche.
  • A perfect YouTube Channel intro introduces your viewers to your content and Channel.
  • This ensures that your audience knows who they’re watching.
  • It will increase the quality and visibility of your brand online.

Above are some benefits that you will definitely get if you have an amazing YouTube Channel Intro.

Now, let me show you some perfect examples of YouTube Channel intros: –


The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less).

This YouTube Channel has more than 15 million subscribers.

5- Minutes Craft

5-Minutes Craft one of the most popular YouTube channels with more than 61.3 million subscribers.

This channel publishes videos related to fun DIY-projects and crafts.

Information Center

The information center is a knowledge hub that provides information regarding how to learn English.  You get to know tips related to tech and life skills basically.

This Channel has 662K subscribers

Basic Guidelines for YouTube Channel Intro

Youtube intro: as the name clearly defines, it means an introduction to your content and channel.

To make it effective some basic guidelines are necessary, which you should follow.

Below given are the guidelines for youtube intro online: –

  1. The first and most important thing, your youtube channel intro should not more than 10 seconds. Ideally, a 7-8 seconds intro is great as I showed in the above examples.
  2. You should add your channel name or logo in the intro that will give new viewers an idea of what your content is all about.
  3. Make sure to add some attention grabber jingle or any kind of music in your channel intro.
  4. Make sure to add your channel intro within the first 1 minute of the video. So, it doesn’t break the content flow of viewers.
  5. Last but not least, make an effective youtube channel intro. So, people can identify your channel with your intro.

Why Use a YouTube Channel Intro Maker?

Creating a free youtube channel intro online is not an easy task if you don’t know how to make a youtube intro online.

Back in 2018, when I started my youtube channel I don’t have an intro for my channel, because I was not aware of how to create a youtube channel intro online.

I tried to create a channel intro with photoshop and other online photo editor tools. It was very difficult to create a channel intro with photo editor tools. then, I started watching videos on youtube about channel intro.

But I didn’t get the perfect video because I was searching videos with wrong queries {keyowrds}.

Fortunately, I got a video on youtube intro maker tool online free. From there I got to know about this.

After that, I created my channel intro with the Camtasia video editor tool within 5 simple steps. So, that’s is the main reason you should use a youtube intro maker tool.

It will take less time and, you can create an amazing intro with these online youtube intro maker tools.

11 Best YouTube Intro Maker Tool Online

If you don’t know how to make an intro for the YouTube channel, then we must check out our recommendations for the best free YouTube Intro Maker tools online.

Make a Classic YouTube Intro Videos for Free with Canva

canva free intro maker for YouTube

Are you running a YouTube Channel? Or Planning to create one in the near future? Soon after naming your channel, creating a cool intro video for your YouTube channel is the first thing that you should work on.

YouTube intros are one thing that attracts more viewers and also, and your viewers may decide at that point whether to continue with the video or not.

So, undoubtedly the best YouTube intro can play a key role in your YouTube channel’s success. Creating classic YouTube intro videos demands more creativity and time as well.

But with Canva, it’s absolutely fun and easy. Yes, Canva offers a feature in which you can create unlimited free intro makers for YouTube in no time.

There is no need to explain much more about the Canva tool. It’s one of the world’s leading designer tools to create any type of images, social media images, and videos as well.

There are many people who have already been a part of Canva even though they do not know or are aware of whether one can create a free intro maker for YouTube with Canva. 

Canva is now open for the YouTube video intro creation feature and it’s totally free. 

The process to Make YouTube Intros for Free with Canva

Step 1: Visit the Link https://www.canva.com/create/video-intros/ 

Step 2: Click ‘Make a YouTube Intro’

Step 3: If you are already a Canva user, log in using your credentials. If not, just sign up for your free Canva account.

Step 4: On the search bar, just input the search term ‘YouTube Intro’. You will be presented with many free templates. You can sort the templates by filtering the theme of your YouTube channel.

Step 5: Start customizing your own using the text, templates, elements, fonts, colors and much more options with the template you have chosen.

Step 6: Save the project and download the YouTube intro video to your device to use the intro on your YouTube channel.

No technical or designing knowledge is required, you can easily do it yourself with your creativity. Enjoy your time with Canva’s free Intro Maker for YouTube feature.


renderforest youtube intro maker (1)

Renderforest is one of the best YouTube intro makers free online available on the internet. This video editing software for youtube helps you to create the most creative and innovative YouTube Channel intros.

With renderforest, you can create a YouTube channel intro free for any kind of YouTube Channel in any niche.

This free intro creator allows you to use a variety of video clips animations and experiment with the placement of your logo, images, and texts.


  • A huge collection of designed templates, animations, and effects.
  • Large customization opportunities with templates and YouTube Channel intros.
  • Allows you to edit and adjust the animation, speed, and lighting of any template
  • Easy to use and navigate

Cons: –

  • Premium features price is quite high.
  • The user interface is quite complicated for new users.
  • You will get a watermark of renderforest with free videos. Also, the quality is low with free videos.


biteable intro maker

Biteable is another great platform for creating an amazing YouTube channel intro. This video intro maker for youtube has both free and premium plans.

But free one is enough for creating an amazing YouTube Channel Intro free online.

In 1 month free plan, you got 1GB of storage space and 5 video projects.

If you are looking for a simple, effective, and easy to use YouTube intro maker then, biteable YouTube Video Maker is the youtube editing software tool for you.

Biteable provides lots of YouTube intro templates, animations, effects, and many more in its free subscription.

If you want more advanced features then you can upgrade it at any time.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Simple and perfect for explaining the content
  • Lots of features are available in the free version
  • professional great quality videos
  • Intros can be easily customized as per the requirements


  • Lacks a 3D video option
  • Cannot support High-level
  • Customizations
  • Watermark will be there with a free version

Wondershare Filmora

filmora youtube channel intro maker

Filmora is the best YouTube Video Maker for YouTubers. This free youtube intro maker online tool is a full-fledged video editor and the best video editor tool for YouTubers.

With Filmora you can also create a YouTube Channel intro because this YouTube intro maker provides a variety of intro templates, animation, effects, motion effects, cool filters, overlays, transitions, custom titles, and many more.

All I can say about filmora is, it is one of the best video editor or YouTube Channel intro maker for YouTubers.

With just simple drag & drop and, with a little bit of editing you can create an eye-catching YouTube Channel intro for your channel.


  • Advanced and upgraded customization options for editing and animation
  • A variety of effects, overlays, features, transitions, effects, and customizable options
  • Also available with mobile application
  • It allows you to add a music track within your channel intro.


  • Quite expensive as compared to another YouTube Channel intro maker
  • Quite difficult to navigate for new users.


penzoid youtube channel intro maker

 Panzoid is one of the oldest free YouTube Channel intro makers online.

Still, many people prefer panzoid over other YouTube intro maker online free because of its wide variety of templates which are very easy to customize.

This intro maker tool is completely free of cost.


  • A variety of free templates, background editing, and transition effects.
  • Easily customizable templates
  • Absolutely free of cost tool.


  • Animation options are limited
  • The user interface is quite difficult to understand
  • As it is the oldest youtube intro maker that’s why a little outdated.


introcave youtube intro creator

Introcave allows us to create a Youtube channel intro video, outro, channel logos, and many more.

We can say that introcave is all one youtube video editing software for YouTubers in terms of logo creation, intro creation, and outro creation.

Here you will get lots of professional templates for creating amazing YouTube intro and outro videos.

Let me tell you the most interesting feature of introcave which will save your time, and you can create a channel intro online within a couple of minutes.

You just need to select a template, fill the forms, and then you can preview your customized video intro.


  • Lots of good quality templates available for making professional youtube channel intro and outro video.
  • Very easy to use and navigate.
  • It allows you to add external mp3 files in your channel intro.
  • You can also create an intro and channel logos with this channel intro maker tool.


  • Include a watermark in the free version.
  • We need to purchase a paid plan for high-quality outputs.
  • A high-quality video will cost you 5$ to 20$ per video.

Intro Maker

intro maker

Intro maker is a lesser-known intro maker tool but it is quite simple & easy to use. If you are looking for a simple, customized video making software or intro maker tool then, this tool is a perfect choice.

Its user interface is very simple and you can create a full HD video intro for your Youtube channel.

But if you want 3d intro then you have to purchase its premium plan. Now, let’s talk about its pros and cons.


  • You can create an amazing channel intro by putting your channel logo and image with simple steps.
  • You will get a high-quality youtube channel intro online free.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Very clean and easy to navigate user interface.


  • Limited templates are available in the free version.
  • You have to pay per template in this youtube intro maker tool.
  • Require premium membership for a 3D video intro.


flixprex intro maker

 Flixpress is similar to the above intro maker tools online but it is quite cheaper as compared to another channel intro maker tool.

Flixpress is a cloud-based intro maker tool and because of that, you won’t need to download a high-volume file to use it.

But in this intro maker tool if you want to create an effective intro for your channel and want to edit videos for youtube then, a free version is not enough.

For that, you have to purchase the premium version.


  • Cloud-based intro maker. No need to download heavy files.
  • Cheaper as compared to other intro maker tool online.
  • Very easy to use and navigate.
  • Create a youtube intro with just drag and drop work.


  • Watermark will be there in the free version.
  • Need to purchase a premium plan for an effective youtube channel intro.
  • Limited templates and effects in the free version.
  • Need to upgrade account for high video quality output.


lvpid intro maket online

LviPid is generally for beginner YouTubers looking to create a funky and cool intro for their growing channel.

This intro maker tool is not for professional editing or for pro-YouTuber. As I said earlier, this is for the YouTuber who has just started their channel.

And want to grow their Youtube channel with some funky, cool, and attractive content.

It has 3 step process of making a youtube intro that is chosen, customize, and enjoy.


  • Easy to use and straight forward user interface.
  • Affordable as compared to other intro maker tools online.
  • You can also store your content in the cloud for easy accessibility from anywhere.
  • Best for beginner YouTuber for creating cool and funky content videos.


  • Limited numbers of templates and animations.
  • You will not get advanced editing options here.
  • A little bit updated user interface.
  • You have to spend some dollars for 1080 video quality content.


video bolt youtube intro maker online

VideoBolt a perfect intro maker tool for newcomers and seasoned content creators because it is the most convenient youtube intro maker tool.

Let me clear you one thing this tool is not free at all. If you want first-class videos with this intro maker tool then, you have to spend some money on it.


  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • High-quality video output with amazing templates and effects.
  • A perfect tool for newbies and seasoned YouTubers.


  • The price of this intro maker tool is quite high.
  • Not Free at all, you have to pay for this.
  • A proper tutorial is not available on this intro maker tool which leads


wideo channel intro maker

Wideo is one of the simplest online youtube intro maker tool with more than 100 video templates.

This tool is a simple, handy, and affordable tool for YouTubers. If you don’t have much knowledge about other intro maker tool online.

Then, this is the perfect tool for you.

Here you will also get a free trial period of 7 days with all his premium plans but downloads are not included in this trial period.


  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • 7 days of free trial available on each premium pan.
  • Can easily create cartoon animated videos


  • The user interface is complex
  • Downloads are not allowed during the trial period.

How to Make an Intro For YouTube Channel in 5 Simple Steps

So, above I have shared the 10 best YouTube Intro Maker tools online.

Now, if you want to know how I created my YouTube Channel Intro then,

I must read the below step by step Guide on How to make an Intro for YouTube Channel in 5 Simple Steps. {With Screenshots}

First, let me show you my YouTube channel Intro.

I have created this YouTube Channel intro with Camtasia Video editor.

Camtasia is one of the popular video editing software which is used by many professional YouTubers to edit their YouTube Videos.

Apart from video editing Camtasia has many other features like Channel Intro Maker, Lower third, Motion Backgrounds, Animations, Transition, and many more.

NOTE: – Camtasia is not a free tool. It will cost around 20,466 INR. Onetime Fee. But you can use its free trial for 30 days without paying a single penny.

After that, you have to pay his one-time fees for lifetime access. For Making YouTube Channel Intro Its trial version is enough.

You can download its trial version from this direct download link. After downloading the Camtasia setup, simply install it on your pc or laptop.

Now, let’s head over to the 5 easy steps to create an intro for YouTube Channel.

STEP-1: – Open Camtasia, Click on New Project >> Head Over to Library section from the left side menu and click on Intros.

Here lots of free YouTube Channel Intro are Given which you can use as your YouTube Channel Intro.

STEP-2: – Choose YouTube Channel Intro Sample as per your channel needs and requirements then, drag and drop it into Track 1.

choose sample youtube channel intro step-2

STEP-3: – Edit the intro with your YouTube Channel name or website or other social media handles.

edit youtube channel intro step-3

STEP-4: – Add background audio for your Channel intro as per your channel niche. Make sure to use royalty free or copyright-free music.

add audio in intro step-4

STEP-5: – Click on the Share button in the top right corner then head over to local to render your YouTube Channel Intro.

render video step 5

Congratulations, in 5 Easy Steps you are done with your YouTube Channel Intro.

I hope with this step-by-step guide you are now aware of how to make an intro for the YouTube channel.


Now, that you are aware of the 10 Best Free YouTube intro Video Maker tools for YouTube Channel, choose any of them to create a super amazing YouTube Channel intro Online.

Stand Out Your Channel by creating a Powerful online video Intro for your YouTube channel and, make a strong identity of Your Channel with this.

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