5 Best Free Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android

This post is about Free Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android. Hindi typing keyboard Apps that allows you to type in Hindi and English at the same time.

Since smartphones started to adopt the local languages to ease the communication between the users, the development of the local language keyboards with intelligent next-word predictions, grammar check, and spelling suggestions has raced up.

The need and necessity to communicate with half-literate people through smartphones has evolved the Hindi keyboards into a great opportunity.

This opportunity has been utilized by Android app developers all over the world. In this article, you are going to witness the top 5 best Hindi keyboard online apps for your android phone.

5 Free Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android Free Download

1. Google Indic Keyboard

Google Indic Keyboard is the master of all Hindi keyboards out there for Android. This Google-powered keyboard for android generally comes with the Android OS itself.

This google Hindi keyboard app is now available for FREE on Google Play for all Android devices. It is one of the best Hindi typing keyboard apps for all Indian languages with word suggestion options.

Features of Google Indic Keyboard:

  • Transliteration – You can type the English spelling of a Hindi word and it turns into the script automatically. This is also called Hinglish to Hindi translation. You can just tap the spacebar after every word and it turns into Hindi script automatically.
  • Native Keyboard – Not everyone is comfortable with Hinglish typing. To allow people who cannot understand Hinglish kind of mixed language can use this feature which enables the traditional style of scripting.
  • Handwritten mode – This is one such fantastic feature that recognizes Hindi letters free-written on the space given. The handwritten letters will then be converted into digital text automatically.
  • Hinglish mode – Hinglish has become the most recognized language these days that a university in Madhya Pradesh allowed students to write exams in Hinglish. This feature will suggest both English and Hinglish words to the users.

2. Lipikaar Hindi Keyboard

This is the true Indian version of the keyboard app and one the best of all Hindi keyboards.

Lipikaar english to hindi keyboard app has developed different Indian language keyboards and Hindi Keyboard is one of them.

The Hindi version of the keyboard has the following features:

Features of Lipikaar Hindi Keyboard:

  • Repeated tapping to change the letter to its desired spelling.
  • english to hindi typing
  • Join two characters by typing ‘x’ between them.
  • Hinglish to Hindi transliteration under the skin of above said tapping functionality.
  • No fluency in English is required.
  • Special semantics to type the script of all characters.

3. Sparsh Hindi Keyboard

Sparsh is a slide-motion keyboard with a bunch of characters hidden under the base characters. The pop-up PiP like sub-board will pop on the character tapped.

A user can choose the right character based on his requirement.

The features of Sparsh Hindi Keyboard include:

Features of Sparsh Hindi Keyboard:

  • Simple and efficient with slide-motion single-press character choosing option.
  • convert english to hindi text
  • Pop up full character map on-base characters with the normal keyboard layout.

4. Hindi Keyboard

This is a special hindi keypad app to write Hindi scripts in your messages.

The keyboard plays music like a piano for every tap you make on it. This online hindi converter app is free like the above two best keyboard app for android and has the following features.

Features of Hindi keyboard:

  • Plays music on every tap – Sounds interesting and suitable for those who textless.
  • Hindi to English translation with Hindi keyboard
  • Full customization with the ability to change the background picture.
  • Special eye-catching themes for Hindi keyboard.
  • Font option for keyboard layout style.

5. SwiftKey keyboard

Dedicated to develop and deliver personalized and intelligent keyboards to make you type faster with word suggestions, auto spell check, the SwiftKey keyboard is one of the top preferred online english to hindi converter keyboards of android users.

It supports 11 Indian languages starting with Hindi.

Features of SwiftKey Keyboard:

  • AI-powered predictions – Word predictions to make the typing faster.
  • Typo killer – Kills typos and replaces them with the right words.
  • Learns user phrases and words.
  • Personalization with 80+ colors and themes.
  • Emoji AI– That predicts the user’s favorite emojis.

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