10 Best Coding Challenge Websites for 2023

Coding challenge websites are a great way to practice skills you have learned and find out if you have enough knowledge to crack problems and real-life programming challenges. Solving challenges also helps you to understand the types of competitive coding questions that you might encounter during your interview process.

Practising the challenges on the online coding practice website not only makes you a better coder, but it also makes you more hirable.

Coding is not an easy task and being a programmer is all exciting in the beginning but after some time, you will start seeing the actual downsides of what the job offers you.

There are bug reports, deadlines and more often than not, you get yelled at.

However, that doesn’t mean that you will lose all hope and let everything get to you.

There is good news in store for you and that is, everybody makes mistakes, especially programmers who start off just like you.

If you strive to meet your goal, no matter how insignificant it may be to the rest of the world, you will get solutions and come out better and more polished in the end.

What Are coding challenges?

Coding challenges are a collection of programming questions that are designed for coders of all skill levels.

These online coding tests are highly specific questions that are designed to test specific areas of your programming knowledge.

If you are a coder, I am sure you have always wanted to test your coding skills. You might have an itch to dive into real-world projects and learn what it takes to become a great coder.

If you are new to coding, you might wish to challenge yourself with some complex problems to know your level of understanding of a concept.

Coding challenges help you to do all that while having fun!

Where can I learn to code online?

There is a huge variety of resources available for anyone to learn to code online even coding for kids. There are two ways to learn to code – The first is to learn the syntax of a language and understand the libraries of that language.

The second way is to get yourself immersed in real-life projects and understand the practical application of the code that you learn.

Although there are various courses available on Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, Lynda, and other great websites, there are a few free resources as well. Sites such as JavaTPoint, w3Schools, TutorialsPoint, etc. offer amazing content that teaches you to code.

However, if you wish to learn to write great code in an interactive and competitive way, have a look at the 10 best coding challenge websites for 2023 below.

Tons and tons of coding challenge websites are aimed at different levels of coders ranging from beginners to advanced coders. In this list, we will look at the 10 best coding challenge websites for 2023.

What are Good Coding Challenges Websites?

  • Topcoder
  • Codechef
  • Coderbyte
  • Mettl
  • Leetcode
  • HackerRank
  • Project Euler
  • HackerEarth
  • Sphere Online Judge
  • CodinGame

10 Best CODING Challenge Websites To Practice Skills



Topcoder is one of the original and the most trending competitive coding sites in the world.

It offers real-world projects from companies that want their products created.

This Online coding competition site is for coders who have a good amount of experience in coding.

Beginners will find the problems in this site challenging to solve. Since Topcoder is for experienced coders, there are cash prizes to be won if you solve a coding challenge.

A million coders support Topcoder’s coding community! This considerable support is what makes Topcoder an excellent platform for coders who wish to learn to optimize their code. Topcoder has daily, weekly, and monthly coding challenges because of such backup from the community.

Topcoder currently allows you to use Java, C#, C++, or Visual Basic.Net for competitive programming.



Codechef is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to participate in time-based challenges and competition along with thousands of other coders.

The tournaments run anywhere from 1 day to even 10 days at a stretch. They run contests on a regular basis and also offer cash prizes to their winners.

They have an excellent community of coders who create tutorials, participate in forums and problem setters who create amazing new problems for testing your programming skills. All these challenges are divided based on skill level from basic to super-advanced programs.

They have their online IDE that supports almost all popular coding languages (such as PERL, PHP, Python, Java, C, Ruby, C#, Lisp, C++, Kotlin, Node js, etc.) which makes coding fun to learn here.



Coderbyte has the tagline – “#1 Website for Coding Challenges”.

They have a vast range of challenges based on different difficulty levels, companies that asked those questions, Bootcamps, and problems organized neatly by tags.

You can choose among 10 different programming languages to start coding in their in-built coding interface that allows you to code and pass parameters to see the output online.

You can have a look at the solutions provided by other users as well as the official solutions provided by Coderbyte.



Mettl is an extremely interactive step-by-step type guide for you to learn a programming language. It is one of the best sites for beginners as it has mostly easy coding challenges.

Their online IDE is just so beautiful and fun to work on.

It works just like a compiler and offers suggestions as you type which is pretty cool for beginners and intermediate coders. It is impossible to not fall in love with Mettl!

This gamification of the entire site makes it interactive and fun to practice coding challenges.



Leetcode has one of the best collections of coding challenges on its website.

They focus on enhancing the skills that make you more employable. In fact, they have an entire section dedicated to preparing you for interviews in huge companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

They have coding questions tagged on the basis of topics, difficulty level, as well as companies that are likely to ask them in their interviews.

They organize weekly contests as well to find the top coders in their community. One key feature that Leetcode has is plagiarism checking so you cannot just copy paste a solution in a contest!



HackerRank is a website whose sole focus is to create coders that can specialize in their technical skills.

Another amazing competitive coding website, they have coding challenges as well as coding competitions in which you can participate to polish your skills.

At Hacker Rank, you will find real-life problems to which you can create your solution in their inbuilt IDE.

You can code using your favorite language such as C, Clojure, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VB.NET, etc.

On HackerRank, you can see archived contests as well and try to solve the challenges that have gone in the past.

It is an excellent resource for people who know the area in which they need to specialize.

Backerrank challenges are aimed at Intermediate to advanced level coders, even beginner-level coders can participate and learn a lot from the discussions in the community.

Project Euler

Project Euler

If you love coding and you love math, Project Euler is the coding challenge site for you.

Project Euler is probably the only site that is dedicated to providing challenges explicitly of mathematical nature. All other programming challenge websites are great to learn coding and tips and tricks to optimize your code.

However, Project Euler is a purely mathematical and computer science domain website.

Project Euler lacks an online editor, so you will have to code the solution and test it on your system before you submit it to them. An extra challenge gets added every week which is sure to take your analytical mind for a spin.



HackerEarth is one of those best sites to practice programming that runs coding Hackathons throughout the year.

Once you take up the challenge, you will have a specific number of hours to solve the challenge after which your solution will not be accepted in the competition. This time-bound challenge is what makes coding here so exciting.

HackerEarth has Hiring challenges throughout the year which are likely to get hired immediately upon solving the coding problem. You will see the company that is running the challenge, the Experience required, CTC, Job location, and so on. Along with hiring challenges, other hackathons offer a cash prize to the top winners. So, code your way to money as well as a high-paying job!

Sphere Online Judge

Sphere Online Judge

They have a super HUGE list of problems for you to rack your brain. SPOJ has a large community that is active and available all the time.

You will be able to see lots of comments on a coding challenge that helps you understand the problems and solutions in-depth.

The languages that SPOJ support is just fantastic. It has support for languages such as Brainfuck, Clojure, Dart, C, C++, C#, Clojure, Java, JavaScript, R, Pascal, PHP, Perl, SQLite Go, and even Kotlin. Although they lack an IDE, you can test the code on your system and submit the answer to their server in any language that you wish.



Do you love to play games? Do you want to be a game developer? If so, then CodinGame is your “Go-to” website.

Instead of just seeing the boring old console with characters floating around, you see a live game happening just beside the coding console. You will have to code a section of the game, and you can see the output of your code LIVE on a game.

The outputs that you produce from your editor affect the game-play which you can as soon as you click on the Play Test case.

You can run the simulation step-by-step to see the result of your code. How amazing is that?

CodinGame challenges are designed for beginner to intermediate level coders, and anyone can enjoy playing around with them.

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