Comparium Review: Powerful Automated Website Testing

Website testing, as the name goes, is the website owner testing his website by carrying out multiple tests, to make sure that his website does not have any drawbacks. Website testing is a broader term and it has multiple testing areas which include a lot of website testing activities, using the software. With this tool, you can see how your website is performing and you can see the functioning of your website through different perspectives.

This website testing helps the user to learn, navigate and understand the website better. There are a lot of tests that are performed on the website, to make sure that it runs smoothly on every platform and there are no complaints.

There are multiple tests performed and some of those tests are as follows:

Usability Testing: It ensures all the user-friendly features included on the website.

Functionality Testing; It ensures that the website has appropriate functionality and features.

Performance Testing; It makes sure that the website has a smooth interface even when it is under an undesirable load, environment as well as conditions.

Compatibility Testing; This testing is used to see whether your website is compatible with various browsers, software, hardware, OS, devices, network and other such devices that are required in a website’s functioning.

Security Testing; As the name goes, security testing is associated with keeping the website safe. It makes sure that your website does not have any security glitch or a loophole, which might go undetected on your website. This might lead to an unauthorized person accessing the website and may lead to malicious attacks on the website.

Database Testing; This testing involves consistency, veracity, accuracy and the integrity of the data which is stored at the back end of your website.

These above-mentioned tests are some of the tests which are involved in website testing.

They also focus on multiple aspects of website testing.

Therefore, you know there is a lot of things that are involved in website testing.

With these tests, you will not miss any critical testing aspect of your website and your website will run smoothly.

Why Website Testing?

If you own online business, you definitely know the difficulties it comes with including the investment, the management, various tools, and software, etc. To maintain your online business and keep it running smoothly, you need to spend some money on your website.

One of the most important aspects of running an online business is the cross-browser testing tool which helps you to manage your business well.

Through the cross-browser testing tool, one can easily check whether his or her website has bugs or not, before releasing it in the market.

Testing the quality of your website takes time, effort and money. However, through cross-browser testing tools, you can save your money as well as your time because such a tool helps you in checking how your website performs on different platforms and how they operate on various operating systems.

If you are unaware of the cross-browser tool, you do not have to worry because we will tell you exactly what a cross-browser testing tool is.

Through the cross-browser testing tool, you can see how your website performs on different browsers, their different versions and on various operating systems.

It allows you to check whether your website has any bugs or glitches and helps you take care of those bugs before the version is launched in the market.

With multiple browsers being used in today’s time, it becomes difficult for a website owner to test his website on each browser.

Therefore, to make it easier and more convenient, and an automated testing tool works best for you.

One such tool is Comparium, which will be released later this year and is one of the most attractive tools which are currently available. Comparium is a perfect place for you to get everything you need for your website testing. It comes with web design, browser combination, operating system, etc.

The first version of Comparium is now available, the company is giving it for free to the users, with a few paid features.

What is Selenium?

Another free tool available is Selenium, which is a popular tool, working on the imitation of a user’s actions on a browser. You can, further, use Selenium for your website’s day to day work.

It is basically a tool that comes with everything and has every tool you need in one place. Each tool has its own set of functions that you can perform for the betterment of your website.

Why Comparium?

#1 You Can Save Your Time With Comparium

Comparium helps you save your time with the kind of services they offer to users. You do not have to manually test the functionality of your website because it is automatically done by Comparium.

Comparium will test each combination on different browsers and will send you the details of the results on your email address. Thus, you can easily save your precious time.

#2 Get The Result Emailed To You

Another reason why you should go for Comparium is that Comparium will email you the results of your test. Because of that, you do not have to wait in front of your screen to see the results of your test.

Once the results of your test are out, you will get notified about the result.

Once you get the results, you can now make whatever changes are required and finally release your website’s version in the market.

All that you have to do is simply provide your email address and enter the website’s URL, which needs to be tested. With that, you will get the results emailed to you. Once done, you can sit back and enjoy it because Comparium will take over.

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