5 Easy Ways to Create GIF Online

Social media is a platform where even a serious issue is portrayed in a humorous way, the best possible humorous way. So as to make the audience feel comfortable yet conveying the content.

In helping netizens to put forward clean emotions, GIFs(Graphics Interchange Format) have come a very long way. But many peeps recycle the same old GIFs or some facsimile from any source.

Here comes our article handy, we guide you through the process of creating GIF on your own. Using Photoshop or after affects is obsolete and of course, time-consuming, and we have a solution for that.

In this piece of write up, we bring you 5 easy ways to create GIF online that can be used from anywhere and at any time eliminating the task of installing apps on your mobile phone or on your pc.

5 Free Online GIF Maker Tools – CreateGIF Images Easily


In addition to creating GIFs online, you can also meet fellow GIF makers on makeagif.com. It is the single largest community of GIF makers across the globe offering umpteen options to create a fascinating and funny GIF.

You can choose pictures or video clips from your local machine or from YouTube and can use the tools to create a GIF of your own. The interesting feature of makeagif.com is, it allows you to upload the final GIF on the web and lets you share with your folks through an URL.

You can also choose from a huge pile of GIFs created by other GIF makers in various categories can can save them on your computer.


One of the best online platforms for creating social emotions in the form of GIFs, Imgur.

Drag and drop the URL of the video you wish to make a GIF out of it, and use the existing tools on Imgur to instantly create your own GIF.

It not only allows you to share GIFs but also to store it in a cloud, which means you can access your files anywhere and anytime.

Millions of people use this tool every day to create, share and enjoy the funniest GIFs on the internet. It gives you the best experience of using world’s most entertaining GIFs.

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Dubbed as the torrents for GIFs, Giphy offers you scintillating tools to make quirkiest GIFs on the web. Even a tyro can explore the world of animated GIFs on Giphy. It’s pretty simple, copy and paste the URL of the video and start playing around with the options.

Besides, you can also drag and drop a video clip from your local machine and select the time range for which you want to create GIF, you can also add captions too!  Something really fascinating!


Imgflip is one best platform to create GIFs from videos or from images stored in your computer. It has two options, one to create GIF from video clips and the other to create GIF from images.

You can upload a video of your choice or can paste the URL of the video that you want to use for GIF. All that you need to do is signup before using the services. If you want to upload a video clip of size more than 35MB, you need to upgrade to pro version.


One of the largest platform to create GIFs online, EXGIF offers you tools to customize GIFs from any video that is online or from your computer. It consumes a bit more time than its rivals but provides you unlimited options to create funniest GIFS that you share with your folks.

Considering the fact that how popular it is to share those funny GIFs on social media platform, EZGIF serves you the best dish ever.

Wrapping up

Though there are a lot of GIF maker apps that you can install on your phone and create GIFs of the video you filmed on the device, there could be situations that you want to make GIF out of a TV series or a YouTube video.

Here comes our 5 ways handy in creating funny animated GIF online, that is quicker and simpler. Now that you have known how online GIF making works, grab the best clips and use them as your social emotions. Don’t forget to tag us in your GIFs.

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