9 Best Digital Marketing Tips for Contractors

The internet is a great way to market your business as a contractor. Today, so many individuals and companies are making use of the internet to find service providers for homes and businesses.

When done right, digital marketing can give you great exposure and draw more consumers to your business. This article highlights the Future of digital marketing, and how Digital Marketing is helpful in growing your business.

Solid Digital Marketing Tips for your Contracting Business

Use the right keywords and Phrases in Your Description

Any keyword can get you traffic, but only the right keywords can get you the traffic that converts. Since the focus is on the local market, you should use keywords that will attract people in that locality.

You can achieve this by simply adding your location to the keyword or phrase.

Make use of free keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere to find keywords that people in your locality are using to find services.

Speed Up Your Site to Reduce Bounce Rate

Website visitors don’t wait around for slow loading pages.

If pages don’t load within two to three seconds, most visitors will leave.

Therefore, speed up your site to ensure that the traffic you get from search engines and other sources does not go to waste.

Helpful YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great way to extend your brand and boost its reach. While some videos on YouTube are provided purely for entertainment purposes, another section of content is devoted to providing informational content.

When publishing a post on your company’s blog, why not produce an accompanying video too?

It can be embedded in the article but is also available for regular YouTube users to find.

Place a link to your website in the video description to encourage viewers to visit the website to learn more.

Focus on providing informative content that answers the viewers’ questions and demonstrates the value your business can provide.

Get Listed on Business Listing Sites

The first place you should start is Google My Business.

Businesses listed on this resource can show up on Google search results and maps. To boost your chances of showing up, provide correct and comprehensive business information and verify your business.

Other places you can list your business include Yelp, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Local Listings, and Yellowpages.

Here is an article where you find the free business listing sites which allow you to list your business free of cost.

Boost Conversion with a Gallery

A gallery showcasing the houses you have built, homes you have renovated, offices you have decorated, and accessories you have installed can help in boosting conversion rates for your website.

This is because past projects are one of the key factors that consumers look at when selecting a contractor. Therefore, if you have some good work to show, your chances of getting hired will go up.

However, for images and videos to work for you, they have to be high-quality. A low-quality photo can misrepresent the nature of the services you offer.

To avoid this, consider professional photography. Professional architectural photography, for instance, can be helpful in showcasing work done by a building contractor.

The quality images captured by a professional with the right equipment can help in drawing more clients. Paying higher Architecture photography prices is thus worth it compared to the benefits the images yield.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media marketing can help in generating more leads for your business. Having a social media presence can also boost the confidence consumers have in your services.

Therefore, create business profiles across all social media sites and use your pages to share tips, new services, discounts, and new content.

Following discussions on social media pages and groups can be helpful in getting ideas for promoting your business and growing your services.

Use Remarketing to Encourage Return Visitors

Remarketing is a follow-up marketing approach. Companies like Facebook allow you to place a retargeting pixel on your website which identifies the user when they subsequently visit the social media site.

At this point, it connects them as past visitors with their Facebook account.

The company can target previous visitors with a retargeting marketing campaign.

An advert is precisely targeted to only be shown to people who’ve already visited your site before. The ad might offer a discount on a purchase or promote a new feature to encourage them to return.

Partner with an Industry Blogger

Look for bloggers that focus on your niche or industry.

See if you can attract them with a partnership or joint venture idea where they can profit from bringing your business to the attention of their audience.

Most bloggers will see the merit of this approach. It’s popular on social media to promote companies and their products as a form of sponsorship.

Also, consider guest posting on their site to bring value to a different audience and spread the word about your brand.

Chase Reviews

Don’t be shy about asking for a review of your company’s product or service. These provide some social proof to anyone on the site and can give them a final push to place an order or pick up the phone.

Google reviews appear on the search results near your listing too. However, reviews can be used as a testimonial on your site too.

When coupling a review with an in-depth case study, perhaps with an audio or video interview with the client, it’s even more powerful. In an age when not every review or testimonial is as authentic as it should be, it is even more convincing.

Make marketing a continuous process.

Also, focus on quality services to ensure you get referrals where there is no repeat business.

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