Top 10+ Free Movie Download Sites To Watch Movies Online

In the last Post, We’ve selected the top 10 the best free mp3 download sites for you to download your next favorite songs. And In this Post, I will mention 10+ free movie download websites to download HD movies or to watch them online- 2018

Who doesn’t go to movies unless they are beemdev baba ji’s. Everyone loves to watch movies every once in a month. There are also movie buffs who watch at least a movie in a day. There are several movie download sites on the internet to make their weekends go long. If I were one of those movie buffs, where can I download a movie from? Is it legal to download movies on to our local computer and watch them offline?

Why do we tend to download movies when we can watch them online and save the local disk space? Every new movie download will not only eat up disk space but also costs gigabytes of data.

Moreover, the internet connection is not available to you with the same speed as your home internet connection when you are on the go. Downloading movies on to local disks will let you watch them when you want, mostly when you are in journeys and internet outage times.

How do you download a movie?

Downloading movies online need little consciousness about the cyber laws of the land. The sites that are going to be mentioned in this article might not be allowed in some countries.

Most of the sites that we suggest here would be the legal Free Movie Download Sites. Also, remember that downloading movies illegally may result in you end up in jail. It depends on the location you are living in. Don’t blame us for our ignorance. We are not responsible for such incidents to happen.

Here are the top 10 free movie download sites. Neither of these sites will have the same list of movies nor the same process of downloading but every site will satisfy the offline watching objective.

Free Movie Download Sites To Download Full HD Movies

1.  YouTube


Whenever you think of a video or a movie, the very first thing that anyone would do is searching for it on YouTube. It has become a synonym for the term ‘video’ or an online movie.

Talking about movies on YouTube, we have a massive collection of movies on YouTube that you can watch or download to watch it later. Most of these movies are legitimate uploads from the right owners and some are available at very affordable prices. You can also download HD movies from YouTube using movie downloader software.

We have also several YouTube downloaders available to download the whole movie on to your local disk and watch it later at convenience.


TIP – Learn how to download youtube videos

2. MoviesFoundOnline


I bet you would not find as many movies as MoviesFoundOnline hosts on its site. This site has all kind of movies including those that are never shown on screens but film festivals. It contains short films, documentaries, animated movies, series and shows from TV and internet, thrillers and so on. Why don’t you visit the site and check it yourself?


3. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a list of movies that the whole internet has. This site is clean, informative and a base of all classics. The number of movies that this site host has no limit to a language or a timeline. If you are classic movie buff and would like to get lost in the history of cinema, this is the site you should never miss visiting.


4. Sony Crackle

As the name suggests, Crackle is a movie jar owned and operated by Sony. You will need to register to this site in order to gain access to a pack of movies and TV series that you would not find on any other site. Do not miss the opportunity to watch the best on screens with Crackle. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite movie in the comments below.


5. PopcornFlix


You will find unlimited popcorn here on this site. I’m just kidding. PopcornFlix is a perfect place to finish your large popcorn bucket. The range of categories of movies that it hosts include horror, thriller, comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, mystery, family, western documentaries and more.

I have a hunch that you have already decided to leave this page to explore your content. Wait a second. The picture is not over yet. Check out the information about the other half do the sites too.


6. Vimeo


If you are that kind of person who would spend most of the free time watching videos, this site would already have on your watch list. Let me remind you of one thing that Vimeo also hosts a good list of movies that are exclusively available on one platform only. Don’t forget to deep digger next time you visit it.


7. Public Domain Torrents


I knew it that you are looking out for a word ‘torrent’ in this list. If you wanted to download something legitimately from torrents, this is it. Public Domain Torrents are those which do not have copyrights assigned or claimed by any individual. That means you can download anything from the site and no cop is gonna knock your door.

PDT has a long list of movies ranging from action, animation, comedy, drama, family, horror, musicals, mystery, sci-fi, war, western, martial arts and more. What are you waiting for? Go put some torrent to download and come back here again.


8. Hotstar


Hotstar is another awesome movie download sites that bring the nostalgia feeling out of it while exploring. The website has a varied list of movie categories ranging from adventure, comedy, cartoons, crime, drama, horror, sci-fi, westerns and war. It has all the popular bollywood and hollyword movies that you would rarely find on a movie site.


9. MovieNoLimit


MovieNoLimit, the online movie watching website. This website has a large collection of movies from various decades and new. It also has TV shows that you can watch for free. Yahoo view is still a fantastic site for movie buffs and busy people who miss their favorite TV shows due to work. What’s your favorite TV show that you miss every time? Comment below.


10. Top Documentary Films


There is no such genre than documentary films that keeps the viewer in an intense mood while telling a story about something that happened in the real world. Documentary films share a lot of researched information about a situation or a conspiracy that has changed the course of the world. Watching documentary movies is not only fun but knowledge gathering.

There are people who want to know about the world in a way they wanted to see. For such people, Top Documentary Films is the best of top movie download sites with huge video library. If you are one of such persons, don’t forget to check out this site.


11. Worldfree4u

Another great movie download sites which give you the opportunity to watch a movie online as well as download movies of your favorite Bollywood, South Indian, Bhojpuri movies in just no time. You can search and watch or download to your track from a stock of 100s of movies available here.


12 Kickass Torrents

If you are a music lover and wish to explore the vast world of movies your own way then nothing can be better than Kickass Torrents.  Movies Music of all genres is available for your free download. From this website, you can download your favorite movies in HD quality easily.


Wrapping Up

Thanks to high-speed internet. That’s all we should be doing before downloading any movie online. For a movie to watch, it is not easy to skip through the roads in traffic and smoke. Sometimes, even a lazy day can be turned into an entertainment time with downloaded movies.

Before you are downloading, always remember that they are copyrighted property of some proud owner. Respect the hard work they would have done to put that wonder on silver screen. So, always download or stream movies legitimately and enjoy your cinema entertainment risk-free.

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