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The speed with which new apps are entering into the market is really incredible; it’s a win-win situation for the users though.

In recent times, an app known as Snaptube has grabbed the attention of many. As this app has suddenly come out of nowhere, its origin is shrouded in mystery. So what’s the hullabaloo of this app, let’s find out.

Snaptube app is a type of Android application that allows the user to download videos to their mobile devices. These videos are generally downloaded in MP3 format using Snaptube’s amazing music downloading feature.

Formed recently, around July 2014 this app is for the Android users. So what really disturbs people is why is it not available in Play store??  Because of Google’s policy to avoid or deny apps that violate their download policy in various social media platforms, Snaptube and other like-minded apps are not available in Android Play store, instead, you will have to download it from its official website.

Why we are reviewing this article?  Let’s face it, hands down Snaptube is one of the best music and video downloader for various social media platforms. And, you know what it’s free too!!

So, without further adieu, let us now compare all the essential aspect of a video & music downloader app and see how Snaptube stands out in it.


With so many contemporaries out there, video and audio quality of the downloads is something that Snaptube could not have compromised upon, and it did not. Snaptube app delivers top-notch quality.

It allows customers to download videos of 1080p, so if you like watching your videos with high clarity this is an app that is to stay on your mobiles.

Snaptube also offers 2K & 4K resolution download but for that, you will have to pay for its premium services.


Raise your hands if you are among those people who are guilty of downloading your video and audio without any limit. Whether it’s 1,2 or 999 you are never really satisfied, Snaptube app will be your partner in crime.

The unique feature of Snaptube is it allows simultaneous downloading, and you can easily start with 7 videos together. This might result in slowing down of your phone due to the huge data being stored, but it will still work fine.

In Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: If you like a video and want to download it, you can only do if it is publicly shared. As of now, Snaptube cannot access, the secret groups or limited friends groups. You have to be happy with the public ones. Also, the embedded videos are also not accessible to Snaptube App.

snaptube feature

On top of that, you can download them by just a keyword search from different sources,


It is very important for an app to be easy to use and manoeuvre around. An app should be simple but still attractive. Today mobile phones are being handled by people from all age groups as well as different strata of society.

Snaptube App managed its UI very efficiently. Simple and decluttered design, which is pleasing to the eye makes it stand out. The keyword search helps you to filter out the required video or audio and the resolution you want to play it on.


It often happens that you see a video, whose music is awesome but you do not like the video that much. Now you are in a dilemma, if you want to hear the song again you have to download the video.

But Snaptube App has this unique feature wherein if you do not like the video but you sure like the audio, no problem, just convert videos to MP3 format.


In this tech-savvy world, mobile is something which we hold dear. In that case, customer’s have safety concerns about an app that they download in there smartphones.

But in the case of Snaptube App, there is nothing to worry as it’s 100% safe, so no issues of malware and/or viruses. In fact, this app even takes up very less space and is very efficient.

Due to strict Android norms where only Apps that are listed in Google’s Play store are considered safe and Snaptube is not listed in Play store rather have to be downloaded via its website, “Security Risk” may pop up while downloading it. So, if you know what you are doing, Snaptube is perfectly safe to use. 

The most common issue that downloader app for android faces is the constant ads that pop up every now and then and create a ruckus for the user. Well, not Snaptube. It has among the best user-interface in its genre and that too without any ads.

How to Install Snaptube – Free Video & Music Downloader for Android

Download link
  • Click to Download button, the download will start automatically.
  • (As it’s 3rd party app) If you’re seeing this page (Install blocked).Please click Settings and go to Security (Settings > Security).

  • Turn on Unknown sources, this step enables you to install apps out of Google Play. After click OK to turn on Unknown sources, you could move to Downloads.
  • Then you can click the downloaded Snaptube apk to install.

Considering all the features that we have discussed, it does not takes a genius to guess that Snaptube is if not the best, one of the best video, music downloader app that is available for Android users.

So if you have a high-end smartphone you should definitely go for this app as it enables integrated downloading of videos and that too in your desired resolution.

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