How to Create a WhatsApp Channel: A Step-by-Step Guide and all key features

This article provides a step-by-step guide on How to Create a WhatsApp Channel along with its features.

As we know, WhatsApp is among the popular messaging apps for sending text messages, making voice and video calls, and sharing multimedia content. Recently, this platform has launched a new feature in the form of WhatsApp channels.

Interestingly, the meta company will roll out this feature to over 150 countries so that no individuals are left out. 

Individuals and businesses started using this platform to maintain a regular posting schedule. You can use this feature to promote exclusive offers and offer announcements to your subscribers.

Now, if you wonder if creating such channels might be a hassle, then don’t worry.

Key Features of WhatsApp Channels

There are tons of unique features when it comes to creating and managing a WhatsApp channel. Some of them are mentioned below.

Enhanced Directory: 

With the introduction of an enhanced directory, the hassle of searching the preferred channels is reduced. The advanced algorithm ensures that the channels are filtered according to your country. 


The audience that is connected to your channel can react to your post using emojis. Presently, six emojis are available for reaction purposes. This will give you a clear idea about the sentiments of your audience and whether they like your content.


On forwarding your post and messages, the platform will attach a link along with it. This will direct the recipients to check the information on your channel and ultimately follow it for future updates.

Broadcast Messages: 

WhatsApp channels allow the admins to broadcast messages to a large audience group. Quickly post announcements, promotions, or important updates in just a few clicks.

So, with much delay, let’s get started.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel on Android devices

– First, tap on the WhatsApp Business App on your device and move to the update section.

– A list of popular WhatsApp channels will be displayed along with a “+” icon.

WhatsApp Channel

– Tap the “+” icon, which pops a “Create Channel” option on your screen.

create WhatsApp Channel

– Set a channel name, profile picture, and bio to complete the creation process.

WhatsApp Channel 1

– The bio should briefly explain to your followers the purpose of your channel and the type of content they will receive.

– Once you finish the steps mentioned above, click on the “Create Channel” option, and you are done.

– To check the information about your created WhatsApp channel, click on the three dots available in the top-right corner and tap on “Channel Info.” 

WhatsApp Channel 2

The best part is that the platform follows proper guidelines to protect your data. The channel members won’t be able to figure out your phone number, thus reducing the overall chaos. With an easy-to-share option, copy the respected link and share it amongst your community to grow the audience base.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel on iOS devices

– Open the Whatsapp application and tap the “update” tab on the bottom left.

– Select the “+” icon to display a “create channel” option on your screen. If it doesn’t show up, ensure your application is updated to its latest version.

– Add a channel name of your preference, which can be changed anytime in the future. In addition, you are required to add a channel icon and a brief description.

– After you are done with all the setup options, tap on the “Create Channel” to finish your task.

These channels are public, and anyone can find them by searching the user name. Moreover, a 30-day history will be displayed so the audience doesn’t miss any updates. As you are the sole responsible for the activities, make sure to follow the community guidelines before posting anything.

How to create a WhatsApp Channel in your web browser

– Open any browser and go to WhatsApp web to start the process.

– Then move to the channels section and tap the “+” icon to create a new WhatsApp channel.

– Provide a channel name that matches your brand and add a suitable bio that explains your business or company in brief.

– Next, you have to add a custom logo in the form of any relatable image or emojis.

– On filling all the spaces, click the “Create Channel” option.


Thus, WhatsApp channels give businesses and organizations a powerful platform to connect with customers and offer support.

The procedure to create them is easy, as you have to go through some simple steps. Provide valuable content to build a stronger brand relationship with your community.

Are WhatsApp Channels secure for business communication?

Yes, as all the conversations are end-to-end encrypted, which ensures security and privacy for your shared data.

Can I use WhatsApp Channels for international business communication?

As a global platform, WhatsApp is an excellent way to reach an international audience.

Can I delete a WhatsApp Channel I created?

Yes, you surely can delete your created Whatsapp channels. Scroll down to the channel info section and tap the “Delete Channel” option.

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