Does PPC affect SEO? How to improve your organic traffic with PPC

Marketing agencies are always busy with the challenge to provide the best digital marketing agency to their clients. However, the situation becomes tough when the service is to be provided to two or more clients competing for the same set of targets. In the age of digitization, it is a viable proposition to expand the business and execute its publicity through websites, applications, social media marketing, and a number of digital marketing campaigns. 

Understanding PPC And SEO

Pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are the most commonly used digital marketing tactics to promote business online. 

it becomes important to select the best-suited strategy at the right time to avail maximum benefits.

PPC is aimed to attract visitors through shopping, texts, images/ videos advertisements via paid promotion, wherein the person who clicks the advertisement gets paid for successfully arriving at the target link.

While SEO attracts enhanced traffic both in terms of quality and quantity without any payment through Onpage, backlink building, and proper content development and its structuring.

Does PPC affect SEO?

The question is a bit interesting because both the concepts appear to be contrasting as per their definition.

Thus, it becomes perplexing to contemplate if both the strategies are aimed to increase the traffic to the website, then how do they differ from each other and how they actually complement each other.

The following discussion illustrates the same very clearly.

SERPs and Google

There exists a fierce competition amongst the enterprises to stay on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Hence, there is a common notion, where one might speculate that if PPC increases the traffic to the website, it must increase the ranking of the website on the SERPs.

However, Google strictly diminishes this speculation, that if money only mattered, there would have been bidding competition to rank higher and no quality content.

Thus, PPC indirectly supports SEO by increasing the traffic to the website, the concept of which is uncovered in the subsequent points.

Targeting The Audience

PPC helps the enterprises to clearly identify and demarcate their target audience and accordingly set their advertisement strategy for PPC positioning on the SERPs, other websites, and the corresponding budget to attract visitors to their websites.

These PPC advertisements meticulously attract different visitors which eventually directs them to the linked website.

The traffic is not strictly organic and it has arrived through PPC.


Enhance visibility of the PPC advertisements of any product or service by any organization, magnifies the probability of organically exploring that website.

The users might get the name of the company imprinted in their minds and upon suitable requirements, they find it appropriate to search for the products and services offered by that particular company.


Traffic led by PPC might not always be intending to use the products or services offered on that particular website.

Hence, if the same is appealing or of a higher value proposition, they might be tempted to share the content of that landing page with their contacts through various social media channels.

This helps in driving the number of visitors exponentially with a higher conversion rate.

Audience Loyalty

Sometimes PPC advertisements can be of immense help to the audience. It might be that they are in search of some trustworthy product or service provider. A click on PPC may land them on a website that suitably meets their expectation, which eventually increases customer loyalty and subsequent organic traffic.

How to improve your organic traffic with PPC?

The sole purpose of most of the PPC campaign management services is to focus on driving organic traffic to a website. It sometimes becomes difficult to assess the suitability of deploying PPC to drive SEO, however, it can be used to improve organic traffic via the following tactics-

  • PPC advertisements appear on top of the organic search results on any SERPs by Google or Bing.
  • Again, PPC advertisements can be used to help increase brand awareness which has been discussed in much detail in the preceding section.
  • PPC campaigns of the competitors can be analyzed to discover the keywords they are relying on to enhance website traffic which can be used to improve one’s own content and website structuring. 
  • PPC also helps in the selective and detail-oriented audience targeting based on the keywords, location, device, time, etc.


It is evident that PPC and SEO are closely related and the most frequently used tactics in the digital marketing industry, yet they are highly opposite to each other based on their effectiveness and efficiency.

PPC can be preferred in the early stage of any business enterprise, but the same is redundant when challenged by a well-structured website supplemented with quality content and relevant keywords.

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