How to Use an Email Verifier: Best Tips for Beginners

Email marketing is still a killer marketing strategy to reach your target audience, but only when your emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes. Incorrect spelling, honeypots, and bad formatting are the major reasons your emails don’t get delivered to the inbox of your potential customers, especially when you’re sending mass emails. This doesn’t help but cost you money, time, reputation, and most importantly, lost sales. The solution is simple. An email verifier comes in handy and solves these issues right away.

What is an email verifier?

An email verifier analyzes email lists in bulk, checking for invalid and risky leads and removing them automatically.

Cleaning your email list increases the chances of your email campaigns being delivered to the inbox.

How does an Email Verifier Work?

Email verifiers use unique algorithms and validation methods to determine the quality of email addresses. A syntax check removes addresses with formatting errors, whereas the domain check verifies if the DNS entries are right.

Moreover, spam trap detection finds email addresses that don’t belong to people, along with honeypots. DNSBL scans the whole email list and IPs to see if they belong to spam networks.

Another feature you can benefit from when using an email verifier is the elimination of role-based addresses (such as sales@ and info@) that might get you penalized. Most email verification tools also do an SMTP check that makes sure a certain email address exists before you send it to it.

Here is how you can use a free email checker tool:

  • Bulk email list verification – It allows companies to upload their email list into the system, where all the invalid leads are removed.
  • Real-time email verifier API – Your email verification company provides you with an API key. You can install that key on your website to check emails in real time.

Why use it?

Your email delivery rate determines if your email campaign is successful or not, especially when you are sending mass emails. Open rate, content engagement, and sales all depend on how successfully your emails are delivered to your customers’ inboxes.

An email verifier helps you deliver your blasts to the right inboxes and reduce your email bounce rate. It also prevents your domain from being blacklisted and protects your sender’s reputation.

How to choose the Right Email Verifier

Choosing the right email verifier can be a challenging task. If you’ve never used one, we advise you to read this basic guide:

Features. This is the most important aspect to look for in an email verifier. What are the features it offers? Does it have a good email bounce checker and does it remove spam traps? Also, will it get rid of abuse, disposable, catch-all, and role-based emails? Read the list of features carefully to see exactly how complex your future email verifier is.

Guaranteed accuracy. A good email verification should offer you at least 95% accurate results. Some of them, like ZeroBounce, promise a 98% accuracy. If your email marketing reports don’t reflect that accuracy, the company has a money-back guarantee.

Price. Of course, an essential aspect to consider before choosing the right email verifier. Prices differ, so it can be confusing to figure out how much you’re supposed to pay to have your email list cleaned. After studying the features and the guarantees, ask yourself if the price is fair and you’ll be able to answer that question yourself.

Data protection. Email validation is a data processor, meaning it receives data from you and handles it with the purpose of email verification. Once the process is over, though, the company should assure you that it will delete your data. Check whether your email verifier is GDPR compliant and abides by all other data protection protocols.

Customer support. Using an email validation shouldn’t be difficult, but if you encounter any issues, you should have some reliable customer support to count on. Make sure the service you are choosing provides professional support to help you out whenever you use the email verifier.

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