JEE Main Rank Predictor | How to Calculate your Rank?

JEE Main is one of the most sought after entrance exams and securing a good rank is the ultimate goal of every aspirant. Some of the candidates tend to evaluate their performance just after they come out of the examination hall as, through the evaluation, some of the errors can be detected.

Generally, most of the students favor the technique of pre-evaluation as through this they can get a basic essence of their probable performance in the examination.

What can be better than evaluating the probable rank in the JEE Main through a tool?

Through this one can realize his or her position in a better way.

One can also calculate to which college or university he or she will probably get admitted to. It is always better to have a prediction beforehand to analyze and utilize the available opportunities in the best way possible.

To do this, there are JEE main rank predictors that are available online, and they can be used by the candidates to evaluate their rank and to relieve themselves.

How to Use JEE Main Rank Predictor

This tool can be efficiently used by the candidates to predict their ranks so that they can chalk out the possible universities in which they can seek admission.

This tool only demands a few necessary details of the candidate, and according to that, his or her probable rank will be calculated.

To ensure a proper estimate of the rank, it should be ensured that proper details of the candidate are entered. It is estimated that the results of the JEE Main April session will release on April 30, 2019.

Through this article, we intend to help aspirants to have a rough idea of their expected rank. The table below lists expected JEE Main marks and the All India Ranks that candidates can expect.

Expected Marks

Expected All India Ranks
























Merits of Using the JEE Main 2022 Rank Predictor

Once the test is over, the thing which a candidate lacks is his or her practical approach.

This is due to the inbuilt pressure and panic which covers the mindset of the candidate and due to this, the candidate is not able to make practical decisions on his or her behalf.

It is better not to waste time after the examination; instead one should invest that time in productive work such as using the rank predictor to predict they are possible ranks in the examination.

According to resources, these rank predictor tools are highly efficient in nature, they are generated just after the examination is conducted to ensure the most appropriate calculation.

Thus, it is evident that the precision of these tools is extremely high provided the candidate enters the correct set of information.

If the candidates have a basic idea about their probable ranks, they can be well-prepared for their upcoming steps in their educational career.

By analyzing the previous year’s qualifying marks and well as the minimum cutoff marks of the several colleges, one can get an idea about how to proceed and where to apply after the final results are declared.

The probable rank estimation can also help the candidates to get prepared for the upcoming counselling session which is a mandatory event for admission in renowned colleges or universities.

It is advised that one should not be affected by their marks or their rank.

He or she should not get depressed or in other cases, he or she should not be overconfident of his or her success.

One should keep in mind that the tools are meant to serve a specific purpose and one should ensure that he or she is utilizing the particular tool in the best way possible.

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