Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using in 2022

There are many things which can make a blog or website to go viral, and a backlink is one of those factors. As a blogger, you need to understand that a backlink is an extraordinary medium to reach more people who are interested in reading your content.

Firstly before applying Back link tactics, improve your blog content so that backlink provider has an idea what kind of post you write and what is the quality of your articles. Nobody wants to give a backlink to a shitty website which has non-valuable content.

To make your blog post valuable, you can read some of the quality blogs which helps you to know how to write a quality post, and improve search engine rankings?

The right Backlinking strategies can give you a massive boost in the search engine ranking. Let’s dive into new link building tactics.

It is called making a relationship with fellow Bloggers.

One of the legit ways to get backlinks from authority websites or blogs is through getting engage with them on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. When we start sharing other’s content, people start noticing your support for their digital asset. They return the favor by saying simple yet powerful words like Thank you.

Most of the people don’t know the power of thank you. It is the universal language through which a person appreciates the effort of the next person.

Therefore, when those people come to know about your digital asset. They do the same thing for you. It is the art of reciprocating and every established blogger is aware of it. It is like the famous dialogue of Titanic Movie. “You jump, I jump.”

When that happens, you start building a strong relationship with those authoritative bloggers. That helps you to enter in their audience domain. They feature you in their blog, and you get a natural link. It is not a get quick backlink process. It takes time to get featured in the famous blog.

There are also possibilities that those bloggers may not feature you, and reason could be anything like a shortage of time. That is why you need to keep in touch with them by liking and sharing their content on all platforms.

Don’t ask for a backlink straightway as any newbie does.  It could ruin your relationship with them. In fact, let them know through your Facebook and Twitter post that you are looking for a guest post or something like that.

They will understand your concern and contact you to guide you in the right direction. There are also chances that they may offer a guest post on their blog. Bamm! You got what you were looking for. Let the whole process to happen naturally.  It doesn’t matter what is your blog authority when you have a quality post on your blog. The authority blogger will surely give you the chance to write for them.

Don’t just get limit to only a few limited Bloggers. You can implement the strategies to as many bloggers you want.

Finally, don’t forget to say thank you to those bloggers who gave you a chance to share your work with their audience.

Truly earned link through hard work will have more impact on your SERP than the purchased link. One single link from an authority website is more than enough.

Before connecting to another site, people need to understand that any link which intent to disturb Google’s Link schemas can be devastating for that particular blogger, and it is an official statement by Google. Therefore try to avoid unethical link building tactics.

If we believed that the SEO world had a cutthroat competition, in 2019 it’s going to get even tougher. Old strategies and techniques are being picked up by beginners and newly-sprung companies, so they quickly become obsolete. As a seasoned link builder, you probably noticed this and even felt it resonate in your work.

Some strategies simply don’t work anymore due to oversaturation, or harsher content requirements. This is why we decided to share our insight on the link building tactics you should be using in 2022.

SEO Link Building Tactics for 2022

Your profiles on the different network

Create an account on various platforms like Twitter, Quora, Mix, Linkedin, Pinterest, Medium, Ello, and many more. Add your professional link on your profile there.

Email your Content to key Influencers

When you’re doing guest posting and negotiate content creation, make sure to inform yourself on key influencers of your niche. Or at least, your client’s niche.

The link building game has, after all, become a vast ocean. It’s better to have a few bigger sharks with far greater outreach, than a large school of “small fish” whose word won’t get out as far.

Email them, and try to get their attention over countless others who are going for the same idea.

Word your Emails as best as you can

That being said, it is imperative that you write every email from scratch. Forget generic expressions and instead, approach your influencers as if you have an offer they can’t refuse.

Research into who they are, how they operate, and you’ll know what angle you should take. Sell them your content without sounding like as curt as an answering machine, or as elaborate as a car salesman. It’s a tough skill to learn but incredibly powerful and valuable in the link building world.

Figure out the people who stole your Resource

Keep your eyes closed, if anyone using your blog resources without giving you appropriate credit?

Send them an email informing them to mention you as the original source creator; otherwise, you have the option to take legal actions.

Invest in Infographics

People have always preferred sleek, colorful images over walls of text. Don’t forget to pepper your content with infographics now and then. Readers are more likely to click them. Don’t be afraid to invest in a good design, as it will probably be shared more than texts.

They’re quicker and easier to read, not to mention that colors and fonts can be used to manipulate the reader’s attention. Find designers who can create fun, eye-candy graphs and images, and your job will become much easier. They can sell better than several blog posts on the same topic.

Keep Your best Content Open for Reading

One of the mistakes many websites and blogs make is to keep their best content behind a “wall.” It can only be accessed only if the readers sign up for a newsletter.

While this is a common strategy for link building, it can be counterproductive. If the topic is not essential to the reader, they most likely won’t leave their email and skip the content altogether.

Settle for Quality, not Quantity

Google is going to be even harsher with SEO. The filtering has become stricter, and any content that doesn’t meet a certain standard is declined. Countless links are lost due to a straightforward error – going for quantity instead of quality.

Get good writers, who will do their research, and on original topics. Find out what Google considers quality content and use it to your advantage.

Use Broken links to your Advantage

When you’re required to work in a certain niche, look into blogs and websites that cover the same topic. Go through their posts in search of broken links that lead to an invalid page, or one whose hosting expired.

Email them to inform them of the broken links, and to offer them a quick replacement in the form of your links, or complete posts on the topic.

That way you have identified the problem, and resolved it, which very few will refuse.

Steal your competitors’ backlinks

There are so many tools available on the market, which can help you to analysis your competitor’s backlink. For example, check out Buzzsumo and connect with people on social media who shared your competitor’s link.

Inform them that you have compiled better resource which can help them or their audience.

Guest posting.

Make a better connection with fellow bloggers by helping them to grow. Share and hit like button on their profile.  That will help you to make a stronger connection with them and later let them know that you require a backlink.

Keep an eye on Non-linking Content

There are blog owners who will post your works without actually working links. Either by accident or on purpose. Don’t consider your work done once the content has been sent.

Check the landing pages as soon as it’s posted, and ensure the links are there and working. Google alerts a great tool for locating missing mentions, and Google image search could help with uncredited/unlinked images.

Web 2.0 submissions

As the internet is growing bigger, there are few online directories, which allow you to submit your link. These directories try to manage the record of weblinks category wise.

They backlinks they offer is web 2.0 submissive links. These links have the authorities to give you an instant boost on the SERP.

Never lose your Competition out of sight

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You will want to follow how your competition handles link building, which strategies and outlets they choose, which clients they work for, and so on.

This will help you choose a different direction if you notice that the market has been oversaturated, or find out which particular strategy works better for a certain niche.

However, not everyone is out to get you

Keeping a friendly, cordial relationship with other companies is crucial. They can help share information on blogs that accept a certain kind of content you are covering at the moment.

Similarly, good SEO practices and fruitful results show that having some bloggers and website owners in a relationship of mutual respect and friendliness will grant you the occasional guaranteed guest post. You won’t have to worry whether you’ll find someone for publishing.

Be Careful when choosing websites

Certain hosts have a limit on how much authority they give to other websites and blogs. They assign a maximum amount of links that lead back to a certain product or other websites.

And if your content happens to be among those that weren’t in that limit, the host website will assign a “no-follow- tag in the address bar. This is certainly counterproductive to the whole purpose of SEO, but sometimes even visibility counts as enough.

To Summarize

The SEO game is going to get much tougher, and it’s not just due to the competition. Google has been growing stricter when it comes to link building, and having quality content is more valuable than ever.

However, there are always neat little tricks at your disposal, such as broken links, eyeing unlinked content, or simply having great communication skills.

In 2019, less is more, and your link building shouldn’t rely so much on shouldering your way through the sea of other SEO experts, but in finding other, subtle ways to get on the top of the Link Building game.

June 2019, December 2020 core update that saw several high Authority websites like CNBC struggling to come to terms with the huge loss in traffic and revenue.

To better understand the effects of the June 2019 Google core update, One of mine friend written an article about the future of backlinks, he explained do and don’t of backlinks.

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