Give It a Ring: Learn the Popular Ways to Make VoIP Calls

Voice over Internet Protocol is taking over the market of traditional telephone systems. In February 2019, Market Study Report projected the market size of VoIP to surpass $55 billion by 2025. According to market research, the technology responds to businesses’ need for cost-effective and seamless communication as they expand their operations and collaborate with a remote workforce.

Also, governments and private companies are pouring money into the development and deployment of wireless telecommunication technologies. Notable enhancements that are expected to affect VoIP positively are 5G networks, Wi-Fi 6, and cloud-based solutions.

Despite the broad reach of VoIP, many have yet to give it a try, let alone place their first-ever call using the technology. There’s no uniform setup to VoIP systems: this flexibility enables businesses or individuals to choose what works for them.

This article will show you that there are more ways than one to make VoIP calls.

5 Best Ways of Making a VoIP Calls

Analog Telephone Adapter

It’s a device that allows you to use a regular phone for VoIP by connecting it to the computer or the internet. The ATA converts the analog signal from the phone into a digital signal that is transmitted over the internet.

This method is the simplest way to make VoIP calls done in these simple steps:

  • Secure the ATA.
  • Plug the cable from the phone, which goes into the wall socket, to the device.
  • Place a call.

ATAs come in various configurations, but they include a network port (RJ-45) and phone socket (RJ-11) to support VoIP. You can buy a stand-alone ATA or get it as part of the package from the VoIP provider. Certain ATAs also come with software that you need to configure in the computer before you can start making calls.

From One Computer to Another

Laptops, desktop computers, and other personal computers can host VoIP calls. The computer-to-computer VoIP is also straightforward to set up with you needing only a software and sound card for the audio input and output.

Except for the monthly subscription fees for the internet and VoIP service (although some can be free of charge), the rest can be found in a standard computer. You can upgrade with an external speaker and microphone with USB connectors. As any laptop or desktop has a USB port, you can be assured of easy installation and portability of such peripherals.

It follows that the counterpart computer uses the same VoIP platform. More importantly, your internet connection must be reliable to handle the calls.

same VoIP platform

Smartphones via Mobile Apps

While smartphones can be considered computers, they have their VoIP method. They are convenient to use with the proliferation of Wi-Fi networks. You can place such calls through native video chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Skype, and WhatsApp. Using these services is free, except for mobile data charges and in-app purchases.

For businesses and freelancers, VoIP providers have apps that allow them to access their business phone system on your smartphone.

IP Phones

VoIP has internet protocol to its name, just like these specialized phones. While IP phones look like standard telephones, they have an RJ-45 connector for network or Ethernet so calls are made directly over the internet instead of the regular phone line (RJ-11). This feature eliminates the need for an adapter.

Certain IP phones can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

IP phones combine the functionalities of the office phone and the flexibilities of VoIP. If you plan to upgrade your telephony, consider any of these phones. Telephone calls are not going away anytime soon, especially over the internet, so you have many uses for this kind of desk phone in your workspace.

Make That Call

VoIP, a virtual phone system undoubtedly opens a lot of possibilities that allow you to communicate with people critical to your work or business in various ways. And unlike traditional long-distance costs, the fees for internet-based calls are set at a flat rate or none at all. It also doesn’t cost that much to put together computers, telephones, and related gadgets for the setup.

Hopefully, you make the right call in adding VoIP to your plethora of essential business tools.

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  1. Wow 55 billion Saurabh. That is a serious number bro. I feel landlines and TV are both on the way out. Not sure when, but both will be phased out sooner than later. The internet makes other options too easy and convenient.


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