The 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS

Until recently, ooh sorry…! Until the natural death of radio happened, none surmised something like podcasting would see the light. Retaining the very DNA of radio, Podcast has emerged as the one-stop destination for information and entertainment. Having said that, out of thousands of Free Podcast Apps available on Playstore and AppStore, in this article we bring you the 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iPhone that you can rely upon.

What is a Podcast?

Simply put, a podcast is a culmination of iPod and broadcast that translates to the fact that podcast is a kind of internet radio played on-demand with specific and specialized content.

Here, we highlight the USP of a podcast, unlike traditional channels that broadcast content at specific timings (if you miss it you can’t pay it back), through podcasts you can listen to the content whenever you wish to listen.

More often than not, we switch off to our surroundings and plugin headset to snoop to chartbusters or listen to the news, stand-up comedy, post-match analysis, filmy gossip and etc. – no matter whether you are on a local train, standing in a queue at the bank, working at your desk, or walking in a promenade.

The beauty of free podcast apps lies in letting you listen whenever you want and wherever you are for the fact that you heed pre-recorded content. Podcast apps can be downloaded and installed on any smartphone that is connected to the internet.

Best Podcast Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Pocket Casts – Best Premium Podcast App

Pocket Casts

When you have just 2 options on your plate, zeroing in on choosing the better is a no-brainer. But the real pain comes when you got to choose free podcasts from a heard of thousands upon thousands of categories.

Pocket casts Best podcast app for Android 2023, do the trick for you, the filtering feature makes your life comfortable.


  • It allows you to filter from over 3lakh podcasts that suit your mood and interest.
  • Subscribe to the Podcast of your choice and Pocket Cast automatically downloads the new episodes for you the story doesn’t just end here, it also synchronizes your settings and subscriptions across your devices.
  • The export/import functionality lets you play with the subscriptions on other podcast apps just by exporting/importing OPML format files.
  • Its trademark feature, the Enhanced listening experience comes with advanced playback options.
  • Pocket Casts doesn’t just chops-off silences but also allows you to play with the playing speed from 0.5 to 3x.

Our verdict – Pocket casts are swift, innovative, and perfectly fits this generation youth across continents.



If you are a Podcast addict and want to listen to over 1lakh podcasts across devices…? Then, Stitcher – a personalized radio service, is the best android podcast app for you.

If you are annoyed with ads in between episodes, you always can upgrade to a premium account where ads are annihilated and only content is played podcasts on android iPhone.

The freemium version gives much space for users by allowing them to reorder the podcasts in the order they wish to listen to the podcast. 


  • The coolest feature of Stitcher has to be its compatibility with voice-controlled personal devices like Amazon Echo.
  • Another coolest feature of Stitcher is its integration with over 50 car models including GM, BMW, Ford, Volvo and etc. Stitchers artificial intelligence brings you the best out of the podcast by recommending you podcasts based on your listening preferences.
  • It also downloads the new episodes of the podcasts you have subscribed to, keeping you busy all the time.



A decade-old Swedish company brings you Music streaming, even live streaming of news, comedy, analysis across the world – and it only keeps getting better and better.

Spotify offers podcasts that you can listen directly to installing the Free podcast app for Android iPhone on your handset. It brings you all the latest collection of podcasts and recommends the best based on your tastes and interests.

Spotify has a web interface too, which means you can access Spotify from your Mac or from any laptop. Discover the world of podcasts through Spotify and enjoy a whole bunch of playlists that for sure keep you on your toes.

This best podcast app for android hosts a plethora of categories like lifestyle, news, comedy, sport & recreation and a lot more.


  • It allows you to save podcasts offline so that you can listen to the podcasts when you are offline.
  • One best feature of Spotify has to be its ability to seamlessly play podcasts to different devices using Spotify Connect.
  • Though the premium version, allows grants you license to access over 30million tracks and you can save a lot of bucks by taking a family plan.


Thus far, the best podcast player for listeners and creators for letting users subscribe to over a million podcasts and umpteen audiobooks and for letting producers upload without any upload restrictions. Cool…Isn’t it..?

A free bit of advice will save you a lot, ensure you turn off the auto down option otherwise, the Cast box downloads all the new episodes of the podcasts you subscribe to and can eat up a lot of your data.

This podcasting app provides everything you want to listen to, and we’ve tested it, and it holds true.


  • One great feature of Cast box is its microscopic search ability – no matter if the keyword you are searching for is mentioned in the title or description, the smart tags fetch you the content you are scouting for, thus making our life comfortable in finding your favorite one.
  • It also facilitates you to sling your podcasts to your preferred smart audio systems like Amazon Echo using Chrome Cast support.

Podbean – Podcast App & Podcast Player

In what is called a startling revelation to the Podcast fanatics, Podbean looks similar to a local market. It stands as one best way to keep yourself up-to-date with humour, sports, news, books and a lot more. It lets you explore all your favorite podcasts from anywhere and at any time.


  • With a plethora of categories, numerous podcasts and scintillating features, it’s no less than a media store.
  • It feeds you with recommendations, top episodes, featured stores and favorites.

Though it lacks some basic features like fast-forwarding and automatically downloading episodes, it still stands tall for its huge collection of varied content.

Unarguably, the podcasting app if you are looking for something that is user-friendly, shows up the most popular or trending podcasts.

It is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free.


Now that you’re abreast with the top 5 Best podcast apps for iPhone and Android, choose the most suitable best app for podcasts and enjoy seamless access to breaking news, soccer stories, cricket commentary, hot gossip about your favourite stars and a lot more.

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