Six Ways Smartphones Could Help professional Photographers

Smartphones have become very versatile for any professional, regardless of their field of career. Professional photographers typically use laptops as an intermediary computing device on the go, while the primary processing point is the powerful desktop PC in their studio.

However, the smartphone is actually a computing device as well, which can help professional photographers immensely:

Six Ways Smartphones Could Help Professional Photographers

Download Photography Apps:

Even if your smartphone has a mediocre camera, photography apps could boost results through software-based enhancements. There are thousands of photography apps that you can choose.

Suncalc is a good app to check the sun direction and how it travels on the sky, depending on the time of the year. Natural sunlight could improve or ruin photography results, so it’s an essential app for outdoor photography.

Easy Release is an app to manage your photos release. It is supported by various popular stock photography websites.

Weather Underground is an almost real-time weather reporting app and you should know about the conditions in the area by the hour. You can anticipate things better if you know whether the weather is improving or not.

Geotag interesting locations:

With geotagging, you can identify specific locations, so you may return to it later. Any professional photographers know that location scouting is essential.

During a photography trip, you may discover a dozen great spots and remembering them isn’t easy, especially if the area is relatively unfamiliar to you. Fortunately, there are smartphone apps that can help you to manage locations.

Bookmark It:

When you are at a great photography spot, you can open the Bookmark It app and drop a pin at the current location. You may leave a note, so you will know what the location is all about.

Photograph It: Photographers may take a quick snap with their smartphone camera and geotag the photo. So, when they check the location in the future, they can check the photos as well.

Share Photos:

Professional photographers need to consistently share their works, so people can see the level of skill and experience. Social media is a great platform to establish a good rapport online.

Choose the best social media that’s oriented more for photography, such as Instagram and 500px.

Facebook isn’t really aimed for photography, but due to its immense user base, photographers should have a strong presence in it.

Facebook and Instagram have dedicated smartphone apps, which make it far easier to upload and share photography samples.

Makeshift External light:

Photography relies a lot on your ability to control the light. In some situations, photographers don’t have any reliable lighting source.

Even if there’s an ample natural or indoor light, an extra lighting source could enhance results further. Enable the Torch feature of the smartphone, so its LED flash will emit light continuously like a flashlight.

However, on its own, smartphone’s tiny LED light may not be sufficient as external lighting in low-light situations. You may use multiple smartphones to give additional lighting elements to your photography work.

Second Camera:

Cameras on smartphones are getting more capable and you can use them as a second professional camera.

A DSLR camera takes more time to set up and if you need to snap a picture quickly, you should make sure to get your smartphone ready. Results can be quite good in outdoors setting with ample natural light, but often quite poor in indoors situations.

Make a list:

Photography is a mix of deliberate planning and spontaneity. Many professional photographers want to be spontaneous, but proper planning can make a huge difference.

Smartphones can help you to make a pre-shoot list and you can get a clearer focus for your project. There are hundreds of list and to-do apps in the App Store and Play Store.

Experiment with a few popular apps, until you find something that you are convenient with. Evernote is a very popular app, which can be synched with your laptop and desktop PC.

Your notes are also accessible with a web browser. With the introduction of memes in the latest smartphones, you can get a little more enhancement on your photos. Smartphones which you can find on


Despite all its features, the primary function of your smartphone is to help you to communicate. Photographers should optimize their business-related communication, not only with voice calls and text message; but also, with email, instant messaging, video call over the Internet and social media. Good communication will boost the career of any professional photographer.

A Smartphone is a really great device and it won’t weigh you down.

Chances are, many professional photographers haven’t fully optimized the use of their smartphones.

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