Tips to Follow while Accessing Deep Web

The deep web is more than 95% of the web that is beyond the access of normal surfers on the internet. Even search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. are unable to index the data found on the deep web. The major question of concern here arises whether the deep web is legal or it is illegal.

Though the deep web is home to a number of illegal activities taking place on the internet, still many believe that it is legal in itself. Accessing the deep web requires the use of special search engines and specific browsers to help you out in safe browsing.

Let us learn more about it.

What actually is the Deep Web?

The deep web is the home to a large database that sizes over 15 petabytes. It is a great resource for scholars, researchers, and even students too.

Here you can find a great bit of stuff that is available on traditional search engines. Due to the vulnerable nature of the deep web, it is important for you to follow some of the safety majors while accessing the deep web.

Here is the complete guide to letting you know about some of the best tips to access deep web safely without leaking your vital details.

Tips to Access Deep Web

You have to follow some of the tips while accessing the deep web to stay safe from vulnerable threats. These threats may be viruses, malware, theft, or might be any other issue that can harm you.

These tips will definitely help you out in browsing through the deep web safely.

Get Started with the Tor

For accessing the deep web, you must download the Tor browser that is available for free. It has predesigned configurations to protect your identity while you are surfing the deep web. Moreover, you can stay safe from any malicious threat that may try to harm the device from which you are browsing.

The Tor browser connects to a popular Tor network that protects you from getting tracked or surveillance, thus keeping your identity completely anonymous.

Tor also enables you to listen to the anonymous voices very loudly and clearly as compared to the normal web browsers.

But Tor doesn’t offer complete security so always use the best VPN Service while accessing the deep web.

Do not confuse the Deep Web with the Dark Web

Dark Web and the Deep Web are different. The dark web is the part of the deep web that can only be accessed using the Tor web browser. The dark web is just a small part of the deep web. The search engines often crawl the internet visiting the web page.

All the links on that page are crawled then and so on. But what if there are no links in the page.

When you are on Facebook and are searching through the content, you didn’t click any links. Right?

Yes, you haven’t. You stayed on the same Facebook page.

This is the deep web content as it is not crawled by the traditional search engines. So, if you access the dark web, you are accessing deep web too, but vice versa is not true.

Use the Directories for Browsing Safely & Responsibly

The Tor browser will not provide you with the links to surf on the dark web. You need to find those links and start surfing. One of the best resources to access the deep web is Hidden Wiki. Most of the URLs ending with .onion are easily accessible in the Tor browser.

Moreover, you should understand clearly that you must visit a website that doesn’t have any links to disturbing or illegal services. You must take your time to research while accessing the deep web and its websites.

Hidden Wiki is a big directly having thousands of URLs.

You need to be bang on while selecting from these URLs.

Do Not be a part of Criminal Activity While Accessing Deep Web

Though the deep web is the home to a lot of great stuff in abundant, it is also the place where a number of notorious activities take place.

There are a number of websites operating on the deep web that is illegal and is a junction to human trafficking, drug trafficking, theft, child pornography, and lots of bad stuff.

You should ensure that you are not part of any such illegal activity. Be safe. Sometimes, the activists involved in these criminal activities may take you in a trap and blackmail you.

Do not click on the Suspicious Links

You should not click on any suspicious link that might be a trap to steal your crucial details. Not every link is a trusted link. So beware of this shit that happens often if you are a beginner. Go through different guides to access the deep web safely and keep yourself safe while browsing.

Use Deep Web Search Engines

You can make use of different search engines that are specially designed to search the non-indexed data present on the deep web.

These search engines are different from the regular search engines as they have the capability to provide the search results for the user query.

These search results are provided from the databases that are invisible to the traditional search engines and only specific search engines tailored for the deep web can search the queries.

Do Not Use a Credit card for Making the Payments

The use of a credit cards while making payments during your purchase is not considered being safe. You must not use a credit card on the deep web as there are certain websites that might steal your credit card information and sell it to the people looking for it.

The safe mode to make the payments is through Bitcoins. You can even make the payments on the website that is making use of Escrow services.

Escrow is a trusted service that acts as the third party between the website and the user making the payments.

Final Words

These were some of the safest tips to access the deep web without falling into a trap. Make sure you follow each of the above-mentioned tips and always use the best VPN during the browsing sessions.

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    Deep web is considered sometimes as the invisible web all of which reference the unreachable pages on the Internet. The Deep Web is actually much larger than the surface web, leaving an enormous amount of information unseen and irretrievable by search engines. The knowledge to be appreciated on the Deep Web is almost infinite, and there is Deep Web content relevant and useful for every market. Deep web is really sounds useful but it should risky. Eventually, thanks for sharing your information in deep.

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    I admit, I didn’t know before what is the deep web. Thanks for light up at this topic.

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