5 Best Blood Pressure Apps For Android 2024 [BP Checking App]

This article is filled with blood pressure apps for android.

The blood pressure chart says 120/80 is normal. Anything abnormally different requires immediate medical attention. 

Blood pressure is the pressure applied by the blood on the walls of the vessels in which they are traveling. There are two conditions of blood pressure that you should be aware of – hypertension and hypotension. It will not be wrong to say that someone you know suffers from either of these ailments. Some symptoms of such ailments are irregular heartbeat, vision problems, fainting, nausea, etc.

 It’s not possible to have a bp machine at your disposal every time, but a measure blood pressure app is.

Note – If you looking blood pressure check app for your iPhone and android, There is an digital bp monitor app available for download called Welltory“.

Disclaimer: If you find any irregularities in your blood pressure, make sure you consult a physician before taking any step and consult your doctor before buying medicine via an online medicine shopping app.

5 Best Blood Pressure Apps that can come in handy any day-

  1. SmartBP – Blood
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Blood Pressure Tracker
  4. Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary
  5. Instant Heart Rate: HR

 #1 – SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Log, Tracker


Convert your smartphone into one of the best blood pressure monitors. This BP checking app not only lets you check your blood pressure but also you can add side notes to your measurement like systolic, diastolic, pulse rate as well as weight measurements.

Add various tags wherever necessary on your entries, record the date and time of your entries, etc. You can also calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure), and Pulse Rate automatically.

The Instant blood pressure app 2024 also supports national and international standards in height and weight. You can also color-code your records to know when your pressure has been high, low, or normal.

You can use the Android default reminder feature to keep reminding you to take regular tests. Filter your reposts based on time and tags i.e. get a clearer picture if certain medication taken by you works or not. Besides, you can also share the generated reports with a physician, friends, etc. as well as set reminders whenever necessary!

 Download the blood pressure app for Android.

 #2 – Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

A blood pressure measuring app with a very easy interface so that people from various age groups can use it seamlessly. Not only can you record blood pressure, but also maintain a journal for multiple users from the app.

Add a description such as symptoms to each of your reports so that you can share it with your physician later.

Then, you can transfer detailed blood reports in PDF format. You can also decide what report with the show to analyze and export… thanks to the numerous filters!

You can also add Tags as much as you want to your blood pressure readings. The Instant blood pressure app for android allows interesting dark and light themes to adjust as per your preference. Colour coded results allow you to distinguish as well as help color blind doctors read the reports easily.

Not only can you choose which standard to follow from multiple options, but you can also take a backup of your report so that you don’t lose them under any circumstance. 

Download blood pressure test app for Android.

#3 – Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker

This blood pressure test app is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your blood pressure.

Besides, you can also add other stats like pulse and weight to have everything under one roof. Add or remove details swiftly without much hassle.

Arrange and sort your records according to weeks, months, and years.

What’s interesting to note is, you can not only take a backup but choose where to back up to i.e. MicroSD card, Dropbox, or Google Docs. You can also set a default email address for receiving the reports.

You can share reports to multiple devices as well as access the app in multiple languages including English, Portuguese, etc.

 Download the blood pressure measuring app for Android.

#4- Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

Blood Pressure Log

It’s not only important to know your blood pressure but also to keep a track of the same. You can achieve the same via MyDiary. With an impressive rating of 4.7 Stars at the Google Play store, you can log in to your blood pressure readings whenever you take them.

You can also add cuff location and body posture for your physician to take note of. The blood check app can also make a smart summary for you to know what the readings mean. You can also print the reports as well as import data exported from other apps.

Besides bp, you may also keep a track of your weight, glucose, and oxygen saturation under one umbrella.

Define your own range for low and high bp measurement and add custom tags and descriptions per pressure added.

Moreover, you can also filter the data input to see only what’s necessary and remove the unwanted options.

You can also very easily generate reports in MS Word or Excel sheets to send to your doctor, friends, and family. 

Download Blood Pressure App for Android.

#5 – Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate

As the name suggests, Instant Heart Rate is an all-rounder blood pressure check app that not only records your heart rate but also your blood pressure Monitor. This free bp cheker app is known for its accuracy by top institutes like UCSF for cardiology research training and is used in the UCSF Health eHeart Study.

The trust has been built because the heart rate monitor is just like an ECG or EKG machine. Get accurate pulse or bp reading under 10 seconds.

PPG graph helps in measuring the correct heartbeat as well as get an accurate reading while doing any physical training like rest, fat burn, cardio, and peak.

Sync in your Google Fit device with simple taps and you are good to go! With an impressive rating of 4.3 Stars, it’s recommended to take note of your stats every day.

However, the app to check bp is not suitable for babies.

 Download measure Blood Pressure App for Android.


Make sure you keep one of these blood pressure apps on your 4G mobile phone. Even if you are pretty sure you won’t face any issue, you can always be a Good Samaritan to someone else!

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  1. My wife uses the SmartBP app to track her BP readings and it is real simple to use. She has been having BP spikes since our son was born 2 months ago. Multiple scripts and 5 ER trips later, we are figuring it out, but this app really helped tracing her BP simple.

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