Welltory Review: Your App for Health and Fitness Monitoring Post COVID-19 Situation

The awareness of health and fitness has increased in public after a year-long nightmare, COVID-19. The necessity to keep track of the essential functions of the body has mounted peaked during the pandemic. Fortunately, we have wearable technologies by the time, and it encouraged companies to come up with solutions for real-time problems.

Welltory is an application we have encountered in recent times that helps you to monitor the body’s essential functions such as heart rate variability, blood pressure, burned calories, and quality sleep.

This app takes data from your smartphone, smartwatch, or fitness band and displays the data in visually rich graphics for better understanding and analysis.

Features of Welltory:

Before we see how to use the Welltory app, let me take you through what features it offers to its users.

Deep heart monitoring

Deep heart monitoring

Welltory can measure your heart rate from the smartphone camera itself. If you have a smartphone with a camera and a flash on it, you can calculate your heart rate variance.

Through this feature, you can measure your heart rate and stress percentage.

You can see the pulse of the blood veins from your finger on the screen.

Athletes, doctors, and astronauts have been using this sort of metric calculation for decades.

To get your reading, cover the back camera flash of the phone with your finger, and tap on start. It will then start reading the pulsing frequency of the blood flow in the nerves of your fingers.

pulsing frequency of the blood

The results are thus interpreted and given a clear impression of what the graphical representations mean.

Blood pressure tracking

Blood pressure tracking

The blood pressure history is logged and is made available in the ‘my data’ tab. You can connect 120+ gadgets and apps to Welltory and export the data into it to get an artificial intelligence report on your health.

intelligence report on your health

You can see the interpretation of the data on the graphical charts with an extra five more indexes.

This data is prompted to the user multiple times of the day, and the information is put down on the day graph for analysis.

Data insights

Data insights

Welltory allows you to connect with your fitness tracker device or your smartwatch to visualize the data.

It supports 120+ gadgets and apps; for importing historical data for A.I. analysis.

This way, you can keep your health and fitness data on one screen.

Workout tracker

Workout tracker

The workout tracker keeps the trail of information on your daily sweat-out performance and recovery.

It shows which exercise impacts your mood and productivity so that you can plan the workout correctly.

This app suggests the best time for you to hit the gym and the duration.

Sleep tracker

Sleep tracker

The sleep tracker option asks you if you slept well last night, for how long and what you did before sleeping, your blood pressure, and then the stress information.

You can keep a record of your sleep cycles with Welltory in a neat constructive way. 

Data privacy

These days, privacy is a primary concern for all users.

Welltory promises that it won’t share or sell the data to third people for ads. As the interface is ad-free already, this acknowledgment from the app screen while setting up the app for the first time gives a bit of relief. 

Library of information

Welltory is not just an app to track your workout progress, health, and blood pressure.

It also has a library of information in the form of articles. Go to the website, and you will find more information on body and mind maintenance in a simple tone for easy understanding.

How does Welltory work?

I was amazed to see the smart implementation of this app integrating with the existing sensors like the camera, heart rate, and BP sensor.

Unlike many other apps that need fitness bands and smartwatches with necessary sensors to read the pulse rate and stress, Welltory keeps it simple with a camera and a flash.

To check your BP, close the camera and the flash on your smartphone’s backside and click “start” to begin reading the pulse rate.

The blood pressure check app senses the blood flow from the finger nerves and notes its variability in 100 heartbeats.

The average beats per minute and the time variance is recorded and analyzed against the normality. 

How Welltory works

If you have a heart rate monitor sensor on your device, you don’t need to use the camera and the flash.

However, the dedicated sensors catch the accurate data than the simulations. The heart rate monitor sensors of some Samsung phones such as Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S5 Neo, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, or Edge+ are not accurate and faulty. If you have any of these phone models from Samsung, use the camera and flash instead of the heart rate sensor.

Instruction to check your BP

While you check your BP, follow these instructions to eliminate erroneous readings.

1. Place the finger on the camera and flash correctly

Different smartphones have different camera and flash positions. Make sure you cover the primary camera and with the flash with the same finger. The light thus flashes into the finger like a torch, and the pulsing nerves will be visible to the camera.

The multi-camera systems on the back of the phone might cause a little trouble while checking. Let’s hope for an update about this from Welltory.

2. Do not move the finger until the reading is finished

Do not move the finger from the position until the process is finished to 100%. Any movement in the finger from the flash will lead to erroneous data reception, and you can’t rely on that. Too light and too dark environments also affect the camera frame leading to the intake of false data.

If the flash becomes hotter and burns your finger, just lift the finger 2-3mm from it and read the pulse variability.

3. Always measure with the finger in the same position

Take measurements when prompted by placing the finger in the same position to avoid false records, which leads to increased variance in the data input.

4. Keep it stable and steady

Do not measure the reading right after the workout or heavy breathing work. Give it a 3-5 gap before reading the values. The change in 1bpm can lead to 16.5% of the HRV values.

5. Do not do any activity while taking the readings

Do not do any kind of physical activity or control breathing while taking the readings. This will change the HRV to large extent and can lead to unnecessary worries.

6. Follow the instructions on the screen

Welltory shows you clear instructions on the app screen while taking the readings. Follow them for better results.


Reading heartrate variance using camera and flash is an impressive innovation. Still, the accuracy of the values compared with the dedicated sensors might differ.

Do not take this information shown on this app as an accurate medical reading. You may use this fitness app to check your fitness and health progress. For emergencies, always seek the help of medical authorities.

Can I check my blood pressure with my phone?

Yes, you can. Welltory is built for that purpose only. You do need a special device to measure your blood pressure. A smartphone with a camera and a flash is enough to check your BP with Welltory.

Is there an app for checking blood pressure?

Yes. The name is Welltory. You can check your blood pressure right from where you are. However, in case of emergencies and serious conditions, seek a doctor for a better diagnosis of your heart rate and blood pressure.

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