7 Best Free iPhone Launchers for Android 2024

Are you Looking for a good iPhone launcher for your Android Smartphone? This post is all about the best Free iPhone Launchers for Android. The iPhone launcher, once installed, changes the UI of your device to give you the experience of using an Apple handset.

Not many of us can afford to buy an iPhone or some of us wants to just play with the mobile operating system. With 99.1% of market share, iOS and Android have conquered the entire smartphone market which means you either buy a device that runs on Android or iOS. If you have a device that runs on Android, this article is an elixir for you.

Android offers its users the to customize the UI, play with the settings, thanks to its open-source architecture. If you want to experience the look and feel of iOS on your Android device,

Yes, it is a cakewalk. There are umpteen iPhone launchers on the play store that you can install and try out on your Android device.

A launcher is basically an app that allows you to modify the home screen, usually, phones are equipped with the default google stock launcher or Samsung launcher. The biggest advantage of the launcher lies in customizing themes, icons, widgets, and a lot more.

It is the very nature of the launcher that lets you play what the UI looks like, launch applications, and perform other tasks on your device.

Top 7 Free iPhone Launchers for Android

One launcher

One launcher

A lightweight app that comes with preloaded HD retina-ready wallpapers is the most widely used iPhone launcher for Android devices. If you are looking for something that is really simple and feels like not stressing too much about your CPU, you can download it from the play store for free and it doesn’t irk you with ads.

It does make your dull and boring android device look sort of super cool iPhone. Make sure you upgrade the app regularly so that you don’t end up screwing it up with lags.


  • Simple, lightweight
  • Clean home screen replacement
  • Customizable home screen with lots of theme options
  • Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options 

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Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7

Now make any Android device look exactly like iPhone 6 or 6 plus by installing a launcher for iPhone 7 from Playstore. It hardly consumes any charge from the battery, thanks to its simplistic memory-efficient design.

You can play with the backgrounds and you will fall in love with a novel experience with the app. It indeed makes you re-think wondering if it’s for real, scintillatingly brilliant UI and functioning.


  • Smooth icon animations
  • Custom icon pack for many apps
  • WQHD wallpaper
  • Power-efficient
  • Smart Swipe down search screen
  • Long Press to Uninstall Apps
  • Simulates best OS 9 Lock Screen
  • Shows Unread SMS and Call counter on screen locker
  • Set PIN with keypad lock to enhance screen lock security

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 OS10 Launcher

OS10 Launcher

If you’re scouting for an uber-stylish, seemingly smart, and personalized launcher for your Android device, then the OS10 launcher suits best your needs. It’s light – easy to launch, a quirky – visual feast to watch it run.

It changes the icons, wallpapers, a search feature that tracks the blueprint of iOS. The coolest vibe about OS10 launcher is its AI, it sorts apps based on the category – all entertainment apps in one bucket, all travel and online shopping apps in one bucket.


  • Sliding screen effect, test icon, theme, wallpaper
  • Fast, Convenient, Time-saving, one-touch achieve
  • Protects your privacy, the app did not want to hide the desktop display
  • Displays Last used app, searches including apps, contacts and etc
  • Clears the memory to make your phone run faster

Xos Launcher

Xos Launcher

One of the best iPhone launchers in the lot – xOS launcher, welcomes you with smooth functioning, Pacey operation, and stylish design.

Thanks to its light design, it consumes a little memory on board, thus making it really smooth to operate without any glitches.

It looks clean and gives you no clue what so ever in distinguishing between the launcher and the real iOS UI. It is equipped with plenty of utility features under settings preferences.


  • Simple & lightweight
  • Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier.
  • Customizable home screen with lots a theme options.
  • Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options.

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iLauncher – OS 13

iLauncher OS 9

With its neat UI, sleek design, lightweight and customizable themes, iLauncher – OS 9 is the gem of an iPhone launcher for Android devices.

Though it’s free of cost, it doesn’t create hassles in terms of pop-up ads. You don’t find any glitches when is the app is running in the background, thanks to its wonderful light design.

It keeps the launcher simple by exemplifying only the most required controls open and pacifying the reminder. Another interesting feature of iLauncher – OS 9 has to be its layout of icons, beautifully designed and can be arranged according to your taste and interest.


  • The launcher is lightweight and easy to customize.
  • The Launcher comes with Hand-picked FREE HD Retina-ready quality wallpapers.
  • Beautifully designed icons.
  • equipped with a Lock Screen with Pin Lock.

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iLauncher OS 11 – Phone X

iLauncher OS 11 Phone X

The prime motive behind designing this fairly simple iPhone launcher is to give users the most convenient way to transform their Android device into an iPhone like device.

Purely aesthetic in nature, OS 11 launcher changes the backgrounds and icons of your Android handset in a way it looks identical to the UI of any iOS device – like it changes the icon of google chrome browser to safari but if you access the browser, it’s still a chrome browser.


  • Fast, lightweight, elegant, and highly stimulated,
  • The supports lock screen of Phone X style,
  • Supports set pin password or pattern for lock security,
  • Multiple HD Retina-ready quality Wallpaper,
  • Optimized Battery Usage.

Espier launcher

Espier launcher

Want to desperately transform the way your Android UI looks? Then try Espier Launcher, at the 1st go, it highlights a home screen replacement app and you are ready to use it.

Mind you, it will not boost up the performance of your smartphone but just changes the UI to iOS.


  • A crispy look paired with immense customization options
  • No limitations when it comes to setting up lots of widgets (maximum of 8)
  • Snappier handset at your fingertips.

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Alright. Coming to the business end of the article, hope we have fed you enough with the best iPhone launchers for Android devices. Choose the launcher that suits your needs and watches your Android device go makeover.

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