5 Effective Ways to Capture Better Quality Videos Using Screen Recording

Have you ever used screen recording to capture video footage of what is on your screen – be it your desktop, an app, website, or something else? If you have and you’ve watched the video you may be surprised that its quality isn’t exactly what you expected it to be.

Contrary to popular belief just because screen recording captures video from your screen it does not mean that its quality will mirror what you saw there precisely. Instead, there are lots of factors that are at work that will ultimately affect the video quality.

Assuming you’d like to start to capture better quality videos with screen recording, there are a few ways that you can start:

Record the video in full screen

The resolution of the video that you capture using screen recording will be the resolution of the frame that you record. That is important because it means that the maximum resolution you can record it will be the full-screen resolution of your display.

Considering you want the resolution to be as high as possible so that your video definition is good – you should try to record in full screen. If you’re recording an app or video, run it in full screen rather than a smaller window, and you’ll be able to record it in a higher resolution than you would otherwise.

Make sure the Aspect Ratio is Correct

Try to make sure the aspect ratio of the video that you record is the same as the frame it will be displayed in so that it doesn’t appear as a ‘letterboxed’ video with black bars on the sides. Typically the most common aspect ratio for videos is 16:9, but some social media platforms use 1:1 instead.

It should be noted that this is the one exception where you may not want to record in full screen. For example, if you are recording a video for Instagram, capturing a smaller 1:1 frame would be better.

Increase the frame rate of the Recording

Recording at a higher frame rate will make the video look more fluid, and it is especially noticeable for screen recording videos that have a mouse cursor or other fast movements in the frame. If you want the video to look as smooth as your display, increasing the frame rate to 60 would be a good step to take as the majority of displays have a 60Hz refresh rate.

Just remember that recording at a higher frame rate will require more system resources, and the video file size will be larger as well.

Close Unnecessary Apps and Background Processes

While you’re recording videos from your screen you should close any unnecessary apps and background processes. By doing that you will free up system resources which are generally good and could help your system to cope with the demands of the screen recording better without affecting its performance.

On top of that closing apps and background, processes will make the taskbar and other areas look cleaner, and avoid unwanted notifications from popping up in the middle of the recording. Admittedly this isn’t directly going to affect the video quality, but it will make it look a lot better.

Encode the Video with the Right Video Settings

In many cases, the problem with the quality of screen recording videos isn’t anything to do with the recording – but rather the settings that are used to encode the video after it is done. While you can use any format that you prefer, you should make sure the resolution and frame rate that you set is the same as the settings that were used to record the video.

On top of that, the video bitrate should be high enough to avoid compression artifacts appearing when it is played. The exact bitrate that is required will vary depending on the format, resolution, and frame rate of your video.

One other area that you may need to scrutinize is the audio quality. It will not be a concern if you’re just recording the system audio, but if you are recording a voiceover via a microphone then its quality will have a part to play in your video too.

In any case, you may have noticed that you will need to be able to control the recording parameters in order to apply the tips listed above. That is why the screen recorder that you use is important, and a good example of one that you could try for desktop capture is Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

The next time you record Quality Videos from your screen, try to apply as many of the tips listed above as you can. Odds are you will notice the difference that they make and should end up with a video that looks far superior to anything you’ve captured in the past.

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  2. Hi Saurabh

    These are good tips for capture high quality video.

    I use Screenflow for MAC and a lot of the settings are automated, but you can always make modifications.

    So I will certainly make use of your suggestions here, especially the 1:1 for social media.

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