Quick Tips about Rooting Android Phone

Rooting is the process through which the regular user gets access to the superuser on the phone. A superuser is a particular user who has access to special permissions. In simple words, rooting gives you the privilege to attain additional or root access to your Android and give you the ultimate pleasure of using your Android. Rooting your smartphones or tablets or any other device

10+ Best Root Apps For Android Phone Users

Best Root Apps

The usability of the Android OS is the most customizable and versatile in nature. But, due to pre-installed software and the sheer amount of load that it gets when different companies work around it to fit their own customized features, the limitless capabilities of Android somewhere gets lost. Fortunately for your users, there are many exceptional Root Apps for Android that can help you unlock

Snaptube App | Free Music & Video Downloader for Android

Snaptube, music and Video downloader, Snaptube app

The speed with which new apps are entering into the market is really incredible; it’s a win-win situation for the users though. In recent times, an app known as Snaptube App has grabbed the attention of many. As this app has suddenly come out of nowhere, its origin is shrouded in mystery. So what’s the hullabaloo of this free video downloader app, let’s find out.

7 Best Free Screen Lock Apps to Protect Your Android Smartphone

Best Free Screen Lock Apps

Are you looking for the best screen lock apps? or looking for the Solution, How do I Lock my Android phone Screen? If so, don’t be worried. I want to solve that problem for you. In this article, for your consideration, I have made a list of 7  best android lock screen apps. So, what is Screen Lock? Display or Screen lock is usually a

Top 5 Universal TV Remote Apps for Android to Control Your TV

Universal TV Remote Apps for Android

Since its inception in 1987, the concept of universal remote control has baffled many tech-savvy people across the world. This has been followed by numerous other advancements in this field, the latest entrant being the Universal Tv remote Apps. The idea of controlling your Tv through the use of various Smart Tv remote Control apps can be quite intriguing for many chaps out there. Universal

Top 5 Online Train Ticket Booking Apps for Android in India

Train Ticket Booking Apps

India has the fourth largest railway network in the world with around 24 million daily commuters whose livelihood depends on the Indian Railways. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that big corporate houses have capitalized on this ever-growing opportunity by creating many useful and attractive android Online Train Ticket Booking Apps that will help you book your train ticket online without the hassle