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10 Best Dating Apps | Free Hook Up Apps For iPhone Android

There are so many people out there who find it difficult to find a date in real life. Maybe they are way too shy to start a conversation with their opposite gender or they lack confidence. However, whatever the reason is behind it the best dating apps 2019 make it a quite easy job. It […]

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10 Best Makeup Apps for iPhone Users

Whether you are Android or iPhone users, Apps has made everything easier, I mean, we live in a world where our Smartphone can instantly download music, track how many steps we take, Online Food Ordering, Movie streaming and including doing your makeup! You can now try out new looks without much effort thanks to the best […]

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10+ Best Root Apps For Android Phone Users

The usability of Android OS is the most customizable and versatile in nature. But, due to pre-installed software and the sheer amount of load that it gets when different companies work around it to fit their own customized features, the limitless capabilities of Android somewhere gets lost. Fortunately for you users, there are many exceptional […]

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Facebook launches Lasso | Short Music and Video TikTok Competitor App

Facebook, in an unprecedented move, very quietly and without creating any buzz in the tech circuit has launched its short-video editing app Lasso. Aimed at getting more teens into the app, Facebook is looking to accelerate it’s users which were quickly moving towards other social media alternatives of the likes of  Starmaker, Dubsmash, TikTok, Vines […]

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