Welltory Review: Your App for Health and Fitness Monitoring Post COVID-19 Situation

Welltory app Review

The awareness of health and fitness has increased in public after a year-long nightmare, COVID-19. The necessity to keep track of the essential functions of the body has mounted peaked during the pandemic. Fortunately, we have wearable technologies by the time, and it encouraged the companies to come up with solutions for real-time problems. Welltory is such an application we have encountered in recent times

5 Best Audiobook Apps for Your Android phone

Best Audiobook Apps android

Since childhood, we have heard so many stories from our grandparents, Right? Taking the same concept, audiobook and audiobook apps are launched. What Is An Audiobook? The audiobook is a modern way of reading out stories. This is available in the form of a voice recording that contains the text of storybooks or some textbooks. Before Getting Further Into The Audiobook Concept, Let’s Check Out

7 Best Mobile Apps for Architects and Architecture Students

Mobile Apps for Architects

In the modern world, the buzz of architecture and structural engineering is expanding and growing at a high pace across the whole world. This article will mention the best apps for architects that make every complex model into a simple and creative one with the sparkling features of applications. Besides, advanced technology has a tremendous helping hand behind the success and growth progress of the

Create and Edit your Instagram Stories with FocoDesign App | IG story ideas + tutorial

Instagram Marketing Strategy (1), Instagram stories, How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently, How To Edit Videos for Instagram, Instagram Viewers

Instagram is expanding at a high pace by hosting millions of photos and videos each day across the whole world. If you are a businessman seeking an effective platform to promote your products at the global stage, then Instagram is a smart choice towards success and prosperity. There are almost 300 million active users in a month, and the presence of about 75 million users

Chingari App – Is this the best Alternative to TikTok?

Chingari App

TikTok, along with 58 other apps has been banned in India. Shortly after the app was banned, it not only stopped operating but also was removed from Play Store too. We’ve been hearing all about the Chingari app that everyone was talking about. The app has gained quite a lot of popularity ever since TikTok was banned. In fact, co-founder Sumit Ghosh says they are

7 China Travel Apps to Make Your Trip Hassle-Free

China Travel Apps

If you are in China for tourism, then the trip is going to hassle for you if you didn’t plan. Everything in China is integrated with technology, and if you are not handy with technology, then you are in trouble. Many applications have been designed purposely to assist while traveling, and the apps are beneficial. China Travel Apps for both Android & iOS users can