Top 10 Best Document Scanner Apps for Android & iPhone

Document scanners are a great way to convert paper documents into digital format. A document scanner can be used to scan receipts, invoices, notes and more. The best document scanner apps for Android & iPhone will depend on what you need them for. If you just want to scan documents and convert them into PDFs then an app like CamScanner is your best bet. If you want an app that can also edit the scanned document then there are apps like Adobe Scan that have these features built-in.

The world of business is swiftly changing toward digitalization. Smartphones are being a major factor in increasing the use of digital technology across the world.

The world of today is paperless. This is why document scanners are in high demand. There is no longer a time that you had to head for a scan. Even if you’re not planning to go out, you don’t require a large device in your home for scanning documents. Nowadays, you can accomplish this using your smartphone devices.

With high-end cameras and some of the best mobile scanning applications, space is helpful in breaking the norms of going in to scan your documents. Many scanning apps for mobile devices are readily available to turn your phone into a portable scanner.

This is because our smartphones are able to scan documents as well as a professional scanner. They come with efficient camera equipment as well as some fantastic scanning applications that make use of it. Scanning documents with the camera of a smartphone is cost-effective, saves time and is extremely useful. We point to the top scanner applications available on Android as well as iPhone.

10 Best Scanner Apps on Android and iPhone

Google Photo Scan

PhotoScan by Google Photos

Google Photo Scan is certainly one of the most effective photo scanners available. You just need to place the object that you want to scan into the frame of interest, then shift your camera to the four corners and you’re finished. The app utilizes all corners images to improve the overall image. More frequently than not, it produces a clear scan, even if you’re using the flashlight.

PhotoScan allows you to capture an exact image by studying its borders and edges. After you’ve taken a scan of your image you can turn it around or change the angles. Then, you can save or send images that you’ve created.

Then start by downloading PhotoScan on the Apple App Store for your iPhone or from Google Play for Android. Place the image or document you wish to scan. Start PhotoScan and place the image in the frame. Once the object is placed correctly, press to shutter.

Key Features:

  • It’s accessible through Google photos and you don’t require a separate application.
  • The application is adept in removing glare from photographs. Flash is turned on during the process, making it ideal for use in indoor lighting.

Scan Guru- Scan to OCR PDF

Scan Guru

ScanGuru is one of the latest versions of the top scanner apps. It was developed in collaboration with GM Universe Apps based in Cyprus the ScanGuru app is designed for iPhone users and gives greater value than any other application on the iOS platform. It is packed with useful features, which are supported by its stunning user interface.

You can scan any type of document and then use the OCR function to convert any PDF document into edited text documents. You can also sign any document using ScanGuru and distribute the document after editing and scanning it.

ScanGuru is a comprehensive scanning application for the iOS platform that comes with a number of useful features. While there’s a free version with all features, however, users are able to get all-year access to the Premium version at the price of USD 59.99.

Key Features

  • Scan any document
  • Convert PDF files into text
  • Save scans as PDF or JPEG format.
  • Edit documents and scan them.
  • Signatures should be added to any document.

QuickScan App – Document Scanner App made in India


QuickScan is one of the best document scanner apps (for Android and iOS) and is the perfect app for a wholesome scanning experience. This app for document scanning offers a simple way to scan and transform receipts, images, notes documents including business cards, whiteboards -into pdf format.

Get PDF in just a few clicks. With advanced AI-enhanced features, this is among the most effective PDF scanner applications that come with auto-text recognition (OCR) and clean-up. The application scans everything with accuracy and allows you to examine the scan, reorder it, crop it and rotate as well as modify the color.

QuickScan App is definitely the most efficient OCR software that provides nearly all functions of intelligent scanning.

Key Features

  • Capture photos, documents, books, tax receipts, books and many other things.
  • Improve scans by using the app for editing and scanning
  • Reuse the OCR scanner
  • Add E-signatures, Annotate, add stamps

Doc Scanner – Phone PDF Creator

Doc Scanner

Doc Scanner is the scanning tool you should make use of if you’re seeking a greater variety of edit options. It also includes a QR codes generator, QR codes reader and an OCR tool.

Doc Scanner lets you upload images from the gallery. This is a wonderful option since the default camera application is usually superior to the app camera software. Then, you can modify the image to give it an authentic look and feel. The application allows you to apply filters, watermarks and stickers.

The final output is an image or PDF to your gallery or the cloud (Google Drive and Dropbox).

Key Features

  • The app comes with options. The free version lets users access tools such as QR scanning, automated cropping, OCR and much more.
  • PDF can be created in various sizes, from A1 up to A6 and similar to Postcard, note, note, etc.
  • Enhancing quality includes smart cropping and other
  • Make your PDF more efficient by optimising it into different modes such as Lighten, B/W, Color and dark 

Clear Scan –  PDF Scanner App

Clear Scan

Clear Sca is a no-cost document scanner application that allows you to scan documents and convert them into professionally-designed PDFs as well as JPEG images swiftly. The app provides high-quality images because it automatically detects the borders of images.

There are numerous auto-correcting options like adjustment of brightness, shadow removal, image straightening, and more, making this app extremely useful for personal and business applications.

This excellent scanner app is free to download, but it also includes in-app purchases as well as a variety of features that help this app stand out among the others.

Key Features

  • Scan documents with one swipe
  • Print PDF file via Cloud Print
  • Flexible editing
  • Post-processing capabilities
  • Page reordering after adding or deleting.
  • Recognition of text from images using OCR

Notebloc Scanner – Scan to PDF

Notebloc Scanner

The entire Noteblock Scanner features are available for free, without limitations on use. Notebloc Scanner can scan and save your notes, homework, examinations and so on. with just a few clicks! It is specially designed for students and teachers!

It comes with OCR support as well as multilingual with access to 18 languages.

Key Features

  • Edit scans and reduce document
  • Join multiple files
  • Rename the folder, and extract OCR to a txt document
  • Choose from a variety of sizes of PDF
  • Export and share using a variety of options, such as Whatsapp
  • Print PDF scans through cloud printer

Turboscan – scan documents & receipts in PDF


TurboScan is a fully-featured scanning device that is powerful and is small enough to fit into your pocket! Discover a tool that will scan any document on paper (receipts, whiteboards, notes, receipts or photographs) and save the digital version with a single click.

Share and scan multipage documents with high-quality JPEGs or PDFs faster than ever before.

The software can be used to scan and email up to three pages of documents with this version for free. TurboScan utilises advanced algorithms to detect precisely edges in documents, straighten documents (correct perspective), eliminate shadows and create a stunning contrast, black on white.

TurboScan has a robust yet simple interface. Instantly adjust colors, brightness, and rotation controls on the same screen. TurboScan’s convenient “Email to myself” feature allows you to send files to an address you have specified, or upload them to online storage websites such as Dropbox by just a tap.

Key Features

  • Automatic edge detection of documents and perspective correction
  • SureScan mode to produce very clear scans
  • Ultra-fast processing (under 3 seconds per page)
  • Document name and storage within the app, as well as search
  • Edit multi pages: add or reorder pages
  • Copy pages between scans
  •  “Email to myself” feature for short emails

Genius Scan – PDF Scanner App

Genius Scan

This Scanner application has a pdf scanner program that transforms your smartphone into a handheld document scanner. It scans everything in PDFs or images. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s a powerful but beautifully designed mobile scanner app that can be used on tablets and phones.

Genius Scan is a very simple application. Although it’s not as well-equipped as the other apps of our choices, however, it will get the task completed. Sometimes, you want to scan your documents with an easy interface with no additional complications. It lets you scan in grayscale, color in black or white. You can select the contrast level to five levels once you’ve taken the image.

It automatically detects edges and allows you to adjust them prior to saving the image. Additionally, it lets you secure the document with an encryption code. It’s not particularly effective when using colour photos This app is ideal for situations where you only want to scan printed documents.

Print unlimited documents at your workplace, school at home, or wherever else you’d like. The app is completely free is ad-supported and also offers in-app purchases to purchase premium features.

Key Features

  • Perform scans in color, grayscale, or black and white
  • Recognition of text from images – AI-powered OCR(different languages Handwriting, editing results, handwriting recognition sharing, copying, saving to txt, etc. )(Available as a subscription model)
  • Determine the page size for PDF (Letter Legal, Letter A4, A4, and more)
  • Automatic edges detection
  • Five levels of brightness to create clear monochrome text
  • Password protection

Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a Free PDF scanner that converts and scans receipts, business cards, notes, notes or other types of documents into multiple-page PDFs. You can save PDF files on local devices and then use them with other applications. One of the USPs of this best scanner is the speed at which it processes documents.

This scanner application for mobile devices is free to download, but it offers in-app purchases to purchase premium features.

Key Features

  • You can scan any kind of document that you need to scan, from receipts to a book with multiple pages
  • Edit or delete pages from the PDF file
  • Unlimited document scanning
  • Print scanned documents and send them to email as well
  • Multi-editing is a feature that can be used to edit documents

iScanner – PDF Scanner App


There’s a great scanning application that works on Android and iOS that allows you to scan in various modes. It includes a passport mode, ID mode and measurement mode. It also has a QR mode and a counting mode (for taking note of objects within an area or room) and even an algebra mode that allows you to work out equations that are printed in textbooks.

There’s of course the default scan mode that you can use to convert the majority of documents to a pdf, JPG and TXT document.

The application is able to combine several pages into one document, and also modify scans once you’ve taken them. You can also make scans print-friendly and distribute them, which makes it a simple but highly useful app.

Closing Up

It’s not common to come across an individual that has printers and a scanner. As technology advances and the scanner is a popular choice, it appears that the scanner is heading in the same direction as that fax device, slowly but steadily disappearing into the background.

These are among the top options available for ios as well as Android users. If you are a frequent user of scanning documents often it is possible to look into paid apps, but for all other users the free QuickScan will work perfectly

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