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As a newbie into the world of Twitter, we end of following lots of people with whom we don’t have a business to do. As a result, our Twitter timeline looks as messy as you can imagine. You face difficulties to find important tweets. And this is something that nobody would like.

And the only solution to get rid of this error is to unfollow those profiles. However, when it comes to unfollowing users on Twitter, it can be a tough task. Since there are many fake accounts, inactive accounts, spam accounts and so on. And filtering them out is something that would take a hell lot of time.

Like you have to visit each of those Twitter profile and check if it is a genuine account or not. Such a hectic task right?

However, you don’t have to face this if you use a good twitter unfollow tool. Also talking about Twitter unfollow tools you can have a look at the Circleboom. Now you must be wondering what’s circleboom? Don’t worry let me answer this questions. So you can understand the whole thing in the easiest way.

What is Circleboom?

Circleboom is one of the best Twitter management tools out there. It does not only help you to unfollow users on Twitter. But it can also help you to grow your Twitter account.

It offers you a hell lot of useful tools which you can use to grow your twitter in an efficient way. It offers you features like tweets scheduling, analytics, smart hasting and so on. Also, Circleboom is available in three plans among them one is available free.

These three plans are the Always free tier, Pro Pack and Multi-Pack. Plus the good part is that these plans come with an effective price.

circleboom price

However, to give you a better understanding of the usefulness of Circleboom, let’s talk about its top features in detail.

Top Features of Circleboom:

Unfollow Tool

circleboom unfollow

First of all, Circleboom comes with the best in the business unfollow tool. Circleboom is capable of analyzing your account and show you the profiles which are not following you back. Also, it helps in finding fake and spam accounts and allows you to unfollow them so you can have a clean twitter feed.

Even if a twitter account is posting too much, Cicleboom finds them suggest you unfollow the account. Also, it can classify friends and followers as friends & followers as inactive, talkative, fake and spammer. So you can unfollow them and get as clean twitter feed as you can get.

Grow Your Twitter Account

Circleboom also helps you to grow your Twitter account in the most efficient way. It comes with features like smart hashtag and keyword searches. So you can easily find Twitter profiles based on your hashtags and build a connection with them.

Even to help you in finding followers, it helps you to list followers of a Twitter profile so you can reach to new profiles which have the same interest as you do. Also, you can check your competitor’s follower list and market in a better way.

Also, you get some other features like twitter list which you can use to categorize your potential friends and followers.

Better Posting

Circleboom offers you a better posting experience. It lets you plan and send your tweets by scheduling them. Alternatively, you can connect a bunch of RSS feeds to your account.

You can also use the calendar to set your posting time. Even using the calendar is extremely easy. There is also a feature called sent box which keeps your sent items so you can repost them again and again without any hassle.


Circleboom also offers you an analytics dashboard. So you can keep a track on the number of followers that you have gained or lost over the time. Also, it allows you to maintain a post balance so you can keep your account as active as possible without being too talkative or interactive. Which mostly causes the increase the unfollowers numbers.

So these are some of the top features that Circleboom offers. Apart from these features, there are also so many other features. To know about them you better give Circleboom a signup.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Circleboom. This Twitter unfollower tool is definitely the best one in the market. Plus it comes with an effective price and far better than others. You can use this tool for your personal or business needs.

However to experience the advanced features of the tool you obviously need to pay. So go ahead and give the free version a try and if things work great for you. You better take a plan. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

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