4 Tips to Help You Avoid Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes

Newbie bloggers tend to slam into a gauntlet from their first days in the online business game.

Even if you have experience building businesses, blogging is a different animal altogether.

This is a skill that you must learn patiently and persistently to build a successful blogging venture.

Most newbies flop like a fish out of water because they ignore these 4 basic tips.

Cut your blogging learning curve dramatically.

Follow these 4 tips to avoid common beginner blogger mistakes.

1: Follow a Skilled Mentor

Follow a skilled blogging mentor to cut years off of your learning curve.

Most bloggers struggle mightily because they follow bad advice. Even worse? They follow their own advice. Meaning, a totally inexperienced, dyed in the wool newbie blogger with zero blogging chops tries to wing it. Massive blogging boo boo.

Learn from skilled, established pro bloggers. These people lead you in the right direction, helping you avoid the years or even decades of struggle that most bloggers face.

Capitalize on both the mistakes and successes of leaders in your blogging niche. Follow pros.

Read their blogs. Buy their courses. Purchase their eBooks. Study their insights. Make your beginner blogger life easier.

2: Select a Niche Based on Your Passion

Don’t chase profitable niches.

Follow your blogging passion.

Your blogging passion fuels you for your online journey because your passion will always be with you.

Not so with blogging profits; money does not usually show up for months or years after practicing, learning, creating and connecting.

If you don’t make money blogging and pick a niche solely on its income potential you lose your motivator. This is why most newbie bloggers quit; the only reason they picked a niche is to earn profits and when the profits do not appear, they lose their driver and quit.

If you pick a niche you feel passionate about you will persist with blogging because the work will be the reward. Traffic, profits and all other blogging outcomes will feel like a bonus or extra, so you will keep blogging through thick and thin, whether or not you get the extras, aka, traffic and profits.

3: Build Your Blogging Campaign Based on Service

Most new bloggers enter the blogging game with getting on their minds.

They want to get blog traffic. They want to make money blogging.

This is why most bloggers struggle terribly as newbies; they fail to realize that successful blogging is about giving, not getting.

Base your blogging campaign on service.




Promote other bloggers.

Be generous.

Successful blogging is heart-centered, giving, serving blogging.

Think about how you can help fellow bloggers. Link into your blogging buddies. Interview blogging buddies. Endorse your buddies. Comment on their blogs. Promote them on social media.

The more freely you give as a newbie the more you will get in terms of traffic and profits as you establish your presence online.

4: Grow an Email List from Day 1

Most newbie bloggers avoid list building because they do not believe anybody would sign up for their list.

Big mistake.

Build your email list from day 1 as a blogger.

List building is the most convenient form of marketing for both bloggers and their readers. Bloggers send email updates at the click of a send button to their community. Readers get the latest and greatest blog posts conveniently sent to their inbox.

The eBook

If you want to avoid common beginner blogger mistakes buy my eBook:

Blogging for Beginners: 6 Tips to Help You Avoid the Nightmares that I Faced

Your Turn

How are you avoiding common beginner blogger mistakes?

What tips can you add to this list?

15 thoughts on “4 Tips to Help You Avoid Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes”

  1. Hi, Ryan!

    I find your points very useful. I’ll make sure to follow the other two points you’ve given here, as I have already followed the other two points. Thanks a lot for this article! More power to your website! ^_^


  2. Some good points. Im trying to grow my email list by making 3 freebies to tempt them with! fingers crossed it works! Definately getting involved in the blogging community is worthwhile!

  3. Hey Ryan! Great advice as usual my friend! I am not a new blogger yet still freak when I get people signing up on my list! Yikes just think how many people I would have had I of started right from the get go!

    Great Share!
    Thank You!
    Chery :))

  4. Hi Ryan,
    Great post.
    I made some of this mistakes when I started blogging, I have learned so much since then. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Some great tips for newbie bloggers to not only get started but also get focused. I’ve actually chosen 2 of the categories you’ve said to avoid – lol – which are free website traffic & making money online. I however am not a beginner even though my site is newly created. I’ve chosen to also build an email list but also to monetize my blog site straight away too.

    The biggest tip I can offer here to anyone just starting out is not to give up! This had been something I had mistakenly done in the past which has meant starting over again. So stay at it for at least 2 years, establish a network of fellow bloggers and work together!

    Thanks for a great read 🙂

  6. I always look forward to your posts, you give valuable information. I like the idea of building an email list from the beginning.

  7. Hi Ryan,

    Uh, buy your book? You can’t get much more subtle than that 😉 Naturally, I bought it and looking forward to learning from it!

    Good tips for beginning bloggers. Wish I’d read them when I started. But, it’s never too late, unless you quit like Richard says he did. (Glad you started again Richard)
    P.S. This isn’t the 1st training I’ve bought from Ryan. His ebooks are a delight because there’s absolutely no filler and are candid and experienced based.

  8. Hi Ryan and Saurabh,
    Of course, I agree with all your points. May I add one? New bloggers must learn the fine art of patience. I sure made me a happier (and more patient) new blogger. Success does not come overnight.

  9. Hi Saurabh & Ryan,
    I liked the article and I was surprised to see it was written by Ryan when I got to the end. I do agree with finding a skilled mentor. A niche you are passionate about, basing your blogging campaign based on being of service with heart-centered giving. And
    promoting your buddies on social media. (the two links to Saurabh’s articles) I am way behind on growing my email list but I am working hard on that. Nice job Ryan and Saurabh too!

  10. Hi Ryan and Saurab,
    You can save so much time figuring out how to get started with blogging if you find a mentor first. Mentor, passion, service, email list. Great steps to implement.

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