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Entrepreneurship is becoming very common these days. The spirit of entrepreneurship is creeping into many youngsters (mainly) and they are starting off on this journey on their own. When it comes to blogging, we often find people who are single man army. And, let’s be real! Blogging isn’t only about writing; there are tons of backend work that has to be done.

Established blogs lookout for outsourcing their work, while the infant blogs try grabbing these opportunities to work with the big daddy’s of the blogging world and make some money. But there is always a question of authenticity from the writer’s end and timely payment from the recruiter’s end. The answer to all these issues is Contentmart.

ContentMart is slightly different from what it sounds. Copywriting or web content can be received from websites, blogs, articles, eBooks, product descriptions, press releases, etc. Besides, copywriting/web content you can also get SEO Content, Content for Brochures, Articles and Blog writing, Testimonials, Product description, press release, and Editing and Proofreading.

Contentmart is one amazing platform where job seekers can communicate with the job givers. Content Mart offers access to thousands of qualified copywriters.

You can check their reviews, portfolios, and experience before hiring them. Moreover, the content written in checked for uniqueness should be delivered at the given deadlines, and refund the money if the content does not match the requirements.

Moreover, Contentmart is fully registered and licensed and does not charge any commission for any work order.

How to register as a copywriter on Contentmart?

How to register as a copywriter on Contentmart

There are 45444 clients on Contentmart. When you log into, you see an option Copywriters. Click on that. You can register as a writer here. To register as a copywriter, you need to fill-up the form or just Sign Up with Facebook. Once you have signed up with Facebook, you still need to fill in some credentials.

Now comes the (apparently) difficult part. Contentmart does not compromise with the quality of the content it provides. Hence, you have to take an English Language test to become a writer here. You might not like it, but this is the reason for Contentmart being so famous among its clients.

Once you have taken the test, you can start writing. Every writer on Contentmart follows a series of steps to get an order. First, the possible rules are checked in the ‘All Orders’ tab, the preferred project is selected, and the bidding offer is placed, the client assigns the project, and the writer is notified in the ‘My Orders’ tab. Once you complete and submit your work order in the given timeline, your payment is made. Contentmart supports Paypal as well!

If you think you have more potential or you need to make some more cash, you can try your hand at becoming a verified writer.

To become a verified writer on Contentmart, you have to clear three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) of English test, then try to get positive ratings on your work order, a minimum of 10 work orders should be complete, and 80% efficiency is required on all orders, 100% completed profile and no warning or banning should be imposed on you. In a view to preventing you from slacking down, Contentmart might remove you from being a verified writer. So you need to keep up with your work orders.

How to create an order on Contentmart?

How to order your content at Contentmart

There are 45352 writers on Contentmart. When you log into, you see an option to Place your order. Click on that. You are re-directed to a page where you can directly place your order. You have to give a name to your work order and order details (length, tone, and other details that your writer might require).

Then you can set the deadline and feed in other details like Category of Writing, Required Expertise, Language, Price (per word/per order), the number of articles, and finally visibility. Visibility determines the audience for the work order, for, e.g., Everyone, a particular writer, or only your favorites. Once done, you can publish your job order.

Once your work order is published, you will get bidder requests. Choose your bidder and assign him the work order. However, there is a minimum price of INR 0.4/word and INR 200/order. You can automatically transfer funds into your Contentmart account so that you need not to worry about the payments.

If you don’t like the work which you received, you can ask the writer for re-doing the work. He will correct it and get back to you. Also, you have the option of chatting with him and giving him guidelines. The chat is a very convenient and spontaneous way to connect with your writer.


Contentmart is a fantastic platform to connect freelance job seekers and job givers. It is a very authentic place to write and learn and deal with great business minds. Contentmart also gives you a very pleasant working environment. If you fulfill the verified writer criteria, your earning can increase by few folds. With time, you can start making great money from Contentmart.

The English tests that the writer has to take ensure that the content provided is free of grammatical and spelling errors. You can get your content at the right time from verified writers at fixed deadlines. You can get the content in your preferred language and checked by a built-in plagiarism checker.

There are various reasons which make us suggest Contentmart to you. If you are a writer, you will be correctly rewarded for your work, which is a huge motivation for writers. You are reviewed per order, and your shortcoming is highlighted. Moreover, you benefit as a client as well.

The articles are plagiarism-free, which is a necessity for any platform. The language of the writer is properly taken care of by regular tests by Contentmart. Also, maintaining deadlines is a necessity for writers to get a positive review. Thus, Contentmart is an incredible platform for content writers as well as content seekers.

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  1. Hey Debshikha,

    Contentmart has thousands of verified writers who can write high-quality content for blog posts, web content, press releases, testimonials, product description and other forms of writing within specified deadlines.

    Once writers start bidding which we have seen to be really quick, we can go through the bidder’s description, their profiles and portfolios and reviews their past work to choose the best writer among all bidders. We have to award the project and the writer has to accept it to begin working. For safeguarding the writers, Content mart takes the amount from the client once the project is awarded and keeps in safe deposit.

    Contentmart is a great platform to hire talented writers. As a writer, we can also use this platform to get creative & quality writing work. As a company, if they encourage engagement among writers, this could be one great marketplace to hire writers. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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