5 Crazy Google Tricks You Should Know

Google is often alluded to as “all work and no play”. This is probably what you all think of. Well, this thought of yours will surely change if you manage to come across some of the Funny Google tricks. It’s high time friends that you explore some of Google’s Easter eggs rather than just using it to search for pieces of information. So, here are 5 crazy Google tricks that are some fun things to do online. I’m sure you will be excited to try it out the next time you googling.

5 Crazy Google Tricks That You’d Love to Know

Do a barrel roll:

Ever wondered how amazing it would have been if Google could also perform aerobatics?

Well, just type in “Do a barrel roll” barrel roll 10 times, do a barrel roll 20 times and you will be amazed to see the search results page perform a 360 spin

Do a barrel roll
Do a barrel roll 1

Google gravity:

Google gravity has always proved to be an amazing trick for all those who feel that search engines are monotonous. But Google is more than a search engine. Searching “Google gravity” and hitting “I’m feeling lucky” will make Google come crashing down which will surely astound you.

You can also drag the blocks by holding on to your mouse button and have fun with the feature.

Google gravity

If you have any time working on Microsoft office word 2003, then you might be aware of the blinking text feature. Ever thought about how it would have been if Google search results could also show the ‘blink’ feature? Searching “blink HTML” in Google will cause the words ‘blink’ and ‘HTML’ to blink in and out.

(Searching <blink> would only cause the word ‘blink’ to blink in and out.)

Blink HTML 1

Flip a coin:

Sometimes when you can’t decide between two things the easiest thing to do is flip a coin. But have you ever had trouble tossing a coin for someone or have you ever been worried about losing a bet because of biased tossing?

Well, Google’s Easter egg will help you out with an unbiased tossing. Google search “flip a coin” and it will help you randomly display head or tail.

Given below is an animated GIF of the above trick in action:

Flip a coin

Roll a dice:

Lost your board game dice? No worries. We have got Google’s another Easter egg here. Just a nifty little trick you can use the next time you can’t make a decision.

To get rolling, enter“roll die”, “roll dice” or “roll a dice” into Google’s search bar and Google will roll a single die. Given below is an animated GIF of the above trick in action:

Roll a dice 1

These were some of the Funny Google tricks which are a must-know for every Google user.

Hope you enjoyed the fun side of Google and are curious to check these out right away.

Happy Googling.

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