5 Factors to Consider While buying Call Intelligence

Nowadays business happens on phone and due to increased demand for mobile results ever company is focusing on the best mobile optimization. Be it a simple blog or a huge CRM, everyone is looking to go for the mobile-based system.

But this has not happened in a day or two. A lot of call intelligence and research has been done in order to evaluate whether mobile is good or not for the business. And now the scenario is where everyone is following intelligence or analytics for their business.

Due to such huge demand, providers have also increased and so you have now a variety of options available for a single product or solutions. And it becomes really difficult to decide which one to buy or not.

So, in this post, we are going to talk about some of the leading factors which will help you decide the call intelligence, or you can say call tracking software.

Session-based call tracking

This is quite important especially for the analytics purpose. Earlier what was happening, depending on the pay per call network you work and the call tracking software you use, you used to get the call-based analytics like recording, duration, details, and etc.

But one thing that was lacking with the call intelligence with digital analytics and that was session-based tracking. Now you can easily do so simply by putting a small piece of code on your website. This will be a simple JavaScript code and doesn’t affect your website in any way.

Cross-Device Mapping

In the current scenario, in seconds customer switch the platform. For example, earlier someone was using a website on desktop and then suddenly closed it up and later started on mobile. And so, in between the process, the session breaks and the system consider it as a new session.

The point here is the call intelligence tool that you are going to select should be able to detect the cross-device mapping so that you will be able to understand the source and destination system.

By this way, you can get a bigger picture of what is happening. Now let’s say most of your calls starts at the desktop and get converted on phone, then you can optimize your system for these two devices without worrying about others.

Conversion Analytics

The call intelligence doesn’t stop when the call is placed, and a large amount of data is available during the available. And you should be able to track all those information using these analytics.

Here are some of the information those you will be looking for while call is going on-

  • Was a competitor mentioned?
  • Did a sale occur?
  • How effective are your sales messaging?
  • Was there a missed opportunity?
  • Are there common customer interests or concerns?

This information will be helpful for you while doing further analysis or for the future plans. For example, if the majority of the calls ask for some information regarding the product feature, then you may include that feature in your coming product upgrades.

CRM Integration

Your call intelligence software should be able to either connect with the other tool and gather the information. There are various upstream and downstream applications in the organization and your new software should be able to gather the data from your downstream applications and should provide the smooth connection to the upstream application. This is very much required to make the best use of the data from various systems and come to an analytics which will help business and make decisions.

Feedback System

Now you have received the calls and received the analytics, now what?

Ultimately you will be getting the calls from your pay per call networks or call partners…right?

So, why don’t you make the feedback system better and make it a two-way process? So, it is a good way to get the intelligence and then provide the feedback to your source system. This way all the system will work better.


These were some basic guidelines that will help you when searching for the best call intelligence software for your business. It is the best practice to look for what system you have and what compatible system is available in the market for the best use.

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