10 Must-Play Free Shooting Games for Android Users

People often search for fun and enjoyment, and they mostly prefer games as it provides them with a virtual platform for entertainment. Action games, Cricket Games, Car Racing games, and gun shooting games for Android are now raising their popularity these days. This shows that people often enjoy shooting others in the virtual world, even though they reject this in the real world.

The Free shooting games offline often test the player’s spatial awareness, reflexes, sensitiveness, and sudden decision-making capabilities.

Generally, the goal of shooter games lies in the defeat of the opponent’s avatar using the weapons given to the player character. To shoot the enemy’s avatar (opponent player) and to complete the mission is the ultimate target which presents the intellectual pleasure of playing the game.

Top 10 Free Gun Shooting Games for Android Selected for You:-

PUBG Mobile


Feel the real experience of shooting with the sniper given in the counter-sniper shooting app. With the immersive 3-D graphics, your task will be to watch out for criminals and hunt for terrorists’ choice to select epic weapons is given which will be unlocked to high-quality snipers with increasing levels.

This sniper game is neat, smooth, and has realistic controls over the play. You can play alone or play with friends in Duo or in 4-player Squads. This Battleground shooting game is free with an in-app purchase option.

This Shooting Games for Android has amazing and modern sound effects which you would love to play. Have fun!

Highlights of PUBG Mobile

  1. HD graphics and 3D sound
  2. customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chat.
  3. 4v4 Team Deathmatch and Zombie modes
  4. Offers FPS (First-Person Shooter) and TPS (Third-Person Shooter) play

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5

This game is the perfect fit for shooting game lovers.

Developed by Gameloft, Modern Combat 5 has stunning graphics, an impressive storyline, music and voice performances, and immersive gameplay.

It has very nice 3-D graphics and will make you feel like you are watching an action movie. The headshots, adventurous mission tours to terror areas, smooth but quick movement, and different types of guns to choose from are some of the amazing key features.

In this game app, you are well-trained military special force members and equipped with guns, snipers, and rifles. The secret task in the game is to eliminate the evil forces that hinder world peace.

This is the best FPS game for shooting down helicopters to blowing up tanks. It has true graphics and has a complex, difficult task, but you will love to accept the challenge.

Download it from the play store and enjoy shooting game for free.

Highlights of Modern Combat

  1. 9 classes with unique skills
  2. High-powered online multiplayer
  3. Unified game progression
  4. Highly customizable controls



Fortnite is one of the best shooting games in the world with its availability in online and offline mode.

The instance you hear the word actions, fighting is what comes to mind. And so here is the game “Fortnite’ for you. The world’s most successful fighting game franchise has now brought you this intuitive deep combat system featuring fighting techniques from around the world.

Fortnite can be called an alternative to PUBG.

Level up your heroes and assemble the right team to take on the enemy.

Download now and join forces with your friends to build an unstoppable military alliance.

Main Features

  1. 20 different characters.
  2. 20 unique special moves.
  3. Live events.
  4. Rare characters.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS


This is the most intense zombie shooter game on Android phones.

With an upgradeable gun, 600 gameplay scenarios, 33 unique environments, armor, and shooting 50 types of weapons of unique quality, you will love to shoot zombies.

Your goal is to eliminate the rapidly growing zombie horde, which is threatening the very existence of humankind. Play dynamically on different levels and the ravage civilization its last best hope.

The features include a quick match with three other players of similar levels, and you have the choice to use customized skills and guns.

Highlights of DEAD TRIGGER

  1. FPS Tournaments for Real Prizes
  2. Mouth-watering battlefield graphics
  3. Teeth-rattling fps strategy gameplay
  4. 100 Million Downloads

Sniper 3-D Gun shooter: Free shooting Games- FPS

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

Sniper 3D Gun shooter is developed by “fun games.” This android game is designed with ultra-realistic 3-D graphics and cool animations. The interface of this game is easy to use and provides you with intuitive control over the play.

With hundreds of exciting missions, your chosen avatar will get lethal Guns and deadly weapons.

This is addictive gameplay. Your duty includes saving the victims and killing the right targeted enemy hidden in the crowd.

Passing through obstacles, racing against time, exploding helicopters in cities, and a few shots in slow motion will be part of your mission. Download the app for free and forget those old design repetitive shooting games.

Highlights Sniper 3D Gun Shooter®

  1. Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
  2. HUNDREDS of thrilling MISSIONS
  3. Tons of lethal GUNS and mortal WEAPONS
  4. ADDICTING gameplay (FPS)
  5. EASY and INTUITIVE controls
  6. FREE game: play it both on your Android phone and tablet

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the Dead 2

Shooting zombies is always fun, and people love it. Give your imagination a little boost up with this top shooting games app. You will get a chance to kill as many zombies as you can.

The game has 7 chapters, 60 stages, and hundreds of challenges.

You will be enjoying the driving train and shooting zombies simultaneously. Your goal during gameplay is your survival and achieving the highest score.

With upgrading levels, you will discover different locations, from oil fields and military bases and guns to increase your zombie killing efficiency.

It has stunning control over your android phone and is perfect for entertainment to shooting lovers.

Highlights of Into the Dead 2

  • Powerful weapons and ammo perks
  • Varied gameplay
  • Multiple, immersive environments
  • Ever-increasing zombie threats
  • Play offline

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Available in offline and Online mode will delight your experience of playing shoot games even with & without the internet. It’s a great game with awesome graphics, a 3D sci-fi FPS experience, and a good free reward system.

You are supposed to lead the war against enemies of the Colonial Administration forces and command like a professional sniper by joining the resistance. These best shooting games offline will give you a new 3-D FPS shooter experience.

With HD graphics and new control will bring you fun and addictive combat.

Use your unique skill to set up sniper and plan for cover fire.

You will be the shooter who is going to lead the mission and cover up terrorist intensified areas, cities, and fields captured by guerrillas and defeat all kinds of a hitman. Take up the challenges and enjoy playing the game.

Highlights of N.O.V.A. Legacy 

  • Online multiplayer battlefield for 8 combatants
  • Team Deathmatch

Infinity OPS: Online FPS:

Infinity Ops

This is the game that lets you indulge in the war that is spread interplanetary.

The good thing about this game app is that it is optimized for devices with low technical characteristics.

Its graphic supports a wide variety of phones. The game has good intuitive control and an easy interface. Assault rifles, plasma rifles, laser machine guns, etc. are different types of weapons that have unique properties and features.

You are free to use a personal flight device to more quickly and effectively conduct combat operations.

This best shooting games for android has excellent, detailed 3-D character and map modelling which will leave you to enjoy its awesome graphics.

The walking Zombie2: Zombie shooter:

The Walking Zombie 2

This best shooting games for android will let you experience your real fight with the zombie.

This is also one of the zombie shooter android games with high ratings on the play store.

Walking Zombie2 is a good old FPS with the story, quest, and lots of shooting stuff with different weapons. Your main enemies are zombies who are controlling the virtual world.

They are present everywhere, and you are expected to finish them off using different guns. The game has an attractive polygon graphic style.

You get the challenges to cope up with a variety of enemies- Zombie walkers, bandits, and huge boss mutants. Download it now from the play store to enjoy the fun mini-games and sniper missions.

Gun shoot war:

Gun Shoot War

Gun shoot war is a shooting game with a new enemy AI system. The graphics are very nice, and the map contains the path surrounded by ancient bricks and walls.

You have to search for your enemies and be alert while stepping ahead in your mission. Gun shoot war is an exciting and elegant first-person shooter game.

It has beautiful frames, and also it is straightforward and simple to control. Your target is to destroy the enemies with the gun for which are the awarded gold coins.

You can use this to buy more advanced guns. The game features include a score on leadership boards, realistic combat sound, exquisite picture, Dust wall, and maze.

If you wish to accept the challenge- download it today and have the fun of shooting.


The action never completes with Shooting Games for Android. Which type of shooting games do you like? Which one among the above 10 is your favorite?

Okay! You can put down the gun at my point block.

No more questions will be asked.

Clock your guns and rain the bullets on your enemies and let us know your experience with Gun Shooting Games for Android in the comments below.

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