Hive Review – The Productivity Platform, Pricing, Features

The major issue most companies that don’t grow and produce less work is – poor project management. Most of the employee in the organization doesn’t even know what are their tasks and what they have to do?

The solution is pretty simple…

Hive project management software. Yes, Hive is one of the best project management software that one can use for project management to run their work in the organization smoothly.

What is Hive?

Hive is the tool companies use to improve workplace productivity. John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos co-founded together this amazing project management software. No matter if you are a small or big organization Hive is going to solve your project management problem anyway.

In other words, Hive is a project and task management app that helps team communication and collaboration without any types of miscommunication that increase productivity and somehow business growth.

Who should use the Hive?

Anyone, who has a team of 20-100+ should use this project management app to run the project smoothly without crossing the deadline. It has some unique and cool features that differentiate it from other similar project management software.

Features of Hive Project Management App

Hive is loaded with some of the cool features that are essential to run project management.

#1. Flexible Projects

Your team can perform better if they get the work they understand well. Hive is designed to keep this point in mind. It allows flexibility to assign the work to your employees so they can plan and perform better and faster.

You can organize projects in charts, kanban board, table, or calendar, and easily switch between each layout.

All employees who are using Hive gets update if any changes happen to the project.

#2. Multiple Views

It has a multiple view option that makes it easy for you to see every single project by current status, team member, or assigned labels.

It makes it easy for you to understand how your project is going on with the timeframe assigned to you as well as you can get an estimate of when the project will be completed. 

#3. Action Templates

There are some action templates that you can use to plan and repeat tasks. You can design the step by step process of how the project should be complete.

#4. Action Cards

Action cards give you the freedom to access all the data required to complete a task by assigning team members, attaching files, creating sub-actions, etc.

You can leave a message on each task and give instructions to the employees to follow the lines of the guidelines assigned by you; therefore, they could finish the project in time.

#5. Action List

The action list is for those who love to work with a To-do list. You can create your own personal to-do list of every task you have to do or assigned to others so you can track everything right.

It makes project management easy for you as well as the rest of the team who are working on the project with you.

#6. Forms

Hive forms help you gather the information required to run the project smoothly.

It saves lots of time as forms can also be shared outside your organization, allowing you to gather valuable data from clients, customers, and more.

#7. Chat

Hive has its own messaging that allows the team to communicate with each other regarding the project. You can also connect to Slack or start a video conference using Zoom.

#8. File Sharing

Share your work directly on Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Box account from your Hive account so you can see and examine them.

#9. External Users

You might want to invite external resources to help in the project. You can invite them to collaborate with you to work on the project.

#10. Hive Analytics

You might want to check the work progress by monitoring the project. You can take the help of Hive Analytics to see how your team works on the project you assigned them.

Easily you can find some valuable insights that would help you and your team works better and faster to achieve the results.

#11. Predictive Alerts

Predictive Alerts keep you aware that you don’t forget the deadline for a project. You’ll get real-time notifications on important tasks that your attention required.

It ensures that you don’t get the surprising task at the last time when your resources are busy with other tasks.

#12. Time Tracking and Resourcing

Using Hive you can use your manpower wisely on a project or clients directly.

You can estimate and track the time spending on the projects so you can use the right resources to complete the task. It will also help you the loopholes so you can fix them to get more productivity.


Pricing Hive

Hive offers 14 days free trial and doesn’t ask for any payment details or cards. If you like this project management tool you can upgrade your plan. It offers two premium plans one for professionals and the other one is for enterprises.

Final Words

Hive can solve lots of problems that would stop you to achieve your goals. There is no doubt it is one of the best project management software that would keep you ahead of your competitors.

You can work two times more than others with limited resources. Sign up now to check out this amazing project management tool.

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  1. The platform provider is extremely providing needed flexibility to plan the project so the best output can be derived. All the steps necessary in accomplishing the task can be laid out in an action template which can be reused to reassign the task if needed in the future. Multiple views are possible with the tool and we can also take the summary of the views too which re able to provide us a big pictorial view about the projects.

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