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StarMaker Interactive, a technology-driven media company has launched its popular singing app “StarMaker”. Aimed at getting more teens into the Music app, StarMaker App is looking to accelerate its users which were quickly moving towards other social media alternatives likes, Dubsmash, TikTok, Vines, and other similar genres apps.

Even if StarMaker would be able to add half of the existing users of other karaoke sing and record apps like Smule, it could be considered a success as far as this app is concerned. The reason is that StarMaker, being a short video sharing app does not offer any new idea and can be seen as just a clone for apps like Vines which gained immense popularity very rapidly.

What is StarMaker App?

StarMaker lets its users create short Music video along with lip-syncing with what StarMaker App claims to be the biggest music library (massive international and Desi catalog) any app has offered.  Apart from the usual dancing and singing, This karaoke app also lets you create short music videos which we are sure is being inspired by vines.

So, without further adieu, let us get into all the attractive features that this app has to offer and the reason why you should give this app a try.

Exciting StarMaker App Features to look out for

  • It lets the user take videos along with songs from its own music library.
  • Instagram and Facebook accounts can be linked instantly which will make the process of log in effortless.
  • The edited video could be shared in the story section of Facebook directly through this app.
  • The editing features are up to date and will be updated as and when they arrive.
  • Lip sync video can be created and shared via Different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.
  • Record and edit your karaoke songs with a wide selection of voice effects.
  • It has been launched for both Android as well as iOS users so no waiting required for different versions.

How it works

This online karaoke maker app works on a very attractive User Interface, It has a user-friendly module that can easily be linked with Facebook and Google.

In fact, StarMaker App can be logged in via a Facebook profile, Google or you can create an account via Email or Phone No, further enhancing the user’s capabilities through only one app.

Along with the music video recording through the mobile, the star-maker app also has an inbuilt video creation tool that assists a user indirectly using its function through the hold and record functionality.

The Lip syncing feature can also be used and songs From its massive international and Bollywood Singers like Arjit Singh, sing along with the rolling lyrics, edit your recordings with a wide range of voice effects

TechiBhai’s Take on StarMaker App

As there are plenty of other alternatives available in the market but StarMaker already have 50M+users globally

It seems that StarMaker Interactive with the launch of StarMaker was less interested in giving youngsters something new rather they were more interested in taking inspiration from popular short video-making apps like TikTok, and Vines.

Starmaker free karaoke music app to sing with 50m+ music lovers has proved to be very popular among the teens in eastern as well as western countries.


Let us know what do you think of StarMaker Interactive entrant in the comments below along with your suggestion about the feature that StarMaker must have added.

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