5 Strategies with Rich Snippets, Schema Markup

When you’re searching, you will often see that a search results page’s markup keeps changing. Earlier pages displaying search results comprised a simple list of links, with each link being followed by a plain text snippet.

Things, however, have changed and pages displaying search results nowadays include the much flaunted rich snippets. How do marketers take the maximum advantage of this?

Rich Snippets

Best 5 Rich Snippets Strategy Choices:

This calls for adapting your content plan to get the best productive search results. Every update that Google makes sets marketers running to change their SEO strategies. This is because their principal objective is to get users to locate and read their web content by getting their pages ranked first. In other words, they have to make it to Page One at any cost. They also need to compete with all rich results appearing.

The increasing importance of rich results doesn’t the type of actions required to improve search rankings. The marketer needs to make Google comprehend what information his web pages have so that he gets included in the rich results.

First Rich Snippets Strategy:

A schema markup needs to be appropriately used on the Web pages. Schema markup is a code that is put on the website to search engines give out more information to users.

One needs to first focus on how it is capable of serving you as a website owner. It gives content a much better opportunity to grab the attention of surfers that you target without having to shell out anything in money terms to get their attention.

Schema markup is also a standardized set of content: videos, news articles and books and the markup refer to a standardized code – metadata. The Schema markup aids machines in understanding the nature of the content and also to identify its type correctly, be it a video or book, along with its author and title.

The schema markup needs to be standardized to work. The schema markup may be added to the HTML code of the web pages any time their content includes any schema content.

Leave the coding to the developers. They will organize your system in a manner that enables easy marking up of relevant content. Here, content creators have a crucial role to play and professionally written content is a must.

You will find scores of top-quality content writers on Contentmart who will cater to your specific needs and deliver some of the best content that you will ever find or get. They will first study your requirement and work out the content strategy accordingly. With a WordPress site also, a schema plugin may be downloaded to connect.

Second Rich Snippets Strategy:

First, know what rich result types show up for target search terms. Subsequently, create more content of that kind. What you get to see on search results the first page may dramatically vary because of the searching you do.

Therefore, a part of the content strategy is to identify which rich results types hit the top spots for those terms you want to rank for.

Marketers usually tend to focus more on figuring out what content their audiences are most likely to get interested in and respond to. Thus, it is a marketer’s major responsibility to create content that caters to audience interests.

For SEO purposes, the process must base itself on understanding the searching techniques of surfers. Thus creating and marking up the type of content people expect from searches is mandatory where you want to compete.

Third Rich Snippets Strategy:

When surfers turn to search engines for simple answers, they often get them instantly on a search page. They prefer it more as getting instant answers prevents them from clicking through other web pages.

When surfers turn to search engines for simple answers, they often get them instantly on a search page. They prefer it more as getting instant answers prevents them from clicking through other web pages.

However, it is also seen that businesses may lose out because of the increasing popularity of rich search results where its content targets only simple queries. This brings their traffic down even if your pages are ranked. People don’t need visiting your site to look for simple responses anymore.

But the essential thing is that you have to answer audience questions by way of useful and informative content. Because rich results are gaining popularity doesn’t alter the strategy’s validity provided you answer requiring extensive answers.

So go deep while focusing on questions from customers whose answers won’t usually fit into the Google answer box.

Fourth Rich Snippets Strategy:

While targeting local customers, hit the map. When selling products and services that are also available at storefronts, this strategy assumes much significance.

When Google understands that prospective clients are trying to identify a local business, it pushes the topmost results on a particular map that also includes a local business cluster. If you wish to be a part of that cluster, create your business listing on Google.

Also, ensure your listing on multiple online directories with consistent and accurate information posted on each; try and get positive customer reviews; Make sure to add your address always on the website and state & city on the title tag.

Fifth Rich Snippets Strategy:

Track search changes. It always pays to keep track of SEO changes. For instance, rich cards are only usable for movies and recipes on mobile devices alone. The dominant images of Rich cards provide subsets of the search results appearing above other search results.

Moreover, with rich-card carousels being browsed from side to side, it is likely that most surfers won’t scroll down to check other results. So if you want to show up in results on a surfer’s mobile, take immediate steps to grant your content the appropriate markup.

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  1. Thanks for this.
    But I want to ask, if someone is not using Schema Mark-up in his site. Will it affect it SEO existence in search engine?

    • It increases the chance of getting high CTR, as it quite catchy and people may find it legit. Resulting in more clicks. And more clicks may increase the ranking as well.

      But, make sure after getting those clicks, bounce rate should not increase. So an awesome content can sustain those rankings and drive traffic for a longer period.

    • With how concerned Google seems to be about adding schema mark up to your sites (they yell at you for it in Webmaster Tools) I think it’s very possible it could be hurting you in the SERPs. But at the very least it WON’T hurt, so why not do it? 🙂

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