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Writing content is all digital businesses and influencers have got to communicate effectively with their customers and management. Not every piece of write-up sounds the same or conveys the same message. The tonality and expression of the message in the text you write matter in achieving the goals expected. Extending the budget for a writer in your office is not how it works in 2021. 

A digital writing assistant is a perfect fit for any individual or official of the company.

But choosing one is a difficult task as every other free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector tool looks the same. 

The real-time spelling, grammar, and tonality check are not everything in opting for a writing assistant. Integration ability with a set of most used tools, ease of use UI, and privacy matters. 

Thank me later as I am going to reveal a new writing assistant to you in this article. 

Living up to its name, writer.com is a full-fledged writing assistant tool for individuals, bloggers, and employees in the organization who have a job to play with words.

What is Writer.com?

The language he uses knows the reliability and trustworthiness of a person. In the same manner, the trustworthiness and authenticity of a company are seen by the language it uses in its communication internally and externally. 

The tonality of the message in business communication leaves an impression.

Writer.com puts all those worries away by taking care of the language you write, the tonality of the message, and the right word choice in business communications. 

With its adaptive integration to many workplace applications, it makes it easy for an employee in the organization to make the task easier, and effective at the same time. 

Features of Writer.com

The company lives on the motto “great companies start with great writing”. 

So, does it offer the features of this writing assistant tool. 

Corrects Errors and inconsistencies: 

Features of Writer.com

In writing, grammar is everything. Once you fall off the track, the whole meaning of the sentence will be changed. One wrong punctuation sinks the ship. 

Writer.com comes in handy in this situation. It checks for the errors in real-time and keeps telling you by underlining the errors in distinctive color codes. These color codes show the spelling errors, the voice of the brand, terminology, acronyms, word-choice, writing style, and punctuation

This real-time error checking feature won’t limit itself to just identification of them but also extends its assistance to suggesting better alternatives to the writer word choices. 

Brand Voice Maintenance:

Brand voice maintenance

The companies won’t have a single person to take care of the whole documentation and communication processes. 

The corrections made manually will carry the essence of personal messaging terminology thereby leading to inconsistencies. 

Writer’s artificially intelligent algorithms follow the writing style through the entire organization and help them maintain the same tonality in the messages. 

Not just the tonality, the Writer also gives additional content corrections like grammar and spelling along with vocabulary that matches the brand voice across the functional teams.

Writer Style Guide:

Regarding documentation and communication, teams assigned to carry out the tasks will be given instructions in PDF files. They again need a manual proofreader in a mutually exclusive fashion. 

The ‘Writer style guide’ feature comes to play in this situation. 

It helps you write the content guidelines for your entire company and automates the process thereby. All the do’s and don’ts can be easily mentioned in there with examples. 

Writer style guide

It publishes the word lists and dictionaries that your company exclusively uses across all documentation and business communications to reflect the messaging in everything you write for business.

Full Control over Real-time Assistance:

As a user, one can have full control over the suggestions showing up in real-time.

Not everyone is comfortable with real-time poking of mistakes. Some people would feel intimidated or disturbed by their workflow. 

For this problem, you can have the real-time feature turned off and make it suggest in the end.

Extended Adaptability:

Extended adaptability

‘Writer’ is an accommodative platform. It won’t need the whole organizational migration to use its features. 

It is available in the form of plugins to mostly used business and technical software programs like Google Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Salesforce, HubSpot, WordPress, Servicenow, Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Front, Draft, Quip, Oracle, Contentful, Adobe, Github, Wix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook, and Medium. 

The ability to extend its features to these tools makes it easy for organizational personnel to work with this tool in collaboration. It needs no extra technical training and skillset. It thus makes this tool more immune to adaption into everyday business. 

As it is clear, Writer.com has not been limited to once a niche of business. A blogger or a large organization where writing is mainstream of business flow can even use it.

Data Safety and Security:

The wide range of adaptability of Writer plugins raises questions about the safety and security of the writing work that the organization is working on. 

The confidentiality of the documents and emails written, and data entered the different business tools is safeguarded. 

Writer.com won’t store the data to train its algorithms, unlike other Writing tools that you might have seen in the past. No word or sentence goes to Writer servers and the tool is built like that. 

Writer.com is GDPR compliant and its DLP API understands the sensitivity of the data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers, US and selected international driver license numbers, and phone numbers and protects them. 

Its privacy shield framework adheres to the data security and privacy laws of the land. So, there is no worry about the information being stored somewhere in their servers. 


We have seen writing assistants before. 

Those are the ones that steal the data for internal AI algorithms training. Writer.com respects that privacy is of utmost need for any organization depending on a third-party tool. 

The real-time features it offers are neatly presented to understand what’s going wrong in the drafting phase. 

It not only corrects documents or email but also teaches the writer to not make that mistake in future. 

Try it out once and you make your own decision about it. Trust me! You won’t regret your purchase.

“To get an idea of what Writer has to offer, check out their free grammar checker and free proofreading checker tools!”

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  1. Hey Saurabh Tiwari ,

    Awesome post with good information. Glad to say that you have included a great review of Writer.com. You have presented this online writing assistant tool in an impressive way along with its key features and every necessary details that are true enough to understand. I completely agree with your one of a mentioned line that a digital writing assistant is truly crucial and a perfect fit for any official work of a company But choosing the best one is really a harder task.

    After going through this complete post i really got ideas about this online writing assistant and i am sure that this post will help lots of people. According to me this is a perfect guide to know about Writers.com.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such an informative post.


  2. Hi Saurabh,

    Tools make writing easier. I have using Grammarly for a long time now. This review sounds impressive and would definitely put my hands on the Writer.com tool.

    Let’s see how it goes. I am a fan of writing assistant tools which makes writing way better as it uses to be earlier.

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