8 Best Youtube Tag Generator Tools For Youtube Videos

If you are a digital marketer or independent YouTube creator who needs to work on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your YouTube video. Then you must be thinking about how to get popular and trending tags for video titles and descriptions. There are some Youtube Tag Generator tools in the market to find or choose the right Hashtags, trending hashtags for youtube videos.

Tags can help you get more views faster and help in increasing the organic position of the video. In this article, we will discuss the top best YouTube tag generator tools for youtube videos. 

YouTube considers video title, user engagement/ watch time, and video description to decide your video content visibility. Apart from the ‘title’ youtube algorithm takes the help of video tags used in the video’s description to understand the relevancy of your uploaded video.

So, adding more relevant tags could gain more views, and brand awareness to your popular videos and helps to rank videos. These mentioned tools are going to assist you best YouTube tags, and target keywords. 

How to use Tag with YouTube video?

Choose Relevant tag:

Always verify the relevance of tags before adding them to your video. It is very important to keep the video free from misleading tags and irrelevant tags, doing so will badly impact video SEO. Adding highly relevant keywords may take time to rankings but it is always a better solution.

Never Use Too Many Tags:

Don,t fill the video with lots of tags as it looks very unprofessional and left a bad impression on viewers. You could get desired results with 4-5 tags, however, it is to be used according to video rather than some fixed number.

Analyze, Monitor, and Update Tags regularly:

Analyze and monitor regularly if the youtube video tags you added are gaining any result. Keep checking the tags of your competitor’s ranking video, video optimization will be helpful to improve your video performance.

There are tools like Tubebuddy and VidIQ available as extensions online that can assist you to track the tags of your selected competitors. Keep on checking google trends accordingly adjust the strategy to make the video SEO more effective.

What is a youtube tag?

Video tags are one of the important factors of youtube SEO. Tags are certain long-tail keywords that help YouTube to analyze and position your videos. Also, help the people to solve queries through the most detailed and concise video when went through the tag.

Youtube tag also help people to find your content to fulfil their intent by narrowing down the youtube search results. You can see, follow or watch the other videos that are using the same tags for their video by clicking on them.

YouTube has a limit of 30 characters in length per tag including spaces. Also, the video title length is limited to 100 characters and you can make YouTube descriptions as long as 5,000 characters. When your limit is exceeded, the option for saving your edits gets disabled. Just reduce the number of characters accordingly to save the tags or title.

Only add the best to the relevant keywords, avoid putting irrelevant tags or descriptions as it is harmful to your video ranking. YouTube sometimes considers it spam and de-ranks the video.

8 Best Youtube Tag Generator Tools For Youtube Videos

1. Rapidtags.io

Rapidtags.io is a free tool that every YouTuber must utilize its ability to find trending, most used, and related tags for free.

It has a very simple user interface with no confusing settings and filters so that any beginner user can find tags free and fast for video. It can generate tags really fast. The best part is that users can also initiate a search on the basis of language filters.

Rapidtags Key Features:
  • Complete a search by using language filters, which is a plus point for a regional youtube creator.
  • You can copy and paste the generated tags.
  • All possible Tags are generated and displayed, you choose what you needed.

2. Keywordtool.io


It is a premium tool that also provides some free services. If you want to invest in a tool for your YouTube video keyword researches and tags generation then you can go for this tool. With the help of this tool, you can create a list of hashtags for your YouTube videos.

You just need to enter a keyword and select the country and language, it will automatically generate tags for your YouTube videos. Along with tags this tool also shows keyword suggestions, questions, and prepositions for that particular keyword.

KeywordTool Features:
  • You can use Negative Keywords search box to exclude unwanted keyword results.
  • Shows keyword suggestions, youtube keyword search volume, prepositions, questions, and hashtags in the same interface.
  • The pro version of this tool allows seeing the search volume, CPC, trends, and Competition of each keyword.
  • This tool can also be used in creating hashtags for Instagram and Twitter.

3. TubeRanker – YouTube SEO Tools


TubeRanker is an all-rounder website tool for all your SEO needs of your youtube channel.

Start by typing in the keywords you are making a video on, and this tool will generate related keywords, you might get new and better ideas that many people are searching, for but not getting what they are searching for. With the help of TagsYouTube, you can best optimize your YouTube title and description to gain more audiences.

Key Features:
  • Tag finder, to find best tags for own video
  • The Video title generator tool helps to write the best-optimized video title.
  • The Hashtag generator tool to find popular hashtags from Facebook and tweeter.
  • The Youtube video thumbnail generator tool, which is very useful to get an idea of how top videos have their thumbnail. It generates over 8+ thumbnails and has the option of downloading directly on your laptop with one click.

4. TunePocket


TunePocket is a very simple and easy-to-use YouTube tag generator in 2023. It is absolutely free for all and this tool does not require sign-up to generate YouTube tags.

Enter your video title in TunePocket and then click on the ‘Generate Tags’ button. It will fetch your video title and create a list of relevant SEO optimized tags and keywords for your video. Now from the list remove the irrelevant tags and have a look at your competitor’s tags. This practice will give you an new ideas about which tags to use in your video.

Notable Features:
  • It is very fast and generates a list of tags with a single click.
  • No need to create an account and log-in to generate tags for YouTube videos.
  • It allows copying all the generated keywords in the clipboard.

5. TagGenerator.net

This is another online tool that helps to create tags for YouTube. The speciality of this tool is that it allows to enter up to 3 tags at a time. After typing one tag press comma (,) then you can type another tag. This tool also allows you to choose a specific country. 

After generating the tags you can copy them to your clipboard. You can also make a pdf or Excel file of these keywords.

  • The negative tags option is available to exclude the irrelevant tags.
  • You can see the volume, CPC, and competition by connecting it with your keyword everywhere account.
  • This tool allows to enter up to 3 tags in one search.

6. VidIQ

The VidIQ extension is the tool that is made for Youtube creators who are required to manage their one or more youtube channels by helping them organize and optimize their youtube channels. Also, help to find popularly used tags on a particular topic.

Notable Features:
  • Search and extract tags of the video.
  • VidIQ provides you with youtube channel insight in detail.
  • It will give your competitor’s videos insight.
  • VidIQ will also provide you useful statistics of the current video including percentage, view per hour, SEO score, performance, and engagement.

7. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy extension is another tool for all your youtube creation and related tasks with extended options. The free version does the task for beginner-level users but if you want all the options unlocked then go for the pro version.

 It also provides analytical data and helps you to optimize according to the better performing competitor with some different interface to that of vidIQ.

Tubebuddy is one of the most popular Chrome extension cum tools among YouTubers including brand companies. It integrates with youtube to give a very impressive user interface.

Some of the features include:
  • Very simple user interface and navigation.
  • SEO tools for optimizing your video’s search appearance with tag optimization, titles optimization, keyword research also help in description optimization. 
  • Also, have an android and iOS mobile app for performance monitoring from anywhere.

8. KeynTag.com

KeynTag is a very simple optimizer and generator for YouTube keywords and tags. This tool also allows you to create customs tags but for that, you need to create an account on KeynTag. It produces the key tags and other relevant tags separately.

  • You can create custom tags in this tool.
  • This tool allows copying all the generated tags to your clipboard.
  • Find high opportunity keywords ideas and optimize your YouTube videos.


Tags are basically the descriptive keywords that help people to easily find your videos. You must use the right keywords as tags on which you want to rank on YouTube’s first page. Tags help YouTube to understand the topic of your video and associate it with similar videos.

So you should use tags in the video description to boost your YouTube ranking and for tag generation, you can use any of the Youtube Tags Tools mentioned in this article.

Q. What is a Youtube tag generator?

Free Youtube tag generator is a tool to generate trending and popular tags for adding to video descriptions for SEO purposes.

Q. How to extract tags from Youtube videos?

You can extract tags from videos using a youtube SEO tool like Tubebuddy. Enter the URL of the video and it will automatically extract all the tags used in that video.

Q. Why do Youtuber use tags?

Adding tags to the video helps reach a wider target audience and gain more views on the video. Tags are an important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

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