Top 5 Free Ringtone Maker Apps for Android on Google Play Store

Ringtone Maker Apps for Android

You hear a new song. Maybe you hear it more thousand times. You want to make it your ringtone. That’s the drill, right? So, The Post is all about Free ringtone maker apps for Android on Google Play Store that we found. I am from an era where we would have to SMS the song name to a given number and our ringtone would automatically

Top 7 Call Voice Changer App For Android Smartphones

Call Voice Changer App

A call voice changer app lets you play with your voice thereby making it funny. It’s quite a famous thing these days and you can see numerous Instagrammers and YouTubers making video clips with the best voice changer software day in and out. These prank calling app offers you many sound and voice effects in which you can change your voice while you’re on a phone call

6 Best GIF Keyboard Apps for Android & iPhone

GIF Keyboard Apps, GIF Keyboard

A GIF is a lossless format for an image file that supports both animated and static images. That’s how the internet defines a GIF. However, for people like us, GIF is a short video (< 3 sec) that are used to describe a situation, emotion, etc. In order to send GIFs from your Android or iPhone, all you need is a GIF keyboard app. While conversing

5 Best Free Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android

Hindi Keyboard, Hindi Keyboard App Hindi Keyboard Apps

This post is about Free Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android. Hindi typing keyboard Apps that allows you to type in Hindi and English at the same time. Since smartphones started to adopt the local languages to ease the communication between the users, the development of the local language keyboards with intelligent next-word predictions, grammar check, and spelling suggestions has raced up. The need and necessity

6 Free Best Note-Taking Apps Android and iOS

Note Taking Apps, Best Note-Taking Apps, Best Note Taking App

Our Smartphones are smarter than us, in every which way. How many items did you forget to purchase at the general store every time your mom puts you on domestic work? How many to-do tasks you overlook after a meeting with your boss? We don’t use our brains as much as we use smartphones. Coming to the point, why do you have to remember everything

7 Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

Automatic Call Recorder Apps

Since call recording is illegal in many countries, most handset makers refrain from including the call recording feature as a default one. However, many voice Automatic Call Recorder Apps are available for Android and iOS devices. But the glitch here is, all are alike with nearly similar functionalities, thus deciding on which auto call recorder app to go for becomes a cumbersome task. In this