How to Record Games on PC | Game Recording Software

Record Games

If you are crazy about computer games and wish to record your gaming session in order to share them on social sites or YouTube, the best way to record games on a PC is game recording software. Robust and highly functional software is needed to record gaming sessions and create impressive tutorials that can be posted online. So, while you have a rich experience enjoying your

Create a backup with Time Machine on Mac

time machine

Data loss is annoying and often expensive. We’ll show you how to properly use the backup feature on the Mac and what else to do to keep your data secure. Imagine, your photos, emails, or the projects you’ve been working on for weeks are suddenly gone. In the private sector that is annoying, especially if irretrievable memories are lost, but for professionals, data loss can

5 Best iOS Emulators for PC Windows to Run iPhone Apps

iOS Emulators for Windows

The smartphone world is bifurcated by the users according to their choice. If one side of the world chooses Android, the other side will choose Apple iOS. We will be discussing the 5 best iOS Emulators for PC Windows and MAC available to run iPhone apps. Unlike the availability of the Android, iOS has restrictions as it is not the open-source software to build customizations

How do I fix an Error Establishing Database Connection?

Error Establishing Database Connection

Does your website is showing “Error Establishing Database Connection”? If you are facing this problem and are searching for how to solve it, then trust me you have landed on the right page because today in this article I am going to talk about the reasons that can cause the error of establishing the database connection and how you can solve them. So, without wasting

10 Quick Steps to Design an Infographic Online

Humans are simply attracted to visuals, and there is no argument with that. In fact, 90% of information is gathered through the optic nerve. Just consider yourself for example. You prefer to watch the movie versions of the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games series, and all of Dan Brown’s Novels. No one likes to read a bunch of texts these days. Writing is good,

Basics of ASO: Boost Your Mobile Application Downloads


You realized the importance of mobile presence for your business and you developed a mobile application. Is this enough for enjoying profits? Or you need to put more effort into this? Currently, there are more than 2.8 million apps in Google Play Store and about 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store, which means you are not the only one building mobile applications. Several