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Instagram is expanding at a high pace by hosting millions of photos and videos each day across the whole world. If you are a businessman seeking an effective platform to promote your products on the global stage, then Instagram is a smart choice for success and prosperity. There are almost 300 million active users in a month, and the presence of about 75 million users is recorded daily. Therefore, Instagram Reals and Instagram stories are considered effective marketing platforms to attract high traffic.

However, once you decide to use Instagram as a promotional tool for your business, then there are a few highly focused points that you must consider to get fast-actionable results.

Well, Instagram is not all about taking photos and posting them; rather, you have to apply suitable filters. You can create appealing images with an Instagram story editing app to impress your audience.

On the whole, these apps are like blood to your content, which means without editing, your content will look incomplete and boring. For that reason, the Instagram story editing app performs a vital role in every business and social media influencer’s life. 

If you also have a creative idea and content, but there is a lack of eye-catching representation, then do not worry about it.

We have one of the best, and top-notch Instagram Story Editing apps named, FocoDesign for all your needs. Well, you will find more than 5,000 templates to choose a perfect design and visual pitch for your posts.

What is the FocoDesign app?


FocoDesign is a well-known customized application for Instagram Story Editing. It is one of the top-prioritized applications for social media influencers.

FocoDesign is created with incredible features that offer an eye-catching representation of all Instagram stories, photos, and videos.

It has more power to turn any normal picture into a captivating one. Did you know that about 500 million users are active regularly on Instagram Stories? For that reason, every blogger, vlogger, digital marketer, or influencer wants to keep their stories on everyone’s favorite list.

The quality of content matters a lot. That’s why FocoDesign presents an eye-catching look to your Instagram Stories is crucial for attracting high traffic.

For that reason, the buzz of FocoDesign is elevating at a high peak among people as it is a perfect example of an ideal Instagram Story Editing app.

Multinational business owners and well-renowned brands highly trust FocoDesign because of their exclusive service. Apart from editing Instagram Stories and Photos, you can edit videos as well on the platform of FocoDesign.

However, if you also want to attract high traffic through your magnificent Instagram Stories, then move ahead with us, and explore the listings of creative ideas, and optimal filters for your IG Stories offered by FocoDesign:

FocoDesign App Highlights:

After opening the application, you will find Highlight Packs and click on it.

In these packs, you will get more than 3000 highlight covers.

Moreover, Each Highlight is designed with unique and glorious features that will offer an aesthetic look to your Instagram Profile. However, every series of styles are categorized in different categories, so that it becomes easy to navigate and select for folks.

The Highlight includes a wide collection of the latest stickers, filters, incredible frames, and varied aesthetic themes. Even though you will get 50+ stylish fonts, and a rich selection of background colors to decorate your Instagram Profile as per your creative ideas.


Under this heading, you will get more than 2k unique templates for your Insta Story. Apart from Templates’ wide collection, one will get about 100+ aesthetic themes for their Instagram Stories.

We assured you that our collection of incredible templates would never disappoint you and fulfill everyone’s needs.

You can easily make a selection of the desired template, whether animated or magical, for a captivating representation of your IG Story. You can now find decor your photo and video with an aesthetic template just with one click on FocoDesign.

Photo Editing:

Photo Editing is a crucial element and final touch to your IG story and post.

Under this process, you can adjust your photo as per your desired size, add suitable story filters, and décor it with watermarks and labels that makes it more impressive.

Even, Remove the BG with a magic remover of FocoDesign with one click.

After all that, your photo turns into a desired look. 

Video Editing:

FocoDesign adds highly advanced and updated Video editing tools in their system that smoothly trim and resize your video with perfection.

However, you can add desired music or recorded audio in your video with high-quality sound features. On the other hand, one will get varied filters and effects to give the video an aesthetic and captivating look.

Collage Maker:

One will also enjoy various forms of collage patterns with different sizes and styles.

It is a perfect source to represent multiple photos with glorious filters. FocoDesign offers several freestyles and templated collages in which you can perfectly merge multiple photos and videos in one collage with beautiful styles.

FocoDesign: Golden Key for some people!

Web-based Businesses:

If you operate any web-based business like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, and many others, then our Instagram Story Editor App is a golden key for you to achieve high fame for your product.

Every digital platform must keep updated with trendy representation and templates of Instagram posts and Stories. Therefore, FocoDesign offers amazing templates, styles for IG Stories, and Posts that attract buyers to visit once and try the product.

Event Specialized Stories:

In the current hectic era, everyone cannot attend events or special occasions due to some busy schedules, incorrect timing, or so on. Therefore, they take part via Instagram Stories or posted Photos.

For that reason, Foco Design presents the best IG Stories with trending filters and templates for your special occasions. 

IG Influencers:

Instagram Stories and Photos are one of the crucial things in the lives of social media influencers.

The primary aim of influencers is to catch the audience’s attention via IG Stories.

In the meantime, our Instagram Story editing app will offer you a great helping hand to smoothly give an eye-catchy look to your IG Stories, Photos, and Videos.

The incredible features of FocoDesign, including Highlights, aesthetic filters, templates, flawless collage makers, and many others, offer you incredible stories, photos, or videos for Instagram.

Quick guide to create or edit your stories with FocoDesign app

Step 1: Download the Instagram story editing app from the Google Play Store and open the application by tapping on the app icon.

Step 2: You can go through a huge collection of segregated categories for easy picking of templates as per your requirement. It is not easy to find a relevant template in the massive list of 5000+ templates though.

Step 2

Step 3: Select the template and tap on ‘Edit’ to download it. It will prompt for font download if necessary, tap on ‘Download’.

Step 3 foco

Step 4: The new editor interface will take you through a quick tour of the UI and options when opened for the first time. Take a look at it.

Step 4 Foco

Step 5: Select the photo from your gallery and adjust the size, remove the background, or change its colors, frames, stickers, and many others to make it impressive in further editing.

Step 5 Foco

Step 6: Save the edited photo and share it to your Instagram story.

Wrapping up

On the whole, FocoDesign is a perfect key for web-based businesses like affiliate marketing. They can smoothly present an attractive IG Story with a wide collection of templates. It is a highly useful and user-friendly app for your Instagram Stories.

Well, FocoDesign Photo Video Editor app will transform your normal Instagram profile into a professional account with the assistance of its highly advanced and striking features.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download our Instagram Story Editor App to turn the overall looks of your Instagram Profile.

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  1. Looks solid to me Saurabh. IG has changed so much over the months. I checked in for the first time in a minute last week and enjoyed the higher focus on engagement. Definitely moving in the right direction.

  2. Hey Saurabh Tiwari ,

    Excellent post with fab-work. I truly appreciate your hard work and research that you have done.

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    After going through this complete post i really got helpful ideas regarding this interesting app and have also boosted my knowledge. According to me this is a perfect guide to know about Focodesign app and after reading this post i can undoubtedly say that this app is incredible along with its astonishing features and i will definitely give it a try.

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