Infographic Maker | 5 Best Infographic Creation Tools For 2024

Infographics combine the easy-to-digest nature of images with information-rich text to create content that is simultaneously appealing, useful, and memorable. In this post, I going to share Free/Paid Infographic maker tools help you to Create highly captivating infographics online

This makes infographics uniquely suitable for the online environment, where attention spans are short and competition is plentiful.

Using animation to create dynamic infographics is becoming more popular as well, extending the range of their potential uses. Moreover, with the increased availability of consumer-friendly data visualization tools in recent years, it is now easier than ever to create infographic content for every purpose.

Why Infographics Are Useful For SEO

Search engine optimization and infographics look like they were tailor-made for each other. SEO primarily works by optimizing website content for better search engine rankings, and infographics are one of the ways in which this can be accomplished.

First, their visual component makes them ideally suited to grabbing the attention of site visitors. Since a large percentage of brain activity is devoted to processing visual information, infographics are a natural fit for the way the human mind works.

Second, infographics provide useful information at a glance in comparison to textual content. This makes them much more efficient as a means of delivering content.

Finally, their condensed format makes them ideal for sharing on social media. Therefore, including infographics in a broader SEO strategy is always a sound business move, whether it is done by your own company or your partners within a white label arrangement.

Creating Infographics

Infographics used to be made by professional designers in vector graphics software. These applications still offer the greatest degree of freedom when designing each element of an infographic, allowing designers to fine-tune every little detail of their projects.

More recently, the appearance of user-friendly design tools has made infographic creation easier than ever before. Anyone can now create and publish an infographic in a few easy steps by one of the many Infographic Creation Tools available online.

You can check them out yourself to see how well they suit your needs, or you can read our overview of the 5 Infographic Maker most popular currently on the market.

Top 5 Infographic Maker for Killer Infographics


Canva Logo Maker

Whether you are working on a personal project or something work-related, Canva has many options to choose from. Each new project comes with an appropriate design template, canva templates, Free editable infographic templates making it easier to get started.

Once you select your Canva infographic template (you can also select a blank canvas to start with), Canva offers a variety of options, including a vast library of elements (some free and some you can purchase).

Canva doesn’t require any software downloads and offers many images free of charge while providing multiple tutorials to help beginners get started.

Canva Features

  • An online graphics tool used by million’s of users.
  • Create attractive and informative graphics with a simple drag-and-drop method.
  • Templates- category-wise (Education, Process, Business, Charity, Timeline, etc).
  • Hundreds of free templates.
  • Downloadable infographics in .jpg, .png, .pdf format.


To get started – Free
Business – “Try it free for 30 days! ” $9.95/user/month


Visme create amazing presenttaions infographics

Website –

Visme allows you to make infographics, interactive presentations, and other forms of content. With many templates and a huge database of free images to choose from, Visme allows you to create good visual content right away. The templates look great and are easy to set up.

If you wish, you can just edit the placeholder text, write your own, and go straight to publishing. Visme’s powerful infographic builder tools allow you to add interactive elements like videos, animations, survey polls, etc. for added visual flair and engagement. Moreover, it also offers analytics tools for evaluating how well an infographic does in engaging audiences.

Visme Features

  • Downloadable visuals as JPG, PNG, PDF
  • Image editing (tints, transparency, flipping, cropping, straightening, framing, and more)
  • Free and premium stock photos, illustrations, and icons
  • 500+ Templates and Color Schemes
  • 50+ charts, data, widgets and, maps


Basic – Free
Standard- $13/month
Complete -$25/month


Website –

This Infographic Maker is easy to use, and its simple graphics tools offer a great deal of freedom when creating and editing infographics. There is a large number of categorized icons, resizable canvases, design-driven charts, and interactive maps to utilize.

One of the most interesting features of this app is that it shows insightful design tips depending on what category of infographic you are making. Whether it is a project for a class, office, website, or social media setting, Piktochart gives you valuable information on how to use your infographics efficiently.

Piktochart Features

  • A wide variety of graphics, photographs, search tools, and backgrounds
  • Create static infographics, presentations, posters, and flyers.
  • Four types of formats(standard, presentation, poster, and Report) available at Piktochart.
  • Download it as a PNG image or PDF format.
  • Share the link to social networks.
  • Publish it on your blog by embedding the HTML on your website.


Piktochart can be used for free or there is an option to pay for a “Pro” account ($29/month or $290/year).


infogram share v1

Infogram is the application with the best charts. There are more than 30 different types of charts to choose from from the outset, much more than what others are offering.

Everything from bubble charts and treemaps to simple pie charts is included. Adding and editing data can easily be achieved through Infogram’s built-in spreadsheet editor, or you can import your own XLS, XLXS, and CSV files. Once you finish your design, you can save it as a PNG for free, or a PDF file with a paid subscription.

Infogram Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Infographic creator
  • data visualization
  • map creator
  • Import your data with ease
  • High-quality PNG, PDF, or GIF formats to share on social media or embed using our interactive HTML option.


Like other Infographic maker, Infogram can be used for free or there is an option to pay for a “Pro” account ($25 / month).



Another reliable Infographic Maker tool, one that is especially suited for users who wish to keep things simple.

Venngage boasts of professionally designed visual assets, allowing even complete beginners to swiftly create good looking infographics without spending much time.

A basic free subscription is what most users will want to use, with the more in-depth paid option being available at $19 per month as well, which is particularly suited for business use.

Venngage supports online collaboration for infographics creation as well.

Venngage Features

  • Hundreds of beautiful templates, with new ones added weekly
  • Easy Drag and Drop feature to create beautiful infographics
  • Personalizable colors, sizes, styles
  • Dynamic and engaging data visualizations
  • Publish, embed, share and download are just a click away
  • Download your infographics as images or PDFs


These are the 3 main pricing plans that Venngage currently offers.

  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan – US $49/month (paid monthly)
  • Business Plan – US $19/month (paid monthly)

To sum it up

It all depends on your needs and the specifics that you are looking for.

These are the 5 most popular Free infographic maker tools, that you can use in order to create stunning graphics that are both catchy and easy to read.

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