Best Affiliate Network in the Middle East

Best Affiliate Network

In the last 25 years, the world as we know it has changed a lot. The world population has increased by 30%; the oil industry has massified in the United Arab Emirates, and some jobs have disappeared like book peddlers, pinsetters, telegraphist. And of course, new ones have been created like online community managers or affiliate managers. Although the affiliate industry has existed since forever (for

Different Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

promote your blog on social media

Have you been spending all your free time writing killer quality content for your blog, but you don’t know how to market your content effectively? Running your own website is a lot of hard work not to mention the challenges that come with it, and the endless nights you sacrifice to get where you are. You may be creating amazing and unique content, regularly publishing

8 Best and Trusted Paypal Alternatives for Bloggers in 2022

Paypal Alternatives

I’ve been using PayPal for the last 4 years and am glad to say that I’m very happy with their service. If you are planning to sell anything or want to receive payment from your clients and suppose your clients don’t have a Paypal account then what will you do? Don’t worry! I’ve written this article to solve this problem in which I’ve talked about

10 Best Royalty Free Music Download Sites for Vlogger’s

_Royalty Free Music Downloading Sites

When someone joins the YouTube league as a creator, he can start shooting and editing videos using a smartphone. On another hand, the finest quality videos may need a good setup including a decent camera, lighting arrangements, editing suite, understanding of videography, and many other things. However, in most cases, creators use royalty free music for YouTube videos. Although it’s not a big problem, you

15 Best Free Blogging Apps for Bloggers to Stay Organized

Blogging Apps, Free apps for blogging

How do you manage your everyday blogging activity? If you are blogging from your smartphone, then you must check this list of the best free blogging apps for bloggers. The biggest problem of blogging is managing multiple tasks at the same time. E.g. photo editing, writing, promoting, social media, time management, traffic analysis, earning reports and many more. With the evolution of smartphones, now bloggers

4 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives you should know


The quality of your content determines the quality of the audience’s engagement with your brand or business. Therefore, it is highly important that your content be free of any grammatical errors and have a punctuation check performed to ensure well-structured content. If you have correct grammar and vocabulary, your audience might not even notice anything in your articles. However, if you have a sentence with