InsTube App Review – Download Youtube Videos And Music For Android

If you ask me what is the best thing that the Internet has given to us, I would say YouTube (anytime, any day). I started watching YouTube around 2008. A lot of things have come and gone since then like Orkut, GTalk. But one thing that has been constant throughout is YouTube.

With instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Hike, sending and receiving videos have been common. Ever since data became cheap, the thing has received a boost.

Don’t you wish that you could also download the videos and circulate them amongst your friends?

As a sensible internet user, what would you do?

Obviously, you would head over to Google Play Store and look for a YouTube video downloader. But there are so many apps! How will you know which one is the best?

Techibhai did the looking up for you and have come up with the best app in terms of functionality and storage it occupies. This app is Instube. This app is the perfect YouTube and music downloader. It is available in English, Spanish and French as well. InsTube App can be found in famous app stores like Uptodown or Download.

You must be thinking that Instube must be having some flaws cause it’s not on Google Play Store. Google does not allow any app to download Youtube videos for copyright concerns. Thus, the app is trustworthy and can be very easily downloaded on your smartphone.

How to install Instube App?

*Go to Setting and check Download from Unknown Sources. Android phones usually have this option checked off to prevent the download from Unknown Source. This app comes from a very trusted source (as discussed below). Once you have downloaded the app, you can again turn it off.

Simply head over to Instube Official site and click on Free Download. If a window pops up, click on OK. Otherwise, the download starts automatically.

If no download option appears, drag the notification bar from the top of the screen and you can see a download option there.

Instube App has a bunch of features-

Free: Instube a youtube video downloader app is free for anyone who uses Android on their smartphones or tablets. All you have to do is download the app from their official website or simply scan the QR code to download it.

Secure: Instube’s security has been verified by well-known third-party security services i.e. CM Security, Lookout, and McAfee.

Fast: You can free download YouTube videos here at amazing lightning speed. Videos will not take ages to download now. Finally!

HD Videos: The video download is ensured of being high quality and not merely pixelated. You can be sure your time won’t be wasted.

InsTube supports video & music download from over 100+ websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Twitter and many more.

Converter: This app not only download mp3 and video, but you can also use it to convert video files (wave, video, FLV) to audio files like mp3.

Music Download: Music download is like a freebie that you receive with this app. Besides downloading YouTube videos, you can also download music free on your phones.

(Last but not least) Video lock: Instube values your privacy. The video lock will allow only you to access the videos.

If you have gone through the article word by word, you must have seen that Instube is a good and useful app. Besides downloading videos, you can also download mp3 audio files on your phone.  People mostly use YouTube to watch videos. But Instube reaches out to almost every social media which has videos. Isn’t it cool?


Do give this InsTube App a try as it’s quite a decent online video downloader app and you can use it for multiple purposes. If you don’t feel content with our information you can head over to their Website to read all about them.

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