Top 11 Websites to Get SEO Course Certification Online

In this post, I am going to talk about the sites which provide SEO courses or SEO Training online, which allow you to expand your knowledge and implement it simultaneously. Now, there are myriad websites offering the same course.

Search Engine Optimisation plays an integral role in leveling up your website.  But ensure everything is done correctly otherwise, be ready for the downfall.

Doesn’t matter if your site is new or ages old, you need to focus on every aspect of the metric that helps to push your site up. For that, you have to be familiar with everything that comes under SEO and its different categories like Local SEO, E-commerce, Enterprise, etc.

There are plenty of guides available on the internet written by Digital Marketing ninjas. But who has got time to go through them without any plan in hand? The plan means the timing or schedule. When you have a proper schedule in hand, it’s easy to learn things simply.

To simplify things for you, here is a comprehensive list of top websites that offer SEO certification.

Before shifting to the actual topic, let’s know what exactly it is?

What is SEO certification?

It refers to the information or training programs available online in relation to ranking on search engines and optimizing your websites. When you enroll in the course, they teach you everything from how a search engine works to how to find rich keywords to how to write SEO-optimized articles, etc. But if you are looking to learn some particular aspect, then the programs related to that are also available.

In short, SEO comprises mainly two parts:

  • On-Page optimization – It includes writing excellent content, internal linking, keywords, meta’s, title, etc.
  • Off-Page optimization – It focuses on link building, guest posting, blogger outreach, etc.

Now it’s your choice of what to learn. Beyond the above two parts, come the advanced concepts. We suggest you first contemplate what concepts you want to learn as of now or look for the full SEO course.

Why do you need to enroll in the course?

The reason I am emphasizing enrolling in a course is that you will get to learn from experienced teachers or trainers who know the techniques which might not be available openly on the internet. Moreover, you get to work on live projects also, which allows you to implement what you learned.

To keep pace with ever-changing algorithms and guidelines by Google, you need to stay updated. The top SEO Experts, like Neil Patel and Brian Dean, keep tweaking their websites.

Once you also became an expert in it, you will have the mighty power of ranking any website in any search engine and making it compatible with algorithms.

Let’s begin with our list of the best websites selected.

List of Best Websites Providing SEO Course, Training, and Certification

Become a PRO Digital Marketing Executive in Just 40 Days with Akaybee Academy


You are just 40 days away from becoming a professional digital marketing executive and starting your dream career in the digital marketing field that pays a good salary in India and worldwide.

Are you wondering How it is possible in just 40 days?

It is highly possible with Akaybee Academy.

Akaybee Academy is one of the well-recognized institutes in Satara offering a 40-day digital marketing career course.

While many other institutes and digital marketing course providers in Satara used to send pre-recorded videos, the Akaybee Academy digital marketing course is designed in the most practical and job-oriented way.

Unlike many other IT fields, Digital Marketing is the field that demands a candidate out and out practical experience. Akaybee Academy in Satara teaches you fully practical experience.

Akshay Borate is a guy behind the Akaybee Academy who has got a huge proficiency in the digital marketing field and wanted to coach people of Satara who are interested in becoming digital marketers and making income out of it.

The industry expert trainers at the Akaybee Academy cover 10+ different modules in the Digital Marketing course includes

  • Introduction of Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing/Digital Marketing Agency

I am damn sure that you won’t get such a huge package of modules in the same course offered by any other institutes in Satara, that too with live sessions.

The coaching team will cover all the sub-topics in each module.

Some Best Features of the Course

  • Live Classes
  • Digital Marketing Industry experts will train you
  • Placement assistance
  • Internship opportunity soon after the course

and many more.


IIDE – The Digital School is one of the most renowned digital marketing institutes imparting knowledge since 2016.

They offer a variety of short-term certificate courses in digital marketing including their popular Online SEO Course

Their SEO course is taught by industry experts who have been practicing SEO since its inception. It’s a total value for-money training.

The course takes you right from the basics of SEO to advanced and technical concepts. Not just that, they also focus on the practical application of SEO techniques and tools for deeper understanding. 

Concepts like Laying the groundwork for online SEO Training, Keyword Research: Integral Part of On-page SEO, On-Page SEO Tutorial, Google-proofing your website, Off-Page SEO Tutorials, Google Search Console, and Blackhat Techniques are covered.

This course includes a combination of high-quality video lectures and trainer-led live sessions. The video lectures are self-paced to ensure you can watch them at your own convenience. The live sessions are reserved for demonstrating tools and doubt-solving.

IIDE has been awarded the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” by the World Education Congress. 


  • Industry-recognized IIDE Certification
  • 6+ Hours of Live Class
  • 9+ SEO Tools
  • 1 Hour of Video Lectures
  • Access to Video Lectures for 30 days
  • Practice Tests & Assignments
  • Learn From Experts
  • Dedicated Q&A Support and Help



Udemy has a plethora of courses available on almost every topic ranging from topics like health and fitness to marketing. It has nearly 130k courses.

If your budget is low, then I suggest this site. Udemy SEO courses help you become a master of all the techniques that collectively work to rank your website high. Bring in more organic traffic from various search engines. From basic to intermediate to advanced courses, you will find it all here.

Want to learn the basics first before jumping to the other intricate concepts? Then it’s also available. Along with SEO, if you are going to learn about WordPress, Google Ads, Google Webmaster, etc that’s just one click away.

The course is entirely legit. To select the best one, I suggest you check the reviews and the syllabus. Don’t forget to check the offers available because most of the time, the courses are available at very fewer prices compared to the actual ones.

Tip – Don’t forget to Login and check for the free courses available. They might be of some help to you.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Work on projects
  • Assignments
  • Downloadable resources
  • Watch on Mobile or TV
  • Certificate of Completion at the end



Lynda is serving leading companies and students for the last 20 years. Want to learn about business, creative skills, marketing, editing, etc? It has got everything under one roof.

There are 4 types of subscriptions, namely Individual, Corporate, Government, and Academic. Choose according to the choice to get top-quality courses taught by experienced trainers.

Now Lynda is a part of LinkedIn.

Almost 34 SEO training courses are available that will teach you everything ranging from creating links to keyword research.


Before enrolling, we suggest you opt for the free trial and then according to the budget a basic or premium plan.

  • Basic – €14.95/month, get access to 6189 courses. Watch on a tablet, tv, mobile, or computer. To check your progress, solve quizzes.
  • Premium – €24.95/month, get access to assignments and projects where you can practice. Offline viewing functionality to learn anywhere anytime.
  • Tutorials in five languages.



One of the leading certification training courses providers. Simplilearn hosts 400+ courses taught by industry experts. As of now, it’s based in India, San Francisco, and California.

Moreover, it has nearly 40+ global accreditations.

Well, if you want a partner who answers your doubts or queries any time of the day? then it’s the best choice.

Unlike other sites, it has courses related to project management to DevOps, including Digital Marketing which covers SEO. Their way of teaching is also more modern and focused on the main concepts.

We suggest you choose its, Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course if you want to master everything related to improving the growth of the website.

They have got three packages depending upon the requirements – Self-paced, Blended, and Corporate training. If you don’t want to learn from the instructor, then go for self-paced where you get access to the entire course material with 24/7 support or assistance.

Don’t forget to go through the curriculum or you can chat with them to ask your queries.


  • Work on 20+ real projects
  • Detailed knowledge
  • Self-paced or Blended training
  • Practice labs
  • Live virtual classrooms
  • 24/7 teaching assistance
  • 100% money-back guarantee



Everyone knows about this Online learning website from our college days. It’s a resource to learn anything related to different topics.

They have plenty of well-versed courses available when it comes to SEO and can help us to gain a thorough understanding.

The whole purpose of learning about it is to be able to optimize your website for search engines and visitors.

Every course here has its duration, some go on for 4 weeks whereas others for 1-3 hours and more. The advantage is you will get to learn from reputed industry experts to increase your skills.

We suggest you take time, focus, study hard, and become a master in it. You get to work on hands-on projects and earn a certificate at the end. At first, avail of 7 days trial then you have to pay ₹3,413 per month to continue learning.


  • 7 Day free trial
  • Share the course with others
  • Course completion certificate
  • Self-Paced learning option available
  • Taught by Industry experts
  • Course videos and Readings
  • Get to practice quizzes
  • Work on assignments
  • Feedback from peers
  • Programming Assignments

HubSpot Academy


A very popular name in the world of Digital Marketing and everything related to it. It offers a free HubSpotSEO certification crash course where you get to learn the basics in detail needed to succeed.

Call it a short but sweet training. Once you sign up and log in, every day you will get an email with a link to the course.

You might be thinking about what I will learn. Or is it just a free course worth nothing? First, you will learn about link building, becoming an authority, keyword research, guest posting, etc to rank number one or at least on the first page of every search engine.

The course is suitable for Marketers, business people, and intermediate, experts. Not only this but there are also various other courses available free of cost. At HubSpot, you are getting a golden treasure and now it’s up to you what to learn and whatnot.

Don’t forget to visit HubSpot Academy and sign in to see all the certifications available.


  • Free Education
  • Learn Inbound marketing, sales, and customer service
  • No Fees
  • Advance in Career
  • Put your certifications on LinkedIn
  • Expert Instructors
  • Online training
  • Learn anytime

Digital Vidya


This name is quite popular in India. An excellent choice for those who want to acquire skills without having any prior knowledge. Moreover, there, CDMM also called the Complete Digital Marketing Master course includes everything you need to learn.

If not, this then goes for their SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION CERTIFICATION course which covers everything from the history of search to the future of SEO. The best thing about this site is that they help you in placements also or land an appropriate job. The fee is Rs 11,900.

Many top brands in the same domain and CEOs have vouched for this site. Their faculty comprises trainers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

I opted for their SEO course which came with lifetime access during my initial days of blogging. After completion, they found me several lucrative career options with a lucrative package.


  • Flexible class schedule
  • Robust learning management system
  • Assignments every week
  • Extra sessions to clear doubts
  • Weekly webinars
  • Free SEO tools worth Rs 5,000
  • Money-back guarantee
  • SEO certification
  • Get placement offers
  • Good Package afterward
  • Top certified trainers



Another site with an amazing way of teaching. The moment you land on their website, you will find courses divided into three categories, namely SEO 101, Further SEO, and Video Library.

SEO 101 Cover the basic part, and it is suggested that beginners should start from this module. The intermediate or experts can begin from any topic in it rather than going in order. Moreover, it lets you know about on-page, off-page, robots.txt, information architecture, link analysis, competitor research, setting up google search console, etc.

Further SEO This covers the advanced concepts like link bait, blogger outreach, excel skills, SEO toolkit, intro to HTML, international SEO, meta, mobile-friendly website, other ranking factors, etc.

Video Library This whole module just creates related videos. Each one is 45 minutes in length in full HD mode. It contains content like tips, tactics, techniques, tricks, etc shared by top experts around the world. Don’t forget to check their demos to know what you are about to learn. Click on a topic and learn.

Their best feature is the Infront of every module they have Try Free Demo, by clicking on it, you can get a preview.

Go for a full account for $40/ month or get an annual plan to get access to the entire content. You will get 86 hours of content along with tests in 28 best modules.

Advanced content comprises 133 hours. From your DistilledU profile share test scores and badges at other platforms. In the demo version, you can access only 3 modules.

Start step by step.


  • $247 for an annual Plan
  • $40 for a monthly plan
  • Includes SEO course only
  • 93 hours of lecture
  • Video content of 133 hours
  • Reputed company
  • Free demo versions

Click Minded


SEO certification opens up gates of many opportunities for you. Click Minded is quick and has helped nearby 8702 start-ups, agencies, students, etc learn SEO as said by them.

Rather than teaching you all the unnecessary things, it only focuses on what exactly you should know to grow your website. The site goes well with LinkedIn also.

They also emphasize real natural aspects like you don’t need certification to prove yourself an expert. Well, that does not really mean what you understood.

The only aim of gaining certification is to show future clients, employers, peers, etc that you have an excellent understanding of all concepts that how actually SEO works?

Moreover, they call serious learners only those who want to learn as quickly as possible. Their FAQ section includes an answer to every query you have.

Want to learn in an excellent manner? This is it.

Two types of access:

Single Users

The cost is $497. You get to learn everything related to the course. Free access and updates forever. Money-Back Guarantee also.

Do you think it’s the best? I also think the same.

Multiple Users

You get access to everything. For gaining this access, you need to contact Click Minded and get details.


  • SEO course cost $487
  • Self-Paced also
  • Positive reviews
  • Include 66 lectures with 5-hour content
  • 2800+ students enrolled
  • Money-back guarantee (30 Days)
  • Access on different platforms
  • Completion Certification with the badge
  • Instructor – Tommy Griffith, SEO expert at Airbnb

SEMrush Academy

SEMrush Academy

SEMrush, a leading provider of SEO and website-related tools. Their academy focuses on teaching people about various concepts of digital marketing and making your website better for everyone.

Their blog is loaded with high-quality articles.

The courses offered are related to content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.

Let me tell you, all the courses are available free of cost that covers almost everything you need to become a PRO.

These courses are designed by industry experts like Bastian Grimm and Greg Gifford.

Additionally, while teaching you, they also make you understand how to use their tools for growing your website. The best thing is. the content of courses is updated frequently with new features and information.

I suggest you go to their library to check everything they have on their platter. Go for it and earn the SEO certification at the end.

Just think, how easily you would be able to influence people and gain opportunities with a certificate from SEMrush in hand.

Here’s What SEMrush Academy covers in all basic SEO areas:

✔️ SEO Fundamentals
✔️ Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals
✔️ Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research
✔️ Technical SEO
✔️ Link Building
✔️ Mobile SEO
✔️ Rank Tracking
✔️ Site Audit
✔️ Mobile, International, and Local SEO

Moz Training


Everybody knows about MOZ. It’s a site we look up to for getting authentic information and updates about Google Algorithms.

Do you want to learn SEO? Then you can easily rely on this site. Simply join the classes and start learning about keyword research, link building, site auditing, technical SEO, on-page and off-page techniques, and much more.

You can even go for their customized training. This way, you can also build up your own search engine optimization team that knows how to deliver results.

Priced at $595, Moz’s SEO Essential Certificate series course is a 6-part training with exams included. The series is taught by an instructor combining comprehensive knowledge and simultaneously implementing the newly learned skills.

At the end of every session, you will be said to give an exam to test your knowledge. You can share that certificate with your clients and your professional network leave a good impact on them.

If you go to the Moz Training, then they have three courses first teaching the essentials of SEO other than the fundamentals of Local SEO, and the last one about the site audit.

This SEO course is quite different from other sites because here you get to learn things in even more detail. Want the free course then that available at Udemy from Moz.

Learn with full focus to clear the exams and gain a certificate as well as a LinkedIn badge at the end.


That’s all, I hope you select the best one and get trained by them, though every site listed above have their own pros.

You might have noticed, every site comes up with a different package, schedule, and syllabus.

I recommend you go through the list and check every site before making a decision.

Enrol in the SEO training course now and become a master in your own way.

Bonus – Do MBA in SEO with spending money

Share in comments, which site you have chosen, and have you got the certification?

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  2. Hey Davinder,

    These are really good websites to learn SEO from scratch and important thing is that almost they are budget friendly.

    I had heard previously about Digital Vidya but not much knowledge regarding that but according to review they are doing well.

    This post will be very helpful for beginner as well as student to gain complete information regarding SEO.

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